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The second my life ended, I met a man called Edgar Murkencap.

A strange surname, surely, but one whose first four letters I soon deemed to be quite appropriate given his job title at this...well, this level of existence.

It took me a moment to adjust to this place, this bland work station where Edgar sat at a lone cubicle in a swivel chair. It was an afterlife, sure, but not the one I’d been expecting, having nothing to do with a blissful lambency of paradise or raging inferno of damnation. Though given my lifetime dedication to my faith I wasn’t particularly expecting the latter.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He swiveled around to meet my gaze.

“Greetings! Name’s Edgar Murkencap, I do Mystery Management on your planet.”

“Mystery management,” I said.

“Certainly. I make sure that that inquisitive passion, that urge to explore, remains strong among your species. Otherwise your very thirst for life might dry up! And we can’t have that, can we?”

“I don’t think I understand. You keep things hidden from us?”

“In a sense. I’m the one who keeps away all empirical evidence of Bigfoot, the one who blinks away planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle, keeps the Jersey Devil and the Loch Ness monster only in blurry photographs. I see a legend growing in your cultures and I maintain it as a gardener might a flower, watering the hope, blooming the faith. But I always keep them just beyond reach. On the outskirts of proof.”


“To keep your souls hungry, of course. But now that you’ve left this first stage of existence, I can feed yours…before you move on.”

“All I want to know,” I said, “is God.”

“That’s not really my area,” said Edgar.


“Sure, I manage your world’s mysteries,” he said. “But some things have to remain a mystery here. Otherwise…” Edgar Murkencap swiveled back to his station. “What would keep me going?”
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