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November 20, 2013

Parents Beware! Gross stuff is interesting.

Four Week Filth Fest is a boy's struggle to find himself during a challenge every parent would dread.

Four weeks with no bath or shower seems annoying at best and at unhealthy at worst, but if the concept gets the reader, in particular a reluctant reader involved and interested, it's worth setting the precedent that will come.

The facts are that gross, disgusting, filthy, dirty stuff represent adventure and independence for kids who are constantly told to wash up, take a bath and don't touch that because you don't know where its been.

I can hear it now. "Dad, why do I have to take a shower? Andy in Four Week Filth Fest didn't."

I'll figure out some justification for why. Maybe I'll even say to do it because I told them so. My sons won't care. As long as they keep picking up books and their imagination stretches the world that they think they know, I'll take on that battle any time.Four Week Filth Fest
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Published on November 20, 2013 13:25 Tags: boys-gross-interest-reluctant

September 14, 2012

Adventure Books for Boys and Girls

Jack Calhoun confronts Jebediah Skrat and his cronies on an empty country road. Insults and accusations erupt; tempers flare. A chase ensues, and Jack notches a small, smelly victory preluding the struggles and harsh realities of life that will follow.

What is the right formula for creating books for boys? How can books for boys be thoughtful, fun and exciting at the same time? Do books for boys need to include a lesson?

I will explore these and other questions in this blog as I reveal how Jack Calhoun and the Perfect Baseball: A Boy’s Baseball Adventure during the Civil War came to life.

Stand your ground or run, absorb insults or fire back, remain calm or up the ante; Jack’s mind is buzzing during the confrontation, and the reader’s will be too.

Jack Calhoun and the Perfect Baseball: A Boy's Baseball Adventure during the Civil War
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Published on September 14, 2012 11:15 Tags: adventure, baseball, boys, bully, middle-grade