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An Excellent Resource!, April 29, 2013
By Kimberly F. Greenberg

A fantastic Resource and a must buy book for any student or professional of costume/fashion design or even any clothing connoisseur. Love the specific photo demonstrations/explanations and its all laid out in an easy to find fashion. I highly recommend this book! Definitely ad it to your bookshelf!

Love this book!, April 7, 2013
By Lynne M Boudreaux

Such a fabulous book! Can be used by genealogists, theater groups, fashion designers and researches, or for the curious mind to learn about the evolution of fashion. The stories are fun and the history given is concise and informative. The absolute " piece de resistance" the beautiful drawings! Betty Shubert has truly out done herself. What a treat!

Fun Fashion History, April 5, 2013
By Maureen (Maureen Taylor-The Photo Detective)

Betty takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the history of clothing styles and fashion foibles. Her first person account of life in the fashion industry adds depth to her detailed drawings.

Out-of-Style, March 24, 2013
By Nancy Kline

I am purchasing this book for my daughter-in-law who owns a consignment store. She has seen the book and says that it would be very helpful for her to use as a reference, because sometimes customers ask her questions about the clothing she sells and she can use the book not only to help her do research, but to back up her opinions.

Very enjoyable reading, March 17, 2013
By D. McKeown (Germantown, MD USA)

I purchased this book for my wife's genealogy research thinking it was purely a reference text. I really enjoyed just reading it! The history of the times that goes along with dress style brings our ancestors to life. For example the rigid rules on dress and time of mourning were fascinating and helped to explain why our people remarried when they did. It is just as much a fun reading history text as a style book.

Enjoying "Out-of-Style", March 15, 2013
By Jeanne Harris (Los Angeles, CA)

As one who enjoys learning about the history of fashion, I found Out-of-Style to be a comprehensive and complete as an easy-to-understand reference guide on the subject.

You Did it Again Betty!, February 20, 2013
By Heidi H. Wasserman (Los Angeles, CA)

Betty has reinvented herself, yet again! Her vast experience and knowledge of fashion has evolved over the years and is detailed in her latest creative endeavor....she will always keep us informed of what is trending and she will NEVER go "Out of Style"! Since I am in the gift business, I will buy a copy for all of my clients!!! Thank you!

Extremely Thorough and Easy To Use!, February 16, 2013
By D. Skelly

This book provides a superb reference for all clothing from the 19th and early twentieth centuries! I have a large library of books on the history of fashion, but none that specifically targeted this time period, and with this level of detail! I specifically bought this book to help me more precisely date old photos through the clothing, in conjunction with my genealogy research. It easily let me date a particular boy's hat as being from 1927! The book is packed full of useful and interesting information. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in identifying and dating clothing, as well as providing information on "why" things were the way they were!

Fabulous Fashion Statements, February 2, 2013
By Carol Goodwin Goroff (Whitewater, Wisconsin)

This book was purchased because I am writing a manuscript about my relatives who perished on the Titanic. Photographs from living cousins needed dating and Betty Kreisel Shubert's, Out-of Style promised some tips. Shubert's work fulfilled the promise, with many kudos to spare! I had never heard of "mourning crepe" before, which enabled me to date one photograph precisely. The illustrations are especially helpful. At first, I was going to read the entire volume before I wrote this review; however, there is so much information I can't. Instead I read it for valuable genealogy advice, as an encyclopedia, and for relaxing fun before bedtime (good for a chuckle nearly every page). My compliments to the author for fulfilling all three roles! Carol Goodwin, Ph.D

Review of "Out-of-Style", February 2, 2013
By Delcia Hill -

As the make-up and hair specialist for our local community theater, I have been pleased in what I am reading! Betty has made fashion history available at my fingertips. The book is well written, and easy to use, humorous. Having grown up in the LA area, it is 'old home week' reading! Most of all, it is most beneficial to me in my job with the theater!!! Get the book!

If you like History - you'll love this!, January 29, 2013
By Janet Baird

I bought this as a gift and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. It gives the history of outfits, mainly women's fashions, and how long they were in style. Even if you are not a history buff, this book is totally enjoyable.

'OUT OF STYLE' by Betty Kreisel Shubert, January 27, 2013
By Joanne Underwood

As an actor/director of local theatricals, I found this book to be an easy way for costumers to accurately time-date clothes worn in each era. I further found this book to be absolutely engaging. It is entertaining, informative and illuminating. It inspired me to re-look at old photos of my great grandparents and it was fun to see how fashionable or out of style they were in their day. The author's personal stories and experiences are charming. It's a book about fashion and a brief history of an emerging nation. The author gives the reader a vivid picture with her words and a visual delight with her sketches.

Out Of Style" by Betty Kreisel Shubert is an excellent selection, January 10, 2013
By Joseph L. Lebovitz

This book is not only an extremely interesting book to read to learn about the history of fashion and its use in the movie and other similar industries, but also as an excellent research tool for those who may need this type of information. The drawings are great and often you can detect some item of clothing that you once wore or that you still may have in your closet. We plan to have our granddaughter who is writing her Ph D thesis use it for her research purposes.

Illuminating History of Fashion, January 4, 2013
By Judith L. Tuchten

I love this book! It is an organized, concise, look on the history of fashion in the last century and beyond. The illustrations by the author are illuminating. A visual glimpse of the creative ideas evolving with many firsthand explanations. If you like history and fashion this is the book to purchase and enjoy!

Fashion is always in style! Read "Out of Style", January 2, 2013
By Sherri L Miller

As a clothing buyer, I always looked for the "next trend". This book lets you see trends repeated and trends yet to come. It gives you insight into forward fashions, costumes, and imagination. Famous historical fashions, and seeing how today, the past repeats itself are clearly articulated in a fun and beautifully illustrated manner. This is a fabulous book for designers, but also a given for any person interested in setting the newest and fashion forward trends! "Out of Style" gives the reader a wonderful insight into what will be in style in some form again and again.

Out-of-Style, December 27, 2012
By L B Bush

I just learned that I no longer fumble with large buttons and small buttonholes because of the invention of the zipper in 1891. Thanks also to the Prince of Wales for validating the use of the zipper. The Tuxedo was named after a private club in New York --Tuxedo Park. This book "Out-of-Style" is packed with interesting facts, stories and history about clothing we wear. People visiting me pick up this beautiful bound book, which is displayed on my coffee table, just to glance at it but get so engrossed in finding answers to their many questions concerning fashion they can not put it down. This book does not have to be read cover to cover. It is an encyclopedia. You may select the topics of interest to you. I, however, have found no chapters that are of no interest to me. Whether you are a history buff, a fashion designer or are just curious --- "Out-of Style" is a book for you.

Out of style the book, December 16, 2012
By Bobette Stanbridge (Florida)

This is a very informative book that gives the reader a very clear picture of all the clothing styles throughout time. The stories the author tells are really insightful and full of personal history that make it interesting reading and
the illustrations are really fun. I am an artist that is painting American history paintings in the 20th century and find this to be helpful.
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A fascinating, informative resource!,
May 24, 2013
By Tammy Sparrow

As an owner of a consignment shop I am constantly researching items for pricing and information and Out of Style is a wonderful resource! The book is wonderfully illustrated and helps with dating the vintage items which come into my shop. I also find it useful in helping my clients who are dressing for a certain period for parties or theater productions. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a reliable resource for dating period clothing! --Tammy Sparrow, Owner of Sparrow's Nest Consignment

Amazing contribution Betty!,
May 22, 2013
By cindilee

I read this book simply because I had seen first hand the dedication and creativity that had gone into it when I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Betty Shubert. She worked tirelessly for years once she set out to put her amazing creativity and memories on paper for others to enjoy. I know nothing of the background of fashion, genealogy, theater, or the many applications for this material, but I admire the qualities that Betty possesses that allowed her to produce such a remarkable work of art and history! Thank you for sharing your life with us Betty!
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Online Radio Interview on Talk Story Radio & TV

Here is a link so you can listen to my recent online radio interview with Julia Widdop. You will hear fascinating gems of social history that illuminate the life and times of the last two centuries.

Betty Shubert talks to host, Julia Widdop about her new book, "OUT OF STYLE...A Modern Perspective of How, Why and WHEN Vintage Fashions Evolved" For more information about how fashions for men, women, and children evolved through the years see Betty's book at:

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Dear Betty,

Here is a brief "blurb" I developed about your "Out-of-Style" book by Betty Kreisel Shubert.

As a professor of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, and a student of human evolution, I was always skeptical of current "fashion" as truly representing an "art," seeing it only as a sneaky preying on insecurities to addict consumers to a perpetually profitable and changing product. I had never read a book on the subject, only ads and features in the popular press. So I approached reading Out-of-Style with curiosity but no expectation that I'd get immersed in the topic. To my surprise, my experience has been quite engaging. Not only have I enjoyed the author's excellent, succinct, enlightening and entertaining writing (and drawing!), but the facts are new and arresting to me. They relate to so many large social/cultural issues, such as status of women and men in societies, husbanding of Earth's resources (such as fibers, fabrics, energy, time, etc.).

All of this provides useful illustration of the scope of adaptations we can choose and how we might select alternatives depending on our values.

Roderic Gorney, MD, PhD

Dr. Rod Gorney

A professor of psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA, Dr. Gorney has focused his clinical teaching on the fundamentals of mental examination and the combined dynamic psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy of adults.
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March 2013

The Fashion Shelf

Betty Kreisel Shubert, author/illustrator
Flashback Publishing

ISBN: 9780983576167 (hardback)
ISBN: 9780983576198 (pbk)

"Out-of-Style: A Modern Perspective of How, Why and When Vintage Fashions Evolved" is an important costume history reference text with hundreds of time-sequenced illustrations of changing Western fashions from the 1830s to the present. The initial chapter shows it as Evolution in a Thimble...Overview of the Primary Silhouettes of Each Decade 1830-1900. A delightful chain of ten fashion models ladies are sketched, each wearing the primary dress shape of her decade, from the Victorian lady to the Gibson Girl! "Out-of-Style" continues to present incredibly detailed, witty summaries of two centuries of evolving fashion. "Out-of Style" presents a gold mine of information about vintage fashion evolution over the past two centuries, all attractively organized and illustrated in wonderful little costume parades of figures over the decades, such as the March to Modernity 1900-2000, otherwise titled The Bottom Line About Hemlines, on pages 216-217. So much information is compacted and presented in these two pages about women's fashion evolution. "Out-of-Style" is also at treat to read, from the pages of glowing testimonials from such famous people as Marlene Madrid (retired Supervisor of the Disneyland Costume Workroom) and Allen M. Zelter, professor of Theatre, Emeritus, Cal-State University at Fullerton, and more. In addition to costume history and fashion evolution, "Out-of-Style" presents plausible definitions of "What is vintage?" and also "What is Good Taste?" "Out-of-Style" is a fantastic resource for theatre groups, genealogists, costume designers, vintage collectors, social historians, and fashionistas. As a real plus, it is a fabulously fascinating, fun book to read!
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Here is a terrific new review of my book at BellaOnline by Christine Sharbrough, BellaOnline's Library Sciences Editor:

Here are some quotes from the review:

"Patrons often need more than just books when researching their family history. Many times, patrons will bring old photographs to the library in the hopes of finding a resource that will help date them. "Out of Style" by Betty Kreisel Shubert might just be that resource."

"Unlike other books on dating photographs, this one has a social history behind why fashions changed (or didn't) and evolved the ways they did. The author created her first fashion designs when she was thirteen years old. She has spent a lifetime designing for stage, screen television, Las Vegas and Disneyland."

"Also covered are women's hairstyles in all their beribboned, curled and braided glory. Hats, Bonnets and other accessories are also shown. But, it is not only the women covered in this book but the men as well. Coats, trousers, vests, shirts, ties, hats, hair and facial hair."

"Social historians will have a great picture of the evolution of fashion for men women AND CHILDREN from the 19th through the 20th centuries. Vintage collectors will also find much that is useful in these pages."

"Beyond the sketches and the history behind the fashions, the author presents the information in a no-nonsense, easy to understand format that makes this book eminently readable as well as browsable. Great for the personal or public library, schools, and theatre groups."

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A costume designer helps tell and propel the story so that the writer, director, choreographer and actor can visualize their character.

It has been said by major acting talents like Carol Burnett and Johnny Depp that they first really feel their character when they don a costume or special makeup.

A theatrical costume designer must understand the psychology of clothes … why people wear what they wear....

Read the rest of this recently published article that I wrote at:
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There is a wonderful new review from Leland & Patty Meitzler's Genealogy Blog at At the end of the review there is the complete table of contents from my book.

Here are some quotes:

"A book like this is of obvious profit to the Genealogist, knowledge of fashion can help date old photographs. However, there is more to this book. There is a history as to where and how the garments your ancestors wore were designed and made."

"Shubert spared nothing in her efforts to assure every detail in this book was covered."

"One of my favorite elements of the book is the illustrations."

"From the 1900s, the author reveals carefully studied fashions, looking for and sharing the everyday wardrobe. These are the clothes your ancestors wore."

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Hope you enjoy reading my new interview at MOULTRIE CREEK BOOKS by Denise Olsen found at:

The interview starts out with:

"Betty is the author – and illustrator – of Out-of-Style: A Modern Perspective of HOW, WHY & WHEN Vintage Fashions Evolved, a must-have reference for dating 19th and 20th century photographs using the clothing worn by the subjects. Not only is it a fabulous reference, it’s a fascinating look at the history of fashion from the 1830's through the 1960's.

Betty very kindly agreed to answer some questions about the book and her very exciting career."

Enjoy reading...Betty
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Here is a new review of my book at Moultrie Creek Books found at

The review starts with:

"Although I’m looking at this book from a genealogy perspective – as a reference to help me date old family photos – I’ve also found it a fascinating look at the fashion fads of years gone by. It’s an amazing reference, offering beautifully drawn illustrations combined with a running commentary describing how small differences in the shape of a sleeve or length of a hem can pinpoint a photograph to within a year or two. It begins in the 1830's and continues into the 1960's. [Thank you, Betty, for not forcing us to take another look at the leisure suit.]"

Enjoy reading the review...Betty
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Out-of-Style: A Modern Perspective of How, Why and When Vintage Fashions Evolved

Betty Kreisel Shubert
NEW VINTAGE CLOTHING TIME-DATING TOOL... How to date vintage clothing and old family photos MADE EASY!

Former columnist/illustrator for Ancestry Magazine, Betty Kreisel Shubert, has published a ground
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