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http://authorellenmaefranklin.com/ The Unseen Promise (Tarkeenia Series #1) by Ellen Mae Franklin [bookcover:The
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Published on June 22, 2018 05:15 Tags: adventure, dark, epic, fantasy, free, giveaway, series, win

A snippet from Heart of Secrets - Book 2

A shifting shape of colour and light played amongst the treetops, its form changing to suit its will. Neither young nor old, this elemental just was. It shone in the dawn, soaking up the bleeding oranges and splendorous golds. It would stretch itself out long, then twist and bend in the subtle evening dusk, drifting in a shimmering skin of rose and blue, pretending all the while the Pata Batu held it in a lover’s embrace.
Sometimes it would mix the two tints such as its nature dictated, throwing out shards of violet light across the night’s darkened cloak. How it loved to play, an indulgence it embraced every day but like all things this creature also craved company, for it was intelligent, strong-willed and very, very lonely.
This hour it flaunted depressing shades of unhappiness, choosing hues reflective of the dark loam earth, the black of a lake’s bottomless waters and the deep, lush green shadowed foliage. For the moment, the Moorling wallowed in dark thoughts. Would it never know a solid touch? Would it drift about the world, watching and hoping?
There had been opportunities in the past to claim a host, but none had ever been worthy. Hosting was risky business, jumping into a living body could prove fatal, but the danger today felt lighter than air, The Moorling wished, no craved to be part of Tarkeenia’s middling populace. To feel, to touch, how perfect love would be then.
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Published on July 01, 2018 18:27 Tags: adventure, dark, epic, fantasy, free, giveaway, series, win


Visit www.authorellenmaefranklin.com
for a free printed copy of The Unseen Promise - book 1 in the Tarkeenia Series.

Atheria, with a god’s grace, stepped through the thin veil. Wild magic lifted her long hair, twisting the dark locks into a mass of tangles. For the first time, a god stood in physical form on Tarkeenia’s soil. She was angry but also hopeful. She might tip the balance this night. The Nightbane could not see her, she was a god and its purpose preyed only on the living, she needed to hurry, something that irked her.
There was no smiling on the approach to the fat, dead man. This was more Drakite’s business than hers. It was his realm, all this decay and betrayal. A perfect hand stretched out and touched Jac’s head. It was an easy thing to do. The banished Moorling fled to the place where Jac hid. Pale blue eyes looked into her blazing ones, the sun rose and fell in those eyes, and for the second time, he fell in love.
“Who are you?” he whispered, knowing full well how ridiculous he looked pancaked under a dead fat man.
Atheria smiled. He was a delight, this young human man. An unfortunate with an unrelenting gift that could in time, if it all went to plan, kill him. Still, sacrifices were expected and with the waning of boundaries, the pulsing of wild magic, this night was her only chance.
“My dear heart, you have a long road to walk and hard choices to make along the way.” Bending, her lips brushed his forehead and he smiled back. “I will ask something of you that no other can give. I require a sacrifice to break the evil my sibling has unleashed upon your kin. His mind is twisted and his heart, if he had one makes the darkest space an envy. There can be no turning from this, Jac. I cannot allow it.”
He smiled again and this time Atheria kissed him on the lips, her breath tasting of oranges and apple pie, his favorites. She took a breath and blew into his mouth, giving him a little of herself. Nuzzling in his ear, the goddess spoke.
Now a sad smile replaced the tender moment. The night was only so long and already she could feel the cracks in the Pata Batu growing. On day break mankind Drakite’s soldiers would vanish, leaving the Halls to grieve alone, with little hope and morbid keepsakes. Stepping up to the liquid veil, Atheria looked behind her one last time.
The monster stepped into the room. At last, he could smell true fear, strange amongst the dead. Its head twitched, savoring the ecstasy. Nothing moved, not a nose hair, not a nervous tic. The Nightbane scraped on, nails clicking on stone as he drew closer.
Rani held her breath; sweat pooling in between her breasts and shoulder blades. Her bladder felt full, and urgent, and the dead man on top of her stank. She wanted to be sick. The bile rose in the back of her throat but she closed her eyes and thought of her love. She wanted Pubbula.
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Published on July 09, 2018 02:39 Tags: adventure, dark, epic, fantasy, free, giveaway, series, win

Reviews Wanted

I am looking for honest reviews on Book One - The Unseen Promise; a fantasy epic.
In exchange I am happy to gift an Ebook copy via Amazon to the first 6 readers who contact me.
Traditional/Dark fantasy followers who have books by authors such as Tolkien, George R Martin, David Eddings, Sara Douglas and Robert Jordan will enjoy my creative work.
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