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Sandra Bullock stars as Deb Ocean, who’s had five years, eight months, and so many days to plan a heist, all during the time she was in prison. She plans to steal a necklace worth more than $150 million, which will be worn by actress Daphne Kruger, played by Anne Hathaway, at the Met Gala in New York City.

But first she has to assemble a team, beginning with her longtime friend, Lou (Kate Blanchett). Step by step, the team is assembled and the day draws close.
The movie was enjoyable with a nice surprise at the end.

Why did the director have to use a man to pull off the final caper? There are some women perfectly capable of doing the same thing. If this film was meant to say the women can be equally criminal as men, then it didn’t quite complete its task when a man was brought in. He was a nice guy but come on.

I did like the costuming in this movie, great looking dresses. Of course, they all looked good on these actresses. Helen Bonham Carter plays the fashion designer, Rose, and steals the show.
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