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November 2, 2012

Ramblings of the Damned Free Promo

All this weekend you can download The Devil's Serum free from Amazon at this link and you can download The Devil's Folly and The Devil's Apprentice for $.99 at by using the following coupon codes at checkout UA46Z for Folly and LD58P for Apprentice. Complete your series at the cheapest price ever available! Please share and help make this promotion a success!
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October 9, 2012

The Devil's Serum $.99 for a limited time

The title pretty much says it all. For a limited time you can download The Devil's Serum for less than a buck from
Proven to be better for you than a McDouble Cheeseburger for the same price. =)
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Published on October 09, 2012 15:42 Tags: novella-fiction, paranormal-romance, supernatural-series

September 20, 2012

Devil's Serum Press Release

The Devil’s Serum: New Book Tells of One Man’s Struggle With Immortal Acceptance.

After drinking the unknown contents of an ornate flask, Christian Laurent becomes immortal. However, at what cost does this most unusual privilege entail? And will he be accepted by the one he loves? Writer Ashliegh Wolfgang tells all in his compelling new book.
For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL – Many will know Ashliegh Wolfgang as the former singer of acclaimed recording artists, The Orphan Punks. However, swapping his microphone for a pen, Wolfgang is now releasing a compelling series of fiction books.

The first, ‘The Devil’s Serum’, tells tales from the journals of protagonist, Christian Laurent. Aged forty, Laurent drinks the unknown contents of an ornate flask, later waking up to find that he has been transformed into something more than human.

Having lost the functions of thirst and hunger, and possessing amplified strength, Laurent quickly learns that pain is no longer registered and any wounds rapidly heal. In short, he has become immortal.

However, being afforded this privilege is not without its costs. Having just fallen in love with Corrine, the love of his life, Laurent knows he cannot share his immortality, instead treating it as a curse. With just the flask’s engraved markings as clues, he tries in vain to understand what he has become, and why.

“It’s certainly a compelling story,” explains Wolfgang, who is making his first leap into the world of published literature.

He continues, “The book is the first volume of ‘The Ramblings of the Damned’, a Novella series that will be five volumes strong by the end of this year.”

The first volume has garnered rave reviews since its launch in August, often being compared to works by Edgar Allan Poe. The series’ second installment, ‘The Devil’s Folly’ was released on September 1st, with the next installment, ‘The Devil’s Apprentice’, due for release in October.

Critics praise Wolfgang for his ability to bring the literary flare from yesteryear to a modern-day audience. With so much success in his hands, Wolfgang refuses to lose sight of the most important facet of his works – the books’ original plots.
“The Devil's Serum is a supernatural love story for literary fans above the tween scene, and proves that a supernatural story doesn't need fangs to have bite,” he concludes.
The Devil’s Serum, published Independently, is available now.
Purchase link:
For more information, please visit the author’s official website:
His progress can also be followed on social media.

About the Author:
Ashliegh Wolfgang first gained notoriety as founding member and vocalist for National recording artists "The Orphan Punks".
The Devil's Serum is his first foray into fiction writing, a love he has had behind the scenes for decades. Ashliegh claims writing influences from historical authors such Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft to contemporary authors such as Anne Rice and Clive Barker.
Ashliegh currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife Heather and children Addison and Samantha.
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Published on September 20, 2012 17:40 Tags: fiction, horror, immortal, press-release, supernatural

September 11, 2012

The Devil's Serum free promo

The Devil's Serum will be available to download for free for 48 hours starting at 12:00 PST Tonight!
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Published on September 11, 2012 12:06 Tags: amazon, ashliegh-wolfgang, devil-s-serum, free

September 6, 2012

The Regulars

Something I've been working on (unedited and unformatted)

From the cigarette’s light you could almost make out the wrinkles around her eyes. She was beautiful once, and sometimes still is in the right light. Sadly, this wasn’t it. I’m still not completely sure if she was ever aware of her beauty, or even still if she is aware of the fact that it has progressively faded over the last couple of years. She doesn’t talk much. She never did.
She slightly bites her lip, as she fights off the cold of a mid December night by pulling her grayed, once black scarf tighter around her face. The smoke circles her head like a halo or an adaptation of the “Night before Christmas” sans all the jolly. Her mascara appears to have run its course, or perhaps was applied with haste from the onset.
Either way she appeared to be looking down at that cigarette like some beacon in the night, some light at the end of a once crowded tunnel that now gave way to echoes of thoughts and memories of dreams.
I see her here nearly every night but couldn’t even tell you her last name. Yet, I recognize her all the same. She’s lost just like the rest of us.
Veronica… She was not nearly as upbeat as the Elvis Costello song that her mother named her after, or at least that’s how her story went.
I never bothered to correct her even though I was fully aware that she wasn’t as young as her story would indicate. Unless she was leaving out the part that her mother never actually named her until her age had reached double digits. Most people never cared about her enough to do the math, if they were even aware of the song in question.
I actually did care. Not about her so much, but I was fan of Costello. He was always my Elvis of choice, even if he wasn’t as easy on the eyes.
Much like Veronica, whether she were the haggard 22 year old she professed or had an additional decade worth of living tucked under her belt as I suspected.
It was a decent story regardless, and isn’t that really what life is anyway? A quest to collect the biggest and boldest stories to impress others, honestly who gives a fuck if there is any truth to them. I’d rather hear a fantastic lie from a stranger at a bar than be bored to tears at one’s own admittance of a lack-luster life. Hell, I really should start lying more…at least in here.
Much like me, Veronica was a regular. She is just one in a cast of Woody Allen and tragedy inspired characters that inhabit this dive on an almost nightly basis.
There’s a twisted camaraderie between these walls, and as the month’s turned into years in this ruin, Bukowski was making a hell of a lot more sense to me.
Half of the enjoyment in this place is imagining where these people go when the bar is closed. Sure they tell you about their jobs, and their families, and their ambitions, if they have any left.
Having never actually seen the majority of these people in the daylight, I can’t help wonder if their stories are as reliable as Veronica’s age.
I could very well be hanging around a horde of vampires and be none the wiser. In here the sun doesn’t shine, and that’s a good thing because the air conditioner barely works, either.
I can’t imagine that anywhere else in the world could represent such a B-list of almosts, wanna-bes, and coulda-beens, and I’d be remiss to not include myself in this melting pot of unsubstantiated futures. It seems everyone in this place was just a dollar short or a day late at their chance for greatness. The athletes injured in high-school or college that were a sure thing before blowing out their knee or tearing a rotator cuff. The day traders that sold Google stock just a week too soon.

All of the singers, actors, models, and writers who just missed their big break sitting shoulder to shoulder exchanging contacts and stories, each one more hollow than the last. Lest I forget the businessman still wearing his navy suit and reminding you of his multiple degrees every other round. He’s been looking for a job in that same god-damned suit for 3 years now.
Failure was a theme around this 2-bit gin joint and whether it was the mother who lost custody of her kids or the ex-husband who’s wife left him to pursue the drummer of an also-ran hair metal band. Everyone here had lost something they once held dear. Whether a job, a lover, or just another day to the rat race. Everyone here was a loser, in some regard. Sometimes, it’s easier to reminisce than rebuild, I suppose.
Jack, had lost more than others I believed. Maybe he hadn’t lost more than others but he was the type of guy that you wished good fortune on. Hearing Jack’s stories always made me feel worse for him than he ever felt for himself.
He could tell you these grim undertakings and still maintain a disposition that was better that most at the height of success.
His intelligence reached vastly further than his education, and I’ve never met a more likable guy. Jack had been married once. The way he described the beauty of his former wife often made me wonder if I had ever witnessed such beauty in person.
I would often hang on every word as Jack spoke, as if somehow he knew the answers to all the questions but just wasn’t able to apply them to his own life.
As the story goes, Jack’s wife had left him for his best friend at the time, “a taller, thinner, jackass from a richer family”. And as Jack tells it, he suspects the relationship had gone on for years before he happened to wander in on the two of them, in the midst of an act he said he had been begging her to do for years. He laughs as he says it and I for the life of me, can’t understand how.
“She was gorgeous, and that was hardly an issue…but she knew it and I was hardly worthy of her beauty” said Jack as emotionless as if he were telling the story second hand. “I couldn’t have possibly loved her more, but love didn’t mean anything to her, hell everybody loved her”. I reached for my drink as I subconsciously applied his story to my own life. I think I threw up a little in my mouth as his words turned to images in my mind.
The story progresses into an even darker tale as he explains that several years later she came to his door begging for forgiveness, and he said although it broke his heart all over again, he knew she could never be trusted.
“I loved you…hell, I still do and if you would have just once let ME put my cock up your ass then maybe we’d have something to talk about”. Jack then lets out a laugh that echoes off of the walls, you couldn’t help but laugh along at his misfortunes, even as the guilt for doing so rose to meet the glass at your lips.
Jack was jaded but somehow bore no scars, at least none that I could see. He said he simply decided to never love again. He had given his best and failed miserably so he considered it an effort in futility.
“You only gamble away your entire paycheck once, unless you’re a glutton for punishment…and I sir, am no glutton”. Jack says this with the utmost conviction just before ordering his fifth shot too many. Ever increasing the divide between optical and appliance but never seeming to care. You had to love Jack. It’s hard to believe that somehow she didn’t.
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Published on September 06, 2012 19:17

August 29, 2012

New Website! is now live!
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Published on August 29, 2012 21:04 Tags: anthology, author, fiction, horror, supernatural, website

August 25, 2012

Devil's Serum excerpt

I've recently made available on goodreads an except from The Devil's Serum. If you haven't read it yet I hope you'll check out the sample. =)
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Published on August 25, 2012 15:19 Tags: excerpt

August 23, 2012


First and foremost I want to say thanks for being interested enough to check out my author page. I hope it's an indication that you've read or plan to read my books. There are countless authors and a near infinite amount of books available, so I truly do appreciate every single person that is willing to let my words define your visions just for a little bit. I imagine I'll use this space as time goes on to post my thoughts about whatever random thing comes to mind, to update what I'm writing and reading, and I'm sure I'll post some poetry and prose that I have no other outlet for. Feel free to say hey, and ask anything that you wish.

Now for the shameless self promotion:
My books "The Devil's Serum" and "The Devil's Folly" (Ramblings of the Damned Books 1 and 2) are both available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle apps.
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Published on August 23, 2012 08:10 Tags: devil-s-folly, devil-s-serum, introduction