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September 19, 2015

The Gifts of Autumn by Deborah Dolen

Autumn is my favorite time of year. It is this time I tend to make all of my candles for the year, pulling out old candles to smash them to make chunks, sort them by color - arrange them in a nice mold and then pour new clear paraffin wax over them to make lovely candles that melt into beautiful wonders. I ask all my friends to keep their spent candles and give them to me. In return they get a nice new candle for the autumn. I love oranges and purple best for autumn colors.

I also make heavily scented candles with soy wax around this time-enough to also give as gifts. Soap making comes next and I make enough hard and liquid soap for a year, and as always extra to give to others who do not have that kind of time.

Now is the time to collect pine cones to make "fire starters" as gifts in the winter. A fun adventure that is basically free - not counting nice ribbon to affix. Dipping pine cones in paraffin wax produces some beautiful fire starters. You can get paraffin in the canning section of any major grocery store.

Now is also the time to make a gallon of vanilla extract to maybe make for friends. A much better extract than you will ever find in a commercial store. I get my vanilla beans on eBay from a reputable dealer.

It is also about time to harvest our bee products in my area of town. This produces great honey, wax, bee pollen and royal jelly. Out of those will surely come more candles and lip balm.

Books I wrote that are more specific to making these gifts include The Beekeepers Digest, Kitchen Arts, The Natural Soap Maker and The Soap Rebatcher by Deborah Dolen. I also have seven films on Amazon Instant - do a general search on Amazon for Deborah Dolen and my work will come up. My books are also available on Barnes and Noble NOOK.
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August 9, 2014

Amazon's e-Mail to Kindle Authors re Hachette

It was not but a few days after I read how Amazon treats their employees [UK at least-start with 10 1/2 hour work days] that I got an e-mail from Amazon giving me a letter to sign (as if I wrote the words and opinions) to send to Hachette, their arch rival. If that's not enough, they request I CC them proof I did the deed to an Amazon dot com e-mail. The letter was so long it was 1,102 words. Most brazen, some of their points about lower ebook prices were not even true.

Amazon is sending this request to all authors on the Kindle Platform, and no, a novel could not have a better ends to justify a means. The entire e-mail insults my intelligence but what stood out the most was that I do not agree with Amazon's position-that all e-books are over priced, because not all e-books are alike. I sell mainly technical books and other friends of mine sell serious educational books on the Kindle Platform. The hard books are hundreds of dollars and vocational in nature. So, I do not agree that e-books are overpriced or that I am over compensated for my work. Worse, Amazon has a site called "Readers United" as if they are not "SELLERS" but "READERS!" Maybe Amazon can make a cat bark like a dog. On the novel side of life, some authors are begging their readers not to buy their books on Amazon.

This lead to me see if other authors were talking about the e-mail on the general web and they sure are. Amazon v Hachette: The Enemy of Your Enemy is not Your Friend is one good article. For a fascinating 20 minute read see My Week as an Amazon Insider (links at bottom of this post.)

As a disclaimer I will say I like Amazon in general and I spend at least $100 a day with them. But I am starting to see the draconian work model [at least in the UK] and I now know how brutally hard people at Amazon have to work for a living (if you want to call it a living) and not sure how good I feel about spending with Amazon. But I sure will be nice to customer service now, when I have to call.

From the insider article, Amazon does seem to pick towns that have been abandoned by industry so the people in their town are happy to just have any job. I guess that is the upside, our dollars do provide a person with "a" job when we spend with Amazon. Bottom line Amazon does make enough money they could pay their people better and require they work more reasonable hours. Apparently, even their 30 minute break is a joke, their break room is so far away by the time they walk four footballs fields to it-it is time to walk back.

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August 3, 2014

Global Publishing on Amazon Kindle

Many authors have asked me how I got profiled as an author on AmazonUK, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Amazon Germany and now I guess Amazon Spain and Italy. At first I signed up for AmazonUK and Amazon France. I did it from my author account on Amazon. I had to enter the foreign server from Amazon. After that it appears Amazon created the later profiles.

For Amazon France, I had the page description translated into French. And some of my work. The proceeds are interesting as we are paid in the currency of the country the purchase was from-which at times can be more than the value of the USD. As loyal as I am to the Kindle program I also like the Barnes and Noble Nook platform just as much. To see Amazon UK and Amazon France and how I did that

I hope everyone is having a great summer!
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October 19, 2013

Cool Halloween Ideas

Please check out cool Halloween Ideas on my Pinterest Board:
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August 29, 2013

Press Release GoodReads My Official Blog

To check out press release issued this month please see
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Published on August 29, 2013 16:15 Tags: deborah-dolen

August 14, 2013

Rose Maison Interview

I want to thank author Rose Maison for a cute interview she published as well as a review on one of my books. the interview is here:

Thanks Rose
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August 1, 2013

About to read "The Gravity of Birds"

A lot of good comments about that book. Night!
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Published on August 01, 2013 19:42

July 28, 2013

My Favorite GoodReads Author

GoodReads Author Doris-Maria Heilmann is my favorite author because she really helps aspiring authors and writers. Doris is the best pusher of books I know, besides GoodReads and Amazon naturally.

I met Doris-Maria Heilmann of 111Publishing on Twitter and I am always impressed by her actual tweets. I am hoping she blogs here more on GoodReads. I am an established author, but if I was aspiring she is a dream come true. Even being an established author she posts things that I never knew such as vacation homes where a writer can stay at for free if they meet certain author related criteria. Some of the vacation homes and housing are just as impressive. Much of Heilmann's information is free and I see other entities selling similar data. I actually learn a lot from her Tweets, like she knows India has the most avid readers of all countries. She has a vault of grants for literary events, and the list of free author support is never ending. I hope Heilmann hangs out more on GoodReads more with me. As an author it is becoming my favorite platform out of dozens. If I am allowed to put her web link in here I will.
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Published on July 28, 2013 19:43 Tags: 111publishing, doris-maria-heilmann

July 20, 2013

Having Too Much Fun on Pinterest

Pinterest is like one big self renewing magazine and a great place to re-inspire for just about anything. I consider it like Jungs Collective Conscious and a great place [besides GoodReads] for authors to hang out.

It's so nice to see other women, and some men with so much in common. I like Instagram too...

And YES I am incorporating Goodreads links back to hear. I love GoodReads and the endless support they give to authors and aspiring authors as well.
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Published on July 20, 2013 15:57 Tags: deborah-dolen

May 23, 2013

Memorial Day Newest Book !

My newest book is on Amazon as of today.
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Published on May 23, 2013 16:59 Tags: deborah-dolen