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Having been born and raised in vibrant Trinidad is one claim to fame of which Camille U. Adams is quite proud. Another is having attained both a B.A. and MFA in Creative Writing upon moving to New York.

Aside from her love of writing, dancing, organic gardening, nature walks, jewellery, aesthetic design and all forms of artistic expression, Camille enjoys hearing from those who've read her work :-)

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Escaping Ulric

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In the Belly of the Earth

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Unveiling the Orisas

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Black Boy
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Breath, Eyes, Memory
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Mothers Who Can't...
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Deliverance by Jane   Henry
Deliverance (NYC Doms #1)
by Jane Henry (Goodreads Author)
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Black Boy by Richard Wright
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The Austen Playbook by Lucy  Parker
"This is fourth in a series, but they are barely related at all so reading out of order works just fine, I think. Probably.

I fell for Freddy and Griff hard. I love it when the main couple are just so right for each other and when each needs somethi..." Read more of this review »
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The Austen Playbook by Lucy  Parker
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Mmmm :-)

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No Telephone to Heaven by Michelle Cliff
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Abeng by Michelle Cliff
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Hmmmm...there’s a lot in here. That’s all for now.
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Alex by T.C. Clark
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Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat
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The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel A. van der Kolk
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This book wasn’t what I thought it’d be about exactly, but it was quite informative and very helpful in several regards.

An important read.
Camille Adams and 24 other people liked Navessa's review of Not So Nice Guy:
Not So Nice Guy by R.S. Grey
Ugh. This started so well. It was hilarious. Like, ugly-laugh-out-loud-funny. But then things progressed too quickly between the two characters, the humor disappeared, and this turned into some 1950s style sappy romance. All in all, the second hal..." Read more of this review »
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Heather Dixon Wallwork
“Mr. Bradford," she said. "I'm not going to propose to you."

The twinkle in Mr. Bradford's eyes faded. So did his smile. He managed to keep it on his face. It looked painful.

"Oh," he said.

"Mr. Bradford?"


"Would you mind it so very much proposed to me?"

The light in Mr. Bradford's eyes jumped to life. He beamed so largely it almost wasn't crooked.

"If you want.”
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“What about you, how are you going to set about finding your alpha mate?"

"He'll find me."

"I don't think alpha men just happen along these days, Dee-Dee. You ave to look for them in the right places."

"If by right places you mean fetish clubs then I'm not interested...I don't want some bonehead with a boner and a whip. I want a natural dominant...who knows when to draw the line, and who knows how to take care of me in every sense.”
Fabian Black, Spanking Dee-Dee
tags: yup

Lloyd Alexander
“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
Lloyd Alexander

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“Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.”
Glen Cook, Sweet Silver Blues

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message 82: by Mon

Mon Maryum Thank you for accepting :D I am looking forward to our future reads too :3 Love, Mon <3

Rhema PHILIP Yeah we do :). Thank you for accepting!

Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ Thanks for accepting the friend request dear!

Emma Sea when you start to think about the systemic problems, it's so huge you just... stop thinking. And focus on just getting through day to day instead.

if you ever want to vent, just PM me. No judgement. I have so been there.

Emma Sea yeah, I hear you. I don't know if anyone has job security any more, either. My contract here finishes up in four months, and I'll have to find something new before then. No idea what I'm going to do.

Emma Sea god damn those mean girls. I hate them. I hate the toxic working environment. I hate feeling like I'm never good enough. I don't know if you're like me, but I internalize all that. If people treat me like I'm a worm, I believe it.

Emma Sea also, the students, god - I gave up one afternoon for a kid who was failing everything, to work with him to show him how to do an assignment. Basics, from the beginning: this is how we're going to do each task in order kind of basics. He turned up an hour late, no apology, with his girlfriend in tow, and having done none of the prep I'd asked him to do. And it's because he just has none of the cultural capital surrounding ideas of timekeeping, or persistence, or what is appropriate in different occasions and what isn't. How do you teach that? You can't!

Also, I was growing increasingly uneasy about the debts students were taking on to complete degrees, when there is little likelihood of a well-paying job for many of them. I felt like I wasn't necessarily steering them toward the best path for their life.

Emma Sea The students are lovely but I am beyond drained. They're emotionally needy and there is so much multi-faceted deprivation that contributes to their academic issues that I feel like too much is asked of me. That, plus every single issue you listed, makes this so tiresome I'm coming home and retreating to my bed every evening. The politics, jeez, the politics. That, plus no down time as you stated is too much. I am extremely introverted and, after performing in the class all day, being required to stay 'on' for colleagues is wearying.

OMG THIS!!!! so much this!!
god, it's so hard.
look, the year after I stopped teaching I wrote my first book. People say, "how do you find the time?" but seriously, are you kidding? Writing a book while working full time is SO MUCH EASIER than teaching.
If you can get out, I bet you won't regret it.

message 74: by Emma Sea (last edited Mar 30, 2016 05:03PM)

Emma Sea warning, long answer.

yes, I have taught college remedial classes, kinda. I taught for a few (3?) years on a programme we ran for students who wanted to attend university but who didn't have the academic grades. I taught them writing, and research skills, and independent study habits, and generally how to transition from high school (or having dropped out of high school) to university.

I hugely enjoyed the teaching. And the kids. It was probably the most rewarding teaching of my career. Just last year (years after I taught her) one of them contacted me for a recommendation letter for our top art school (different university), and she got in!

So, yeah, I loved that. I loved all the students: undergrad, graduate, adults returning to learning - Love them all.

What I didn't like about teaching:

1) The pay. I was adjunct staff. This meant I got paid for in-class time, and 1 hour of prep time. I did not get paid for marking, or writing lectures, or helping kids with their essays over the weekend, or taking them to the library because they'd never been in one in their life. I worked way too hard for way little money. It was so upsetting when tenured staff decided to teach summer school (which was optional), their bonus salary for one class was equivalent to my entire income for the whole year.

2) the time committment. I was staying up till 2 or 3 in the morning at least a couple of nights a week to develop lesson plans and learning aids/games. And I had my normal workload on top; I spent every weekend writing lectures. Permanent staff can recycle lectures, but as an adjunct I was swapped out from classes every two years, because there was an employment court ruling here that if an adjunct taught the same schedule three years in a row they had to be considered permanent part-time staff. So at best I could use a lecture twice. I was always tired. I had no life, and no time for anything outside of work.

3) the meetings. God, the meetings. On Thursdays in my last year I taught 9-11 then 1-3. But every week, without fail, the program leader scheduled a meeting from 11-12 (so I wasn't paid for attending it, but it's compulsory), and then there was a HUGE amount of social pressure to eat lunch together, and continue the meeting/planning through it. I'm an introvert. I need down time. On Thursdays I used to just go home and go straight to bed. But there were always meetings, and always administration, and timetabling meetings, and curriculum development meetings, and none of it was paid. Even if it had been paid, it still feels like grinding down a granite wall with a plastic spoon.

4) The politics, and the gossip. I was entirely unprepared for the "mean girl" aura of university life. I didn't understand that people - colleagues! - would eagerly cut me down behind my back, because I was better qualified than they were, or because I'm not attractive, or just for fun. I didn't understand the passive-aggressiveness of not being included in emails, of being left of memo distribution lists. I thought, to begin with, these things were accidents. I had no idea this is the way of the university. Nothing in my study had ever prepared me for it. It wasn't the case in every department, but it was crushing, and I had no defense against it. Still don't.

5) the pressure. You have to research, and you have to publish. When I first wanted to teach at university, that's what I wanted to do: I wanted to teach. I didn't understand how rapidly the university landscape was changing, and the less teaching senior staff do. Being a successful academic = not teaching. Which was rather a crushing realization as I'd done a PhD so I could teach.

When I lost my job I took it very hard. I loved teaching. But now that I have been away from it for a while I can see that overall it wasn't the best thing for me, as a person. I never thought I'd be grateful to be laid off , but now I wish it had happened sooner.

If you have the option to try remedial teaching I would definitely recommend you go for it. But don't give it your everything, because you'll have nothing left for yourself. And the job will take and take and take as much as you pour into it. There will never be enough. You can never be perfect.

Paganalexandria Hi and thanks for the friend-vite.

Emma Sea excellent article linkaging! thank you!

GR awesome because Camille

message 70: by Tiara

Tiara Thank you for accepting my friend request! I look forward to seeing your dates and poking around on your bookshelves to get new reading ideas. :-)

message 69: by Trix

Trix Merry Christmas Camille! Wish you all the best and holidays spent with your loved ones! :)


Emma Sea Merry Xmas, Camille!

message 67: by Heller

Heller Oddly, no. I don't hate him. I think he's just a stupid kid doing stupid kid stuff. I cringe when I think back at some of the stupid kid stuff I did when I was his age. So I get it. I wonder how R&R will write Tom&Jake out of where they are now and I'm looking forward to it. I almost wished I saved it all for a straight read through now 'cause I need to know what happens.

message 66: by Heller

Heller Hi Camille,
Have you caught up on the Everest story? It's quite intense right now. I'm curious what you think of Phoenix.

message 65: by Heller

Heller It's good. I'm back to work full-time from holiday. I usually take a bit of time off during the summer. So I haven't been reading a whole lot. Getting back into that now as well. I have been catching up on Tom&Jake's story though. So different from Dale's but I'm really enjoying it. Jake's pretty hardcore. :D How're things with you?

message 64: by Heller

Heller Hey Camille, just thought I'd pop by and say hello. :)

Alejandro Thanks a lot to you, Camille, for accepting the friendvite ;)

Happy reading!

Rosa, really Thanks for accepting my friending Camille. I look forward to chatting more. :-))

SheReadsALot Christmas stories always seem to have the Santa peppermint coating. :P

message 60: by Camille

Camille Adams Lena♥Ribka wrote: "Congratulations, Camille! Paperwhite?

Thanks, and yup, a beautiful new Paperwhite I have named Silver :-D

LenaRibka Congratulations, Camille! Paperwhite?

message 58: by Camille

Camille Adams No, it certainly was not cheap! 0_o
I hope to soon though. Will let you know :-)

LenaRibka Camille wrote: "Lena♥Ribka wrote: "Thanks for the recc :-)
Glad to see you so enjoying a new read!
Immensely, Camille! Immensely! Do you have a new kindle?"
No :-(
I moved a week ago so I spent a lot on the mov..."

The moving is not a cheap amusement, I know. Hope you'll manage to buy your next kindle soon! ;))

message 56: by Camille

Camille Adams Lena♥Ribka wrote: "Thanks for the recc :-)
Glad to see you so enjoying a new read!

Immensely, Camille! Immensely! Do you have a new kindle?"

No :-(
I moved a week ago so I spent a lot on the move and my new apartment. I'm using the kindle app on my iPad for now.

I see you're blazing through the while series, though. That's fantastic! :-D

message 55: by LenaRibka (last edited Apr 16, 2014 02:02PM)

LenaRibka Thanks for the recc :-)
Glad to see you so enjoying a new read!

Immensely, Camille! Immensely! Do you have a new kindle?

LenaRibka Thanks for the recc :-)
Glad to see you so enjoying a new read!

Immensely, Camille! Immensely! Do you have your new kindle?

message 53: by Aimee ~is busy sleeping~ (last edited Mar 22, 2014 08:19PM)

Aimee ~is busy sleeping~ Thanks for the friend request :] I was just going to quietly stalk your reviews again hehe.

message 52: by Camille

Camille Adams Lena♥Ribka wrote: ";))

Awwwwww *blush* I looove minions so this is perfect :-D

I'm not as gif-ted (had to, lol) as you but right back at yuh :-)

LenaRibka ;))

Stephanie Thanks for accepting :)

message 49: by Trix

Trix Thanks for the invite. Can't wait to compare books and see what else we match... or not!

SheReadsALot Merry Christmas!

message 47: by Heller

Heller I loved it. I just can't get over how talented R&R are and the never ending well of stories there are to tell with them.

James is breaking my heart. The letters will continue to tug on my heartstrings. I love the beginning of the ranch and seeing Philip and David and Wade there is so great. I really hope we see Niall come visit.

message 46: by Heller

Heller Camille, that's so funny. I just finished reading it. :) I saw yesterday it was posted and downloaded it but just had the chance now to read it. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

message 45: by Ari

Ari Thanks for accepting my invite :)

message 44: by Heller

Heller Camille, I have seen them! I've been holding off a bit waiting for a few more chapters before I settle in but I adore Tom and Jake together so it's been hard to restrain myself. It's different reading about the dynamic between just the two of them involved in a DD, I'm so used to all the guys! Have you checked out the messageboard R&R set up?

message 43: by Heller

Heller I don't know about cool but some days are better than others. lol

message 42: by Heller

Heller I'm a chef so it was for a function I had to do, if it was for co-workers I'd make them make their own. lol

I like to have a few standby fast veg/vegan/RFV ideas ready, it just makes my life much easier.

message 41: by Heller

Heller Not a treat, it was for work so I wasn't that nice. lol I've used coconut milk before for vegan desserts but wasn't sure if it was processed in a way that RFV couldn't eat it. I didn't end up using it but it was more a time factor. I was super busy today but the pie looked great without the coconut cream. :D I'll know for the future, thanks Camille!

message 40: by Heller

Heller Also, thanks again for the heads up about the new Silver Bullet chapter. I actually never got the email for it. There was an issue with my yahoo digest so I had go in and fiddle with the settings so now I'm getting individual emails instead.

I loved it, I can't believe that part of the story is done now. The Paul/Flynn moment was especially gorgeous. What did you think of it?

message 39: by Heller

Heller Camille, you're a raw food vegan aren't you? I'm sure we discussed this when reading that book about the raw vegan cafe.

I have a question for you. As a RFV would/could you eat coconut milk? I'm making raw apple pie for a dinner I'm doing and wanted to whip up the coconut milk to be the whip cream for it. I've been looking online but I can't seem to pin it down if it would be an okay food.

Fairy / Anna Hi, Camille!
Thanks for accepting my friend invite :)

message 37: by Heller

Heller Oh! I don't have individual emails set up for the group. I'm gonna head over to the group to read it. Yay!

message 36: by Heller

Heller Camille, are you talking the revamp and tattoo one? :D Read and loved. I can't wait to see how Dale's solo camp goes. Such a fabulous series.

message 35: by Camille

Camille Adams Vladimir wrote: "Thanks for the friend-vite Camille!"

Thanks for accepting :-)

message 34: by Camille

Camille Adams Vio wrote: "Love your new profile pic, there is always more than one in the office place."

:-D thanks.
Isn't there! I'm contending with several presently so when I saw that book in Barnes & Noble I had to snap a pic.

message 33: by Vio

Vio Love your new profile pic, there is always more than one in the office place.

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