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At the beginning of my six year old's kindergarten school year, I pulled his teacher to the side and said, "I'm going to be upfront with you. I am one of 'those' parents. You will talk about me with the other teachers. I will frustrate you. I know that and I'm good with that. Just letting you know."

Pause for effect.

You see, Honesty is the best policy... We don't get every homework assignment complete. We definitely don't accomplish all the book reports. We probably go to school in the same outfit more than one day in a row. We might not have brushed our hair (teeth, yes. hair, no.) But my children know that I love them. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my children know that I love them, that WE love them--their daddy and me. I say that with all confidence.
We have six of them.
Six blessings.
Six reasons to grumble when no one wants the cereal I purchased. Six reasons to fall into spasms of shock every morning when there is no milk in the fridge. Six people much younger than me who create massive piles of laundry on a five day rotating basis, when all I have is one basket load. Six individual voices straining to be heard--declaring all manner of injustice. Six faces to lick my thumb and clean from chocolate smudges and marker. Six sets of knees to bandage. Six hearts to mend when broken fom careless words of another. Six faces to kiss each time I leave the house for work, even to the store. Six sleepers resembling angels to stare at at night from doorways. Six daily prayers said to Heaven for their futures. Six lights of my life to hold dear while I can ... teaching them the things of God, the mysteries of His love and the surpassing greatness of a life lived in Love.
Six treasures who call me "Mom."
I am blessed among women ... having a dirt crusted floor, peanut butter stains on my carpet, random dead bugs disected in the corners of my home, multiplying legos on every floor, neighborhood children mounting--counting 7, 8, then 9 children in the room ... my children light up my world with their smiles--especially the dimpled ones. Each son, each daughter, a gift--all six of them, each, a combination of the love my husband and I share for each other. Each child, a reminder to me of God's goodness, an opportunity for me to spread Love, to encourage, to lift up, to laugh with, to talk with, to snuggle with, to teach.
So, we may not always get our homework done ...
But we laugh.
We laugh until our sides hurt.
We sing like no one can hear us.
We address questions like "Why haven't we died, does Jesus not want to see us yet?"
We make messes in the kitchen, play basketball, watch "The Regular Show" ... we just ARE and we Love each other.
I have six children and I'll be upfront ...
Do I know what causes that? I sure do and I like it. That man gets better looking all the time!
How do I love them all? Individually and one at a time, all at the same time.
Would I do it again? Are you kidding. Look at them. Amazing is what they are--beautiful, smart, funny, incredible, so different and unique, individual ... it's overwhelming this love I have for my six amazing blessings.
Am I crazy? Absolutely. Crazy in love with my family and my oh so busy life.

It's all good.
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