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Political parties are brands. Given that Americans are in the midst of Republican presidential candidate campaigning, we thought it would be interesting to conduct a survey on how people perceive the Democratic and Republican political parties. In particular, we want to understand how the two parties are perceived differently by different types of people. We will look at how people of different ages, genders, income levels, states of residence and political party and religious affiliations perceive each of the two parties. In the end, we want to understand which perceptions are shared across different types of people and which perceptions are particular to certain types of people.

We also want to understand what unites people and what divides people in reference to political parties. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and then, to prove that social network marketing works, please share the survey link with your friends and business associates. We are seeking as broad a cross-section of people as possible. Thank you.
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Published on March 07, 2012 10:16 • 164 views • Tags: brands, democrat, democratic, political-parties, politics, republican