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September 25, 2017

I am so sick of all the propaganda being thrown around, so I thought I'd give a badly needed history lesson.

1. Founding fathers.

They gave the middle finger to English via the declaration of independence then fought a war that was ultimately successful. After that they argued with each other and eventually came up with the Articles of Confederation. That national government lasted only 9 years, then was trashed.

A second attempt was made, which is our current constitution that DC regularly ignores.

2. Slavery

You have been told a lie that the southern states had slavery and the northern states were free. This is not true. When the civil war went down, there were states in the north that had slavery. Not all the slave states left, and you had slave states fighting other slave states. Were they fighting to end slavery? Obviously not, for a simple vote would have ended it in the northern slave states.

3. Confederacy

The first national government of the US was formed by the 'Articles of Confederation.' So when the southern states broke away from DC they went about the 3rd try at creating a stable government. They did not want a tyrannical national government that DC had become, so they went with another form of Confederation.

This is not leaving the United States, this is remaking it for the 3rd time. Furthermore, there is no law that said the states could not leave. There is nothing in the constitution that says that. What the constitution does say is that 'any power not listed in this document belongs to the states and to the people.'

So joining and leaving was not mentioned, that meant legally it was the decision of each state. Thus secession was LEGAL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.

4. Lincoln and DC.

Lincoln became President just before the south seceded. His primary goal was to keep the country together. He could not do so legally, so he chose an illegal war to conquer the leaving states and annex them. There is nothing even remotely legal about this. Lincoln effectively ripped up the constitution, and when his assassin yelled 'death to all tyrants', the assassin was correct. Lincoln had become a tyrant, because he believed that the states should stay together, even if he had to kill hundreds of thousands of people to make that happen.

Just prior to the war Lincoln and DC put forth a constitutional amendment guaranteeing slavery for the southern states FOREVER. This amendment would make itself unamendable in the future, and it was in the process of ratification when the war started. Lincoln offered the southern states slavery on a silver platter, but they rejected it because the war was not fought over slavery. It was fought over freedom. Freedom of the states from the tyrannical DC who had stopped following the constitution.

5. Rebellion, not treason.

The southern states were loyal to the constitution and the country, but DC was corrupt. They decided to leave and try to remake the country a 3rd time as those before them had done. This is not treason. What DC and Lincoln did is treason, for they were violating the constitution, which is the fundamental structure of the country.

The Confederacy was LEGAL and LOYAL to the founding fathers. Many in the south did not want to fight a war, but it was the North that invaded the South, not the other way around. They had to choose between knuckling under and letting Lincoln and DC continue its unconstitutional power coup, or to fight back.

They chose to fight back.

6. Flag.

The stars and bars are patriotic, and essentially the same thing as the stars and stripes. The south did not reject the founding fathers and the revolutionary war, nor the country they founded. They rejected the DC power coup and Lincolns tyranny. Yes, it was tyranny, despite how the propaganda has made Lincoln out to be a hero.

The Confederate Flag is a symbol of rebellion against corruption and loyalty to our country. Not loyalty to DC. DC and our country are not one and the same thing. This is why the South decided to make a flag almost the same, for they were loyal to the American Country, just not the corrupt form it had taken.

7. The bad guys won the war.

While there was a lot bad in the South, they were legally in the right. The North were the bad guys, no getting around that. The southern states were conquered, brutalized, and to this day are kept under the legal heal of DC. Certain state laws in southern states only have to get DC's approval, so this is not just ancient history, but exists to this day.

Historical monments and textbooks have been altered to make the North look good, but thankfully all history has not been erased. But now we have statue pull downs equivalent to Nazi book burning parties. Both have the same goal...eliminate all history so the only information the people have is the propaganda the government feeds it.

Those in the southern states fought this back then, and kept their Confederate flag as a symbol of defiance against DC and the enslavement of the states to the national government...but that flag has NEVER been anti-American. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

8. Congress and the Constitution

Ever wonder why our current congress just ignores the constitution and does whatever it wants? Because the south lost the civil war and DC has been calling the shots ever since. The constitution is little more than a relic of the old government. A new government was established after the civil war, and it exists to this day. No new document was written, the government is called the 'establishment' and they do whatever they want.

So the next time you see a Confederate flag and someone yells 'slavery' or 'Nazi,' realize that's just the propaganda flying. The Confederate flag is a pro-American flag that is a living symbol of what happened during the civil war and how the current government in DC is totally illegitimate.

And you wonder why they want it gone?
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September 5, 2017

DACA going is a good thing. It was illegal to begin with and only rewarded people who broke the law, but there is an underlining issue about children brought here by their parents. Children too young to know what was going on.

Now let's face it, Mexico and other countries suck. They do. That's why a lot of people want to come here. Is it fair to those people who snuck in, breaking the law, children or adults, who were trying to get away from bad countries?

No, it's not fair, but allowing this law breaking to continue, or even rewarding it, is also not fair.

So what do we do?

Build the wall, stop more illegal immigrants from coming. Fix green cards and Visas, round up those overstaying, and boot them. We have to get a handle on this situation, and unfortunately there are large sections of both the Democrat and Republican parties who are in bed with slavers who are using illegal labor. Democrats also want to replace normal Americans (who they have a hard time getting to vote for them) with foreigners. That's why they are against voter ID, because it makes it harder for those illegals to cheat vote.

Building the wall stops the inflow greatly, not just of people but drugs. But after we've secured the border, gotten our visas and green card systems in order, what do we do with the people already here?

Those that commit a second crime (after illegally being here) are booted. Period.

Those that don't, offer a 1 year period to come forward and identify themselves. If they don't, and are then caught later, they get booted. Period.

Those that identify themselves are given a Purple Card. They cannot vote. They cannot become citizens through ANY means other than leaving the country and coming back in. Green Card holders can apply for citizenship while on Green Card. Purple Card will not. No rewarding the people that cheated, remember?

The Purple Card also comes with an addition 5% income tax on top of all other taxes. This is a penalty for cheating our system, but it will allow people to stay here that have nowhere to go back to. If these people don't like those terms, they get booted.

Over time the Purple Card people will die out and the program will cease to exist. Any new people that sneak in get automatically booted.

That solves the problem. There will be bad countries out there, but we can't fit 7 billion people inside our borders. It sucks, but we have to pick and choose who comes in and who stays. If we don't, our country will collapse.

So, build the wall, tighten security, and offer a 1-time Purple Card. That's fair. If people don't take the opportunity, then boot them. Easy peasy.
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July 23, 2017

Ok, listen up grammar Nazis. There is no rule book on the English language no matter how much you want to make one. It is an amalgamation of bits and pieces made up over the years. A century ago the word 'Radar' did not exist, now it is used wildly.

The entire English language is made up, and it continues to alter and change...for the better mostly, as new things require new words. It is also changing for the worse as pirates change existing words, such as 'gay'. Watch a movie from 50 years ago and they use the word all the time, but it doesn't mean anything sexual. The word has been pirated.

Am I pirating words? Am I ignornant of spelling? No to both. Here's an explanation of one complaint I hear far too much from multiple people. Some who literally harp on it. (thinking of a certain top review on Amazon Australia)

What is the difference between Capitol and Capital? Here's a quote from the internet talking about it...

"Both capital and capitol are derived from the Latin root caput, meaning “head.” Capital evolved from the words capitālis, “of the head,” and capitāle, “wealth.” Capitol comes from Capitōlium, the name of a temple (dedicated to Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus) that once sat on the smallest of Rome’s seven hills, Capitoline Hill."

So 'Capital' basically means the seat of wealth. Applied to a city, that's the most important city. Applied to a bank account, it's the money pot you use to finance a project, etc. When it comes to ships, the 'Capital ships' are the most important the most valuable ones.

'Capitol' is the temple, or revered spot. It does not refer to money, so if any one ever spells money capital with an 'O' then that is a spelling error. Current fad has the seat of a legislature being the 'law temple' and therefore spelled with an 'O'.

Star Force got rid of politicians, got rid of democracy, so there are no legislatures(about time, right?). So what is the 'temple' then? It's the place of leadership, hence the head of a planet, system, or empire.

If you wanted to say which planet was the industrial capital, then you spell it with an 'A' because you're talking about head/wealth, not head/leadership.

So there. It's Capitol with an 'O' for the seat of government/control and it's staying that way.
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June 27, 2017

Communication is not what you think. You learn to speak when very young and do not remember much of the process, but it is built on associating sounds to common frames of reference.

Water is an example. You saw the liquid at some point, another person made the same sound over and over, seeming to refer to it, so you learned the word 'Water'. You did this by analyzing the connection, and in doing so established a common vocabulary. What water means to you might be different, for some might like water, others not, but the physical substance is the key to the communication, for it is fixed.

TRUTH is fixed, fiction is not. If you are trying to bridge the gap between someone different from you, you cannot establish a common language with lies. Whether it be someone who speaks another language, no language at all, or is from a different culture, etc, you don't communicate by taking what you know and forcing it on them. You reach out by acknowledging the TRUTH of the universe, which they also live in, and use that as a bridge to establish communication.

Math is an example. 2+2=4. You don't have to speak the same language as someone else to figure that out. Fire is hot. Ice is cold. Thorns are pokey. There are lots of pieces of TRUTH that people come across in their lives, and those commonly realized TRUTHS are the basis for communication.

But beliefs, religions, philosophies, and other forms of lying work the opposite. It undercuts the basic fundamentals of communication, forcing people into separate camps, creating tribalism and feudalism, where one seeks to dominate and destroy the other.
If you think something is true, fine, you should be looking for the truth. But if you declare something to be true and won't even look at the possibility that you could be wrong, then you're not really interested in TRUTH. You're pushing a lie. That lie might accidentally be true, in some cases, but the TRUTH welcomes checking and double checking. Lies fear verification and try to avoid them, so if your beliefs tell you not to think, just believe, you're probably ensnared in some sort of lie, or partial lie.

So if you're looking to try and bridge the gap with another person, another culture, another language-speaking group, don't focus on your differences, focus on what you can both confirm through personal experience.

This is why sports often bridge a gap, or a camping trip, or anything that a person learns from experience rather than dogma. If you can find common ground you can begin to establish a common language...and from there you can begin communicating.

Without a common 'vocabulary' of TRUTH, you're just going to be shouting at each other and accomplishing nothing. And if you're not willing to self-analyze to see whether or not you might be wrong about something, then you're at least half the problem blocking communication.

The TRUTH encourages verification. Lies avoid it like the plague. So if you want to build bridges, seek out the TRUTH. There is only one, and we all live in it, even the deluded ones who deny it.

TRUTH is the common language. Start there and build onwards...
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May 15, 2017

In a world with so many different people, different beliefs, different cultures, different stupid ideas, how are you supposed to get along? Should you get along? What about truth? Does truth matter at all or should we focus on being nice to people?

Truth always matters, but you don't have to shove it down someone else's throat. That's where BREATHING ROOM comes in, and that's my basic way of saying that everyone needs some BREATHING ROOM to live, work, and make their own mistakes.
If you tell everyone exactly what to do and control every aspect of their lives, they can't learn from mistakes they aren't allowed to make. So while you don't let people do whatever the hell they want...such as jumping off a cliff...on the smaller stuff they're probably going to survive, don't try to stop them. Let them make the mistake and learn from it, or at least have the chance to learn from it.

That doesn't mean you remain silent. You can give them a heads up that they're doing something stupid or wrong, Nowadays people want to PANDER and tell someone who is obviously doing something amiss that they're perfectly fine, no problems keep, just keep doing your thing and we'll throw everyone in jail who disagrees with you.

PANDERING is in effect lying in order to make someone feel better or to avoid any negativity. PANDERING is incompatible with the truth, which is why PANDERING is a bad thing and should never be used...aside from in sarcasm. It works well in sarcasm as long as the individual in question is intelligent enough to catch on.

So if someone that you're not personally responsible for is doing something stupid or wrong, let it go or give them a heads up. Feel free to tell them the truth, but after that give them some BREATHING ROOM. Maybe they'll listen, maybe they won't. Maybe they'll remember your words after it blows up in your face. Just remember that it's not your job to make sure other people be smart. You're responsible for your life, your actions, your mistakes. So feel free to give a friendly heads up to the people around you, but just leave it at that so long as no one other than the person being stupid is in danger of getting hurt.

I'll throw out an example. Cutters.

Cutters are people who stupidly think taking a blade to their wrists and making a small cut will relieve their tension. They get upset, fuming so much they think their head will blow up, then run to somewhere out of view, pop out the razor blade, and slice themselves as if the bleeding is going to relieve pressure on their head.

This is stupid, but to them they think it works. If you tell them that, they might get very angry, might even stop being friends with you, or cuss you out. Some people would say that's a good reason not to say anything about it, or worse, to PANDER to them and tell them that their cutting is just fine.

My advice is to either not say anything and let them go on being stupid, or let them know they're being stupid and you know it...but after that just let it go as long as they're not doing it right in front of your face.

Why? Because they're not hurting anyone else besides themselves. If they learn from their mistake, good. If not, then it's on them. They're punishing themselves, and that's usually the case with most disorders. They punish themselves, so don't feel that you need to punish them.

Just ignore them or say something, don't try to force them to change. It's their life and they're entitled to make their own mistakes. You don't have to help them, or accept them, or keep quiet about it, but respect them enough to not try to change them. Give them some BREATHING ROOM to be stupid. Some will grow out of it, some won't. Some will listen to you (even when they're cussing you out) some won't.

At the end of the day, it's their life and if they want to screw it up then they're just hurting themselves. If they're doing something that hurts others (and I'm not talking feelings here) then that's an altogether different situation.

Cutters only hurt themselves. Alcoholics could go either way. Same for druggies. Smokers affect everyone, because you're breathing in their smoke, even if its just a little, so don't tolerate that around you.

As for gays, that IS a dysfunction even though there's an almost Nazi-like movement going on to silence anyone who suggests otherwise. But like cutters, it only affects that person, not others. So feel free to tell the gays they have problems, but leave it there. If they don't want to change, that's their choice. Maybe they're learn, maybe they won't, but they're people and they deserve some BREATHING ROOM to live their lives, whether it be stupidly or wisely.

Same goes for religions. If they're not hurting people, leave them be. Discuss, bicker, warn, but don't make it personal. Give a friendly heads up if you think they're wrong about something, but then give them the BREATHING ROOM to live their lives.

BREATHING ROOM isn't about staying quiet or making sure people's feelings don't get hurt. It's about a basic level of respect and acknowledging that each person is sovereign...meaning neither the government nor society owns them. They can chart their own course. It may be a stupid one, but it's theirs to chart.

So feel free to talk and warn, but do not try to shut down or destroy. Give people BREATHING ROOM to live and make mistakes so long as it only hurts them and not others. Because who knows, maybe they're actually right and you're wrong. Or maybe they're partly right and you're not seeing it because you're blasting away with feuding hate where you pick an US and THEM and don't let yourself see anything else.

The wise man is not always speaking. The wise man is not always silent. The wise man is always thinking, and sometimes you need to shut up and listen in order to learn. If you're always blasting away, you're not listening.

And the wise man knows that, with some things, you can only save yourself. Others can't do it for you. So the wise man warns, then walks on, having done his neighbor a service even if the neighbor doesn't recognize it as such.

And the wise man knows that the majority of his time needs to be focused on his own life, fixing his own problems, and charting his own course. Often those obsessed with everyone else are a wreck themselves, which they're ignoring for the sake of the 'cause.'

So do not be tricked into silence or PANDERING, but do give people BREATHING ROOM to live their lives as they wish, stupid or otherwise, because it's their life and their responsibility.

Now quit worrying about them and work on yourself. There's an old saying that 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.' So if you see that horse, point him towards the water then walk on. If he goes there or not is his business. You lent a helping hand, even if he walks the other way, so let it go at that.

And realize that there will always be stupid people, and if you make it your mission to 'fix' all of them you'll never succeed. So let it go at a warning then move on, if for nothing other than the simple courtesy of giving them BREATHING ROOM and not treating them like a little child.

And when you're giving them BREATHING ROOM, keep an ear open. You might, on occasion, learn something FROM THEM. Like a dead clock being right twice a day, occasionally an idiot can stumble onto a piece of truth purely by accident.

So let them breathe, you breathe, you listen, then move on. Their life isn't yours to run, yours is, and you've got plenty to do keeping yourself on course. So put your major effort there and quit bitching about others.

Warn, don't bitch, and then just...move along.
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May 8, 2016

Are having separate bathrooms for black and whites the same as for males and females?

Just heard this question asked by a stupid Fox News anchor, so I thought I'd lay out the truth for those who hadn't thought it through. The answer is 'no' for many reasons.

First off, blacks and whites aren't least no more than blondes, brunettes, and red heads. Your race is Human, and your skin color varies with the time of year. Some people during the winter will be classified as 'white' and then during the summer classified as 'black' when they tan up, so black and white are descriptions, not types of people.

Males and females ARE REAL, not a point of view, opinion, or choice. It's biology. Guys have a dick and balls, girls have a vagina. Now you can have cross-dressers that pretend (sometimes very convincingly) to be the opposite gender, but they never are. You can't change a male into a female or vice versa. The medical technology to do that doesn't exist. You can have cosmetic surgeries to help you fake it, but you can't change it.

If you could medically change it would require growing new body parts. That means if sex change technology exists there won't be any more amputees in society because we'll also be able to regrow their lost arms and legs. So until amputees start disappearing, there's no such thing as sex change technology.

So, males and females are real, but why can't we all use the same restroom?

We can if it's a single restroom like you might have in your house, but if it's a GROUP restroom that's where there is an issue.

If I go out into a public park, unzip my fly and take a leak on a tree, I could be charged with INDECENT EXPOSURE. That's a crime, because you're not supposed to be naked or 'exposed' in public.

But what about public restrooms?

People say the big issue is about guys going into women's restrooms...but it's not. Women's restrooms have stalls so you've at least got a door between you. Now, people can peek under or over the door (or just open it) and that's a big issue, but it's men's restrooms where we have to expose ourselves to everyone else.

It's called a Urinal, and men disrobe in order to use it. We're exposed in a public place, but that's allowed because it's a restroom.

If I got hit by a swarm of bees, I could run to the restroom and take all my clothes off in order to shake them out and get the bees out and it wouldn't be a crime because you are ALLOWED TO DISROBE in a restroom, just not in public.

That's why restrooms are segregated. If you have a public area where disrobing is allowed, it needs to be a DESEXUALIZED area, and that happens by separating males and females.

Men to go the men's room, women go to the women's room. That way when people disrobe they aren't commiting indecent exposure because the other sex isn't there to see them.

So if a women who identifies as a man goes into the men's restroom and is standing at the mirror checking herself out, she can stare down the line of urinals and see all the men's dicks.

That's a sexualized environment because she is a girl. It doesn't matter how deluded she is, her biology is female.

Guys deserve the privacy of not having to expose their dicks to female observation when we are peeing, and if it's a women who gets the bee swarm she deserves the privacy to run to the women's room and take her clothes off without a guy watching her.

Same thing goes for locker rooms and showers. People are disrobing, therefore it has to be a desexualized environment by keeping the genders separate.

Now, some people are going to ask about gays. Isn't that a sexual environment?

No. Sexuality is biological. People can pretend otherwise, but Humans are not built homosexual. We are heterosexual. Now, having gays in the same restroom locker room can be a problem if they don't behave themselves, but a dick is a dick and a vagina a vagina. Opposites attract, likes repel. Separate them and no biological attraction occurs.

And that's how and why you segregate restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.
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April 22, 2016

Ok, first off. There ARE people out there who are transgendered, but they are NOT guys pretending to be girls or girls pretending to be guys. They are NOT people who have surgery or chemical alterations to make them look more like the opposite gender. They are NOT cross dressers or otherwise dysfunctional.

Real transgendered people are those who were BORN with two sets of reproductive organs.

Why does that happen? A glitch in the developmental process. Are they male with female parts or female with male parts? Hard to say, hence the term 'transgendered.' These people are Human same as you, but because they aren't solidly stuck in one gender or another they can have a very hard time fitting in with society.

These people are the REAL transgenders, and whenever you hear about Bruce Jenner becoming Cait and that's what a transgender is, you're basically spitting in the eye of the real transgenders.

The whole current social push for bathroom privileges with what you 'identify' as is VERY disrespectful to the real transgenders...who have been completely forgotten and erased from memory, for when you talk about them all the people 'choosing' to be another gender suddenly are shown up for what they are.

Liars, cons, deceivers.

They have to get rid of the real transgenders in order to hijack their cause, and doing that is the real discrimination. The real intolerance. The real crime here.

Transgenders are real, but they're not people choosing to pretend to be the opposite gender. They're people born with a glitch that causes them to have both sets of reproductive organs.

So the next time someone talks about transgenders, remind them of the truth. Gender is biological and not a choice. Transgenders are those that are BIOLOGICALLY both, and surgery and crossdressing can never amount to that.
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March 5, 2016

As long as I'm in rant mode I figured I'd go a little deeper and explain something that people are completely missing concerning the LGBT community.

Anyone who is against it is called a homophobe or worse, attacked socially or financially...some people are actually fired for having a differing opinion and it's become a situation where people that do not agree with the LGBT community are being intimidated and forced to at least shut up, if not endorse the organization and what it stands for.

People who do not embrace such fascist practices take a different approach, and it's those people and their argument that I want to address. The fascists you just have to ignore, they can't be reasoned with, but for everyone who thinks gays are being discriminated against and that there needs to be compassion in society...I want you to consider this.

In some states it is now illegal for a psychiatrist to treat someone in order to help them stop being gay. It's actually ILLEGAL, meaning the psychiatrist could lose their license if they do so.

So why is the law discriminating against gays who don't want to be gay? Why can't they get help?

Because the LGBT community says that being gay is a 'natural' thing. It's a good thing. It's a normal thing. They say there's nothing wrong with being gay, and people that say there is are wrong, mean, bigoted etc and they have no compassion for others that aren't like them.

So where then is the compassion from the LGBT community for the gays that don't want to be gay???

Those gays say there's something wrong with THEM. Not someone else, they say it about their own life. Is the LGBT community going to tell them how to live their lives? Are they going to tell them what to believe? Are they going to do to them everything the LGBT community say society has been guilty of committing against gays?

So what about the minority within the minority? Do they have rights? How about the right to psychiatric help? How about the right to have THEIR voices heard. How about support for THEIR struggle.

But you never hear that in the news or on facebook or twitter or anywhere. Because if there are gays that don't want to be gay because they feel there is something wrong with themselves, it TOTALLY DISCREDITS the LGBT community's assertion that being gay is natural and not a dysfunction.

So when you have gays saying that they personally have a dysfunction and they don't know what to do about it, where's the compassion for them?


The LGBT community either denies these people exist or bullies them into silence. They discriminate and persecute the 'traitors' to their cause. They don't treat them with respect as Human beings. They don't have compassion for them. They treat them as enemies.

The LGBT community denies and attacks them...the straight community will not support them because they are these people have nowhere to go. No one to turn to. So they either pretend they're gay and like it, suffering inside, or they pretend they're straight and try to bury the problem away, ignoring it rather than facing it all the while hating themselves...for they know if they talk about it they're going to get blasted from both sides, and that's a fight they can't win.

I care about EVERYONE, not just a particular faction, EVERYONE. And if someone wants to improve themselves, I'm not going to turn them away no matter what their situation is or where they come from.

The LGBT community is not about compassion. They are a cancer on society that is trying to consume it piece by piece with the objective of destroying it rather than reforming it. You don't end bigotry by pushing labels and groups, you end bigotry by REMOVING labels and including everyone in a single group...


Just refer to people as people and you end a lot of problems before they start, because you don't identify them as someone else...they're a brother or sister. That's how unity is achieved.

Division is born out of groups and diversity.


If someone who is reading this is part of the minority within a minority, then the following paragraphs are for you:

First off, stop hating yourself. You have a malfunction...that's all. It doesn't make you evil, and while it can be gross and nasty it doesn't make you a bad person. The thoughts going through your head don't either, so stop being your own enemy. You have enough of those in society already.

If you want to change and can't, then take a deep breath and start by acknowledging that it is a problem and that all problems CAN be solved...but you don't have to solve this before you start living your life. People have all kinds of problems, and you fix them along the road of life. You don't sit in the side ditch until everything is 100%. If you think that way you'll never get anywhere.

So from now on, look forward and minimize this problem. Treat it as a habit. You get rid of a habit by not acting on it. If you were an alcoholic, you start fixing the problem by not drinking, so for whatever messed up thoughts are going through your head...don't act on them. That's step 1.

Step 2 isn't stopping those thoughts, it's realizing that they aren't important. A nuisance perhaps, but sexuality is not a major piece of a person's life. Teens think so because it's new to them, but ask someone who's been married for 30 years and it's not important at all. It's a tiny, optional part of life like many other things. So just choose to shut it off.

Step 3. How do you shut it off? Be single, see through the illusion of sexuality and realize you don't need it. And if you don't need it, the malfunction isn't that big of a deal. It's like if your Spanish language skills sucked. That's bad if you live in Spain or Mexico, but if you live in Indiana it doesn't matter because you speak English. You can obsess about learning Spanish, but at the end of the day it's just...meh. Time is better spent on the things that matter, and if you don't need to speak Spanish, then fixing your Spanish skills doesn't matter.

So if you decide that sex and romance aren't something you need, suddenly the malfunction you have isn't important. It stops consuming your life and dragging you down and starts becoming a little annoyance that you tuck away in to a corner of your mind where those thoughts keep bouncing on a trampoline inside their assigned space, but they don't go outside it and the rest of your life squares itself.

Step 4 Just let those thoughts play and don't pay attention to them. Worst case scenario they will always be there in the background, but if you don't treat them as important they can't choke the life out of you. Eventually they just become irrelevant.

But often your body and mind will fix things that are wrong automatically if you give them time. If you choose to act on those thoughts then you're basically telling your mind you need to keep them. If you want them to go away, ignore them like the pesky uncle that is always going into his glorified high school football career. You're sitting next to him on the couch and he keeps talking, but you don't listen. He never shuts up, but after a while you get to the point where you can just tune it out and he can go through his entire Sophomore year without you remembering a word he said.

The biggest thing when you have a problem is realizing that you have it. The second thing is not hating yourself for having it. It doesn't make you bad, it makes you malfunctioning. That's all. Don't let yourself play it up beyond that, and learn to ignore other people if they try to play it up.

Also remember, that you are a HETEROSEXUAL no matter what is going through your head. Every Human is. Some pretend otherwise, but biologically speaking reproduction only works one way. And that's heterosexually.

People who say it's for other stuff are wrong. Sexuality exists as the carrot on the stick to get you to reproduce, and most people fall for it without even thinking about it, but when you scientifically analyze it, there is no such thing as a Homosexual Human.

So you, the gay who doesn't want to be gay, you're not homosexual. You're a malfunctioning heterosexual. Everyone is heterosexual.

Remember that and your mind will start to settle down on its own, for most of the conflict isn't the malfunction. It's the misunderstand you have about what is wrong with you. Take away that misunderstanding and the problem isn't nearly as big or impossible as it seems.
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When George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney it was because he didn't have the time to carry on the franchise himself, so he figured it was better to have someone else do it rather than just stop it. He knew giving it to corporate 'white slavers,' as he put it, was a bad idea, but he was ready to move on and pursue other things...and he's totally earned that. People want more Star Wars, so I don't blame him for passing the torch.

I blame Disney, because it was said they would take 'good care' of the franchise and, after all, all the people at Lucasfilm would still be doing the work, so it would be his team and Disney would just be racking in the profits. Good deal, right?

It was said, time and again, that Disney would take care of the franchise because it was a cash cow. That they would maintain its integrity in order to make money...but episode 7 was a fan service disaster that made 2 billion off of nostalgia. Episode 8 won't come even close to those numbers now that people have had a taste of Disney Star Wars. It was a very dumb move, hurting the franchise like that, but Mark Hamill's most recent comment that Luke could be gay makes it clear that Disney has no interest in preserving Star Wars.

They are taking their PROPERTY and, rather than building it up into something even greater, are treating it like a big fat sponge and squeezing all the money and influence out of it that they can. By the time they get through destroying the franchise they will have made their money back and then some...but they don't really care about Star Wars. To them it's an expendable product, not a cultural icon that should be respected and protected.

And it's not just about money, but using the cultural behemoth that Star Wars is to push Disney's social agendas, one of which is the promotion of the LGBT community. It's not about inclusion or tolerance or's about forcing people to believe one thing and crushing all those who do not.

If Disney had created a new character that was gay, that would still be forcing politics into Star Wars, but by trying to retcon an established character...arguably THE CHARACTER from Star Wars into a gay is crossing a huge line.

Disney is not a Star Wars fan. They are a corporate entity who bought Star Wars to use for whatever purpose they wish. They own the character of Luke Skywalker, legally, and they will do with him whatever they want. It'll kill the franchise, but they don't care. They're still going to make their investment back and then some, so from their perverted point of view they're a success...all the while destroying the biggest cash cow in existence.

From a business perspective that is essentially treason. If you have something that is popular, you keep it popular and keep making money off it for all eternity. You don't kill it to try and push an agenda. That's BAD BUSINESS on top of being a betrayal of the all the fans who actually believed them when they said they would take GOOD CARE of the Star Wars franchise.

But what they don't understand is that Star Wars is bigger than corporations. They don't 'own' Luke Skywalker. His character is set, and whatever they make of him going forward doesn't count. Doesn't matter if they legally own the character or not, they can't touch the real Luke. And the Clone Luke they're propping up now...well, Luke's WIFE will take care of him like before.

For all the Star Wars fans out there, myself included, this is crossing a line. Disney is now the enemy of Star Wars, the real Star Wars, and their fake continuation isn't going to stand. Mark my words, it's going to burn. Disney may not care as long as they make their money back and gain some traction in their social agenda war, but they're picking a fight here they won't win.

Disney just became the Empire that overthrew the Old Republic (Lucas franchise) and the loyal fans just became the Rebellion.
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December 23, 2015

I could go on a lengthy rant about how Disney has totally screwed up Star Wars, but instead I thought I'd point out what it should have been with a short treatment. You know, the kind of pre-script that movies start with and what JJ Abrams needed extra time to write that pushed the movie back 6 months(and it still sucked).

So, here goes....


Opening Crawl:

It is 700 years after the death of Darth Vader. The Jedi Order has been reestablished and the remnants of the Empire finally defeated with a number of powerful alliances rising in its place. The galaxy has been divided, but at peace for a long golden age.

Underneath the tranquility the darkside is beginning to stir. The Sith are long gone, but evil persists in many forms. Fearful, they hide in the shadows trying to undermine the stability of the galaxy and continually fail. Under the guidance of Luke Skywalker the Jedi Order is too wise and powerful to be countered, so alternative means are sought to bring about their downfall.

A silent war has begun, but not against the great alliances or the Jedi...but against the force sensitives of the galaxy. They are quietly going missing and younglings strong with the Force are becoming harder and harder for the Jedi Order to find...

Opening scene:

Cargo ship in orbit of planet deploying crude shuttle that flies down to unremarkable city.
Lands and three mercenary-dressed individuals walk down ramp pulling casket-like container at night, going inside industrial complex and through a series of maze-like corridors to secret area.

They report to a well dressed individual who inspects the cargo and finds the unconscious, yet living force sensitive youngling. One of the retrievers complains about the uselessness of these missions and finds himself suddenly thrown back against a wall by the Force and held there as he gets lectured by the section leader of their darkside cult.

He speaks of them having to find and destroy a particular individual that is a threat to everything darkside, and that those force sensitives that cannot be recruited must be destroyed, not only to weaken the current Jedi Order, but to find and destroy the one that a powerful darkside prophet has foreseen coming.

The subordinate complains that the current Jedi Order is the threat they should be worried about and manages to use his own limited force powers to extricate himself from the leader's grip and stands him off. The leader doesn't respond violently, but passionately speaks of the veracity of the prophecy and that they only have a short window of opportunity to find the one that will wield the white blade. If they can do that the approaching darkness will arrive unhindered and the galaxy will fall. If not, the white blade could lead the galaxy to destroy the heralds(them) and endanger even the masters, which are only whispered to come in future days.

Scene change: Jedi Temple(one of them)

Luke is introduced and the discussion of the lack of younglings is mixed with reports of rumored adult force sensitives being killed or going missing. A move against the Jedi Order is suspected via attrition rather than attack, and Luke reminds the Jedi that their focus should be on attaining 'self-sufficiency,' a lightside power that only Luke has mastered and which has allowed him to survive 700 years(and which he suspects Yoda somehow tapped into as well).

Luke gives his own lecture, and through it a number of lengthy flashbacks concerning the Jedi and what happened with Han, Leia, their children, etc are fleshed out. This mix of current events and past continues on through the first half of the movie, including full scenes from the past that give the original characters a good amount of screen time while the hunt to discover the source of this plot continues.

With the Jedi unable to find most of the younglings in time, they do catch on to the presence of a pair of siblings that run a very profitable corporation building and selling ships. Their force sensitivity has been brought to light, and it is suspected by Luke that they might become targets, thus he sends a Jedi-led team to surveil and watch over them, hoping to catch the 'phantom menance'(pun, I know) that so far lurks unseen.

When the move against them is made, it comes from blaster wielding force users, moderately strong in the darkside but mostly ignorant as to the ways of the force. They have no knowledge of the Jedi arts but their few skills are very effective against non-Jedi and they infiltrate a business meeting at the heart of the siblings' facility with the intent on assassinating them and making it look like a corporate hit.

The Jedi team move to stop them and succeed, but one of the business associates there attracts the attention of the senior Jedi. In the aftermath the Jedi team explains to the siblings the danger they are in and insist that they be taken into protective custody, fearing another attack shortly.

The lead Jedi, during this time, subtly confronts the stranger who he has a strange feeling about. They talk and banter back and forth, eventually leaving the group to go back to the businessman's ship while the siblings and the rest of their new protective team head elsewhere.

When the Jedi finally lets the businessman go on his way, a few seconds pass before the Jedi is ambushed by remnants of the assassins as they take advantage of an opportunity to kill a Jedi caught alone. Using terrain and guile, they get the drop on him and wound him using tri-barrel blasters that fire three bolts at one in triangle formation, meaning that at best the Jedi can only block two, allowing the third to get through and kill him.

The Jedi dodges and evades most of it, proving a very hard target to kill, but with some force powers thrown in the assassins, while losing several of their own, manage to wound him, slowing his movements and making his soon to be death inevitable.

But it wasn't to be, for the businessman suddenly jumps into the fight displaying that he also is force sensitive. He uses a blaster and telekinesis mostly and helps to chase off the few remaining marking himself as a new target.

Questions abound, but the businessman is evasive. Talking goes nowhere and the wounded Jedi relents after he is helped to a med center. The business man leaves and the Jedi reports back to Luke who says he will investigate this man himself and that the Jedi should stick with the siblings and be on guard, for Luke has never heard of this blaster variant or this group of Force users as is deeply concerned.

With Jedi now being the target as well, they are all instructed to operate in pairs at the minimum and never go out alone as they hunt for these illusive enemies.

Two more attacks are attempted against the siblings and are thwarted as they travel across the galaxy to get to the safety of a Jedi Temple, whereupon the assassins will not go. Meanwhile Luke searches for this businessman, finding he gets around a lot. He follows his trail and catches up to him on a waterworld, sensing a disturbance in the Force that leads him into another ambush, not of Luke, but the businessman.

But the ambush, while being large in number and very craftily arranged, fails miserably. Before Luke can intervene the businessman defends himself and is pushed to the point of abandoning his blaster and brandishing a lightsaber of his own to cut through a door.

When the assassins see the white blade, they go into a frenzy of suicidal attack while a few slip away to report that they've finally found him.

With the tri-blasters and the confines of the ambush area giving this rogue Jedi all he can handle but looking like he could defeat them given enough time, Luke decides to cut it short and intervenes, wrecking the plans of the assassins and killing all that remained, his green blade fighting alongside the white.

A polite confrontation follows with Luke wanting answers and the unbelievable story of the white blade's existence being revealed. His master was a Jedi of the old Republic, long since dead, who foresaw his birth and created a training facility specifically for him. He was discovered where he was supposed to be and taken into the custody of some friendly monk-like aliens that the Jedi trusted.

Then the white blade trained in secret using holocrons and automated training equipment created for him. His master told him that a great threat was coming in the future and that he was the only hope to counter it, not defeat it, but just be able to fight it. Without him the Jedi Order and the galaxy would surely fall, so he had to train long and hard in secret until the time was right.

The time wasn't yet, but Luke had found him out early and the two continue to talk as they leave the ambush site and Luke goes with the white blade off planet, insistent to get more answers.

The white blade reluctantly agrees to having Luke hitchhike and learn more about him as he goes about his business...which turns out to be militaristic in nature. He has been growing an army in secret, not force sensitive one, but conventional forces in preparation for this future threat.

Along the way they are not ambushed, but full out attacked in broad daylight by an army of darkside users. Now that they've located the white blade, they must throw everything against him and kill him now before he can develop further.

Luke and the whiteblade, cut off from the rest of the Jedi Order, run from planet to planet with a not so small fleet of enemy ships pursuing them and seeming to be waiting in ambush wherever they go.

With their options limited, they must travel into primitive areas and away from the Jedi temples or advanced and heavily defended worlds in the major alliances. The enemy is herding them away from any help they might have summoned and Luke knows it.

They know they have to fight and look at the available lists of planets they can get to. Not much there, but with a sense of great importance Luke sees Dagobah on the list. It is uninhabited, familiar to him, and a good place to hide a ship and make a stand.

They head there and a huge battle on the ground ensues, with you seeing just how powerful Luke is and the surprising skill and oddities in this rogue white blade.

Eventually fleets of Jedi-led warships from multiple alliances arrive and rescue them. The realization of what has happened sinks in and the threat of the 'phantom menance' and its true scope weighs heavily on everyone. How could this have arisen right under their noses? And how many more of them are there?

Another flashback occurs with a discussion Leia and Luke had with the Force ghosts back in the day that transitions into Yoda appearing in the present with Luke, the white blade, and a handful of other Jedi present on Dagobah.

Upon conversation Yoda realized he knows who the white blade's master was, and says that he was a radical Jedi that left the Order because he believed it was corrupted and that he was pure lightside, hence the white blade.

The white blade rogue argues with Yoda now in a discussion that eventually leads to the threat that is coming...and that fact that it isn't this band of dark side newbs.

Then Anakin appears and sides with the white blade, telling Luke that he needs to hear this other point of view, differing with Yoda.

The white blade agrees to take Luke to his secret training facility and show him the 'true' way of the Jedi. The lightside that the Order never truly embraced, tricked by the darkside into holding back.

Anakin and Yoda politely spar a bit over how his own training was handled, but eventually Luke leaves with the white blade after giving orders to the rest of the Jedi present to pursue all leads on this darkside cult and to continue looking for force sensitives to protect before they can be made to disappear.

The movie ends with them jumping into hyperspace onboard the white blade's ship and beginning a quest for knowledge to unravel both the history of the Jedi Order and the future threat lurking on the horizon.
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