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Turning to leave Angel walked up to Adam and pulled at his shirt he had on, and whispered in his ear. I love you Adam I will be ok. Kissed him gently on the lips He looked at her and grabbed her so gently and kissed her so deeply so intense, she couldn’t see nothing but Adam. Wow!
The way you kiss me I never feel that with anyone else I have kissed. See, Angel that means you are supposed to be mine. She smiled. Ask him to put her back on the ground.
Sorry, my sweet pink flower. Smiling, you like calling me that. Yep, I do. Before, you go. Would you like to see me transform into wolf? Yeah, that would be kool, does it hurt transforming? No, did at first cause I was not use to it. But now it’s like natural to me. Ok kool. You won’t go crazy and kill me will you? No, now stand there and watch me.
As she watched him start to change, his face started to change and so did his body, hair grew and his eyes started to glow silver. All she could say was WOW! Amazing! So beautiful, His hair was a dark gray. His teeth were inches from her face. Blood Drain Angel's Story by April Rena Moore
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