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Yes, even if you do not read them, you know who they are. These three authors are now household names due to the incredible publicity machine behind them, talent and hard work aside.
Have you ever left a tip to a waitress or waiter that was mediocre at best? You did it anyway because you know they need it. Or because we are made to feel obligated to do so. Either way, you were making a contribution to them and their families. How many times have you paid for a cruddy haircut and still tipped them? Whether they deserved it or not isn’t what this blog is about. It is about the way we spend our money and on what.

I see many bloggers dedicating entire blogs and sites to finding free ebooks to be had. I see E L James selling humongous amounts of books at the “going” rate. And yet many authors with at least as legitimate of works and good reviews sell few or no books. People have no problem spending ten to twenty US dollars on an ebook or hard copy of Fifty Shades with over three thousand one star reviews but will balk on buying a one to five dollar ebook from an independent author or a small publishing house that has nothing but good reviews. There is only one reason that makes sense to this author for this type of behavior- that we the consumer are almost completely driven by the media when it comes to making purchases of anything.
Some people have started to shop at the small place on the corner as opposed to the mega stores like Walmart. Yeah, it costs fifty cents more. But Bob is a neighbor and a friend and we should help him and his wife. I wish that we all would do that more. While the focus is on saving money, jobs are sent overseas and Walmart becomes richer by the second- and Bob loses his house.
Why can’t we do something like this at a global level? Have you read a good book by an author that is not well-known? Did you recommend him/her to others? Have you balked on a purchase of a book by an unknown, despite the good reviews, just because they were not published by Simon and Schuster or Random House? I say if a book has good reviews for the most part it really doesn’t matter that they were not published by some major outfit. What really matters is if it seems like something you might want to read or not. Just because something is not widely known and publicly acknowledged does it mean it isn’t worth those three to five dollars? Why wait for it to be free? Help the author out and you are doing more for the arts than most charities can prove that they have done. Tweet them. Facebook them. Tell your friends about them. Get off your wallet and make the purchase and wait for Fifty Shades to be free.
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