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September 22, 2013

How to Begin

Everyone wants to know how to write, but there seem to be hundreds of people telling you how. You know what the one consistent thing is? Everyone writes in their own way. I could give advice, sure, but so will nine million other authors around the globe. So instead I’m going to tell you what I do. You can take what you want from it, but just know that what works for me might not work for you. And that’s ok.

Over the next few blogs I’ll be going over how I begin a novel and the work that goes into finishing it. And make no mistake about it. It’s work. Anyone who thinks it’s easy has never sat in front of a blank page while the stresses of life bang against the bars in your head, each of them wanting your immediate attention. They’ve also never sat down to write only to have the characters on the page take off in an unexpected way that completely derails that wonderful outline you spent so much time hammering out.

I’ll start it off with this: “What do you want to write?” It sounds too simple to be an actual question, but it’s valid. Out of the hundreds of stories flitting around your brain, which one do you want to commit to paper? Maybe it’s an abominable snowman who comes out of the mountains to play chess with an old man living alone in a cabin. Maybe it’s a space opera full of odd little aliens and a threat that spans the galaxy. Who knows?

Ideas are like relationships. There’s the newlywed phase, where the idea is the greatest thing ever, but that doesn’t last long. You’re going to get into fights with your idea, you’re going to love your idea, and there will be points where you just want to throw your computer out the window. So make sure the idea is one you want to spend time writing for the next few months of your life.

Because the idea is only the beginning…
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September 4, 2013

New Giveaway!

So, just got back from a family trip out to Arizona over the Labor Day weekend. Exhausted, but happy all at the same time. We’re heading into the holiday season, which always makes me feel as giddy as a little kid on Halloween. September to December are those great months where anything seems possible, and all things have a nice and shiny air about them. Cheesy, I know, but hey, little sleep + the holidays = pour on the Velveeta.

And now, to commemorate the beginning of holiday season, I have a new Giveaway on Goodreads. Check it out and win a free copy of Demon Dance.

Meanwhile, just one last thing to report. I’m up to 20,000 words on the next Nick St. James book, so keep an ear to the pavement and make sure not to step on any demon toes...
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August 28, 2013


Welcome to the first in what I hope will be many forays into various thoughts and musing as I make my way through the turbulent water of being a writer. For I have always been a writer, ever since I could touch pencil to paper. From my first short story in fifth grade about walking in the clouds, to working in video games, to finally debuting my own novel, “Demon Dance”; it’s been a bumpy ride, but one with many lessons learned. Lessons and experiences I’m hoping to pass onto you, my dear readers.

For my first post, I’ll give you a little background. Most of my life has been spent writing, either at home or for video games. I’ve worked on quite a few big games that I can be proud of, like the original Fallout and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, and during it all I remained a writer at heart.

Now, my wife lovingly calls my industry a place full of “overgrown juvenile delinquents”, something we all wear with pride. Very few places can you have a discussion with your boss that consists of him telling you that the person’s head needs to sound like a watermelon when it hits the wall, or having someone complain that the main character walks like a drunken zombie. (And not in a good way)

Over the last 18 years, I’ve helped create ghouls and mutants for a nuclear radiated Southern California, let the player win the “Kobayashi Maru”, (or the no-win scenario for those in the know), and had some nasty aliens invade a space station and screw up a poor character’s life. I’ve almost been hit in the face by a wrestler in a black jumpsuit covered in little white balls, and helped give a voice to an 80 year old rabbit who never spoke until 2012. I published “Demon Dance” in 2013, the first in an urban fantasy series I’ve had in my head for quite a long time, and I’m currently working on the second one. To top it all off, I’m also leading the content team at a great video game company named Xaviant. Amazing games, great stories, and memorable experiences.

I’ve picked up some wisdom over the years, for both writing and for making games, and I hope to share these with you. My first piece of advice?

There is never a dream too big that can’t be accomplished. Be strong, be loud, and most of all, be happy in everything you do.
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Published on August 28, 2013 04:05 Tags: brian-freyermuth, demon-dance, epic-mickey, fallout, fantasy, freyermuth, star-trek, starfleet, urban, video-games