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February 14, 2019

THe Amazon's Vengeance - Release!

Hey, guys. The newest book is finally out! You can grab it here:

Since it is the start of a new series, I’d really appreciate everything grabbing it soon to help with rankings even if you won’t read it for a bit. :)

The book will be on Kindle Unlimited for at least three months as well!


“My name is Jorem Farr, a sorcerer born in a city that despises magic and all who wield it. For the past several months I have been desperately trying to escape an army of mage-hating fanatics and their leader, the so-called “Inquisitrix.” I never would have survived this long without the help of my beautiful amazon bodyguard, Kaseya. She pledged her sword—and her perfect body—to my service, and together we rescued my old lover, Valuri, from the clutches of the enemy. Thankfully Val doesn’t mind sharing my affections…as long as she gets a piece of Kaseya too!

We have become a better team than I ever could have imagined. In the span of a few short weeks we have unraveled several ancient mysteries, thwarted a barbarian invasion, and saved Kaseya’s people from total annihilation. Oh, and naturally we’ve had a preposterous amount of sex, too…

Unfortunately, the Inquisitrix isn’t done with us just yet. She and her mage-slaying Senosi Huntresses are plotting an invasion of Highwind, and they have accumulated enough power that they might just be able to pull it off. Our only hope is to seek out new allies and figure out a way to stop the enemy before it’s too late. Kaseya is determined to hunt down and destroy the Inquisitrix for all the devastation her crusade has wrought, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that no one should underestimate an amazon on a quest for vengeance.”

THE AMAZON’S VENGEANCE is an action-packed erotic romp that continues the story from Sarah Hawke’s best-selling THE AMAZON’S PLEDGE series.
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Published on February 14, 2019 14:19 • 92 views • Tags: release, the-amazon-s-vengeance, updates

February 8, 2019

Druid in the Moonlight

Hey, everyone!

Just letting you know that the The Amazon's Vengeance will be available for pre-order soon! I will also be putting out The Amazon's Pledge: Ultimate Edition for folks who shop on Amazon. It will include all six of the original books plus Huntress: Origins so you can get caught up if you need to. :)

In the meantime, here is some art of a new character from Warmics!

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Published on February 08, 2019 21:11 • 92 views • Tags: covers, updates

December 23, 2018

Happy Holidays

I want to offer a special thanks to all my readers for making 2018 another great year! Your continued support makes my work possible. Here is to another good year of swords and smut!

If you missed out on the Wings of the Seraph Collection, it is finally available on other retailers starting today.



Barnes and Noble:
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Published on December 23, 2018 13:43 • 102 views

December 9, 2018

Wings of the Seraph Collection

Hey, guys!

If you have been waiting for the Wings of the Seraph anthology edition, it is finally available on Amazon just in time for Christmas:

The paperback version will hopefully be ready in a week or so.

The anthology will also be available on iTunes, Smashwords, and everywhere else closer to the end of the month.
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Published on December 09, 2018 10:45 • 88 views • Tags: erotica, new-releases, wings-of-the-seraph

November 24, 2018

The Last Blade - Release!

Hey, everyone! The final Wings of the Seraph book is now available! You can snag it on Amazon here:

Please share/spread the word if you can. :)

Thanks to Warmics ( for the awesome cover!

All the Wings of the Seraph books will be available in non-Amazon stores by the end of December.

I will pick up this story in another “season” later, but for now I will be moving back to fantasy for a while so stay tuned!
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Published on November 24, 2018 09:05 • 96 views • Tags: erotica, harem, scifi, space-opera, updates

November 2, 2018

Wings of the Seraph Unlimited

Hey, guys!

Just letting you know that if you have Kindle Unlimited and haven't checked out my Wings of the Seraph series yet, Nov 5th will be the last day to grab book 2 and Dec 23rd will be the last day to grab book 1. At that point I will be listing the series on other vendors (iStore, Sony, etc).

At the moment, I plan to follow this pattern for a while: new series will be up on KU for ~6 months or so before I start publishing the books elsewhere.

Just a heads-up!
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Published on November 02, 2018 21:55 • 156 views • Tags: updates

October 9, 2018

New Covers

Hey, guys. I thought I'd share some new art for future Highwind universe covers later this year!

The first is Serrane Starwind by Tony Tzanoukakis

The second is The Eternal Priestess by Warmics

Tony is working on a Kaseya cover for November as well.
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Published on October 09, 2018 12:04 • 220 views • Tags: covers, updates

September 28, 2018


Hey, guys. The latest Wings of the Seraph book, Spectre, is officially out today!

Please consider snagging a copy here ( to help boost rankings!
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Published on September 28, 2018 08:49 • 112 views

September 2, 2018


Hey, guys! Since Goodreads added this blog thing I figured I should probably use it from time to time.

My next book release will be Wings of the Seraph: Spectre, due out by the middle of the month. You can check out early chapter previews on my Patreon page ( or wait for the full thing soon!

After that I will be moving on to Wings of the Seraph: The Last Blade, which will conclude this part of the story arc. At that point I think I'm going to delve back into the Highwind Universe again.
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Published on September 02, 2018 21:04 • 122 views • Tags: updates