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So said Strother, the sheriff of Monster Town and newest addition to the "PEOPLE" section (artwork/bios) on the official website.

Anton's "Dream Cream" also makes an appearance on the website - somewhere - and is also featured on the back cover of the book.

In Goodreads news, I've done two things:

ONE. I'm giving away a copy of Monster Town, so be sure and visit the book's official page and enter to win. The giveaway ends on May 22nd.

TWO. I've started writing reviews on some of the books I've read, as painful and pretentious as it feels. Inside one of those reviews is a clue about the conclusion of Monster Town (the first book of three).

And that's that. Thanks.

- GVL.
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And so it begins...

I self-published my first novel, "Monster Town," on April 25th (or so sayeth the Amazon page) and I've been moving non-stop ever since. I'm still running down my list of personal contacts (and personalizing every e-mail) and professional contacts (people who have written about me or projects I've worked on as an artist) and I've got a lot more I intend to do with the website in the coming weeks to make sure the Monster Town experience is as immersive as possible.

By the time summer ends, I hope to have artwork and bios of every main character up on the website, I hope to have sold a few copies outside of my friends and family, and I hope to have a few more of YOU coming along for the ride. There's great days ahead in Monster Town -

I have plans for a full trilogy AND - as of yesterday, when the idea hit me - a prequel, too... But only if you help me make it so - blog, tweet, comment, and talk to your friends about it until they're sick of hearing it... And then do it all again. Check back here for updates, and until that time -

Welcome to Monster Town.
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I did it.

It was terrible, but I did it...

I went back to Facebook - and every single monster in Monster Town BETTER be thankful. I'm getting back in bed with that awful place for them, not me.

For the official page, give this link a click.

I also have an author page on there too. So that's dumb. That one's here.

And in news that I'm actually happy about, I'm in Argentina making an amazing documentary with my gal Eileen, but I'll be debuting a BRAND NEW piece of character art on MONDAY the 21st.


Now that's a happy ending.
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I'm in Argentina right now, making a documentary with my fiancé, and in the tiny little moments where I can get some time for myself, I'm working on promoting Monster Town any way I can...

My most recent goal has been to run down an author I admire (for their talents AND their success) and get them to read and supply a quote for Monster Town that I can use to promote it.

Anyway -

I found that a lot of these authors had 'book trailers,' which is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Even so, I was still a little jealous when I discovered them... So I decided to make my own. Yesterday. I may say I hate technology until the day I die, but I am so thankful that I live in a time and a place where I can - in five hours time - create/record/edit a book trailer with my laptop. Insanity.

As always, I'm a little biased when it comes to my own work, but I must say I think it came out awesome, and it's just as good as some of the best-seller trailers I ran across in my research. If not better.

But like they said on the ol' RR, you don't have to take my word for it!

PS - As promised, brand new piece of character art on the official website today - ENOSH!
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