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I just got a disturbing e-mail. Not just one, but two. From two different people. Well, not disturbing in a creepy way, but disturbing in a “I wish I knew where you lived, Reader. Because I would come drag you out of bed and shake some self-worth into you.”

I’d like to publicly reply to those emails. (Don’t worry, I got permission.)

Dear Reader,

I appreciate you taking the time to e-mail me. Publishing a book can be a very personal, emotional process when you, as Mr. Cooper said it, “Share a piece of your soul.” It means a lot when people like that piece of my soul.

However, you also stated that you wish men like Will really existed. You went on to say that reading about a man as good as him has ruined it for all other men, because no man is that respectful in real life. You also stated the three rules Julia stated did not apply in real life either, because there isn’t a man in this world who could possess all three.

I beg to differ. While Will is a completely fictional character- his reactions, endearment, love and respect are absolutely attainable qualities in a man. I know this, because I’ve been married to a man like that for almost 12 years. (2 more weeks, Husband!)

So…don’t short-change yourself. Don’t settle. Don’t tell yourself you don’t deserve someone like Will, because you DO. You so totally DO! We all do. So I leave you with these three rules, but this time you need to accept the fact that they are attainable qualities. Qualities that absolutely should not be brushed aside. Qualities that you DESERVE!

(And might I add that these qualities apply to ANY relationship. I know I said, ‘man’ in the book…but whoever you’re contemplating spending eternity with…this applies)

1) Does he treat you with respect at all times?

2) If he was the exact same person twenty years from now as he is today, would you still want to marry him?

3) Does he inspire you to want to be a better person?

Anyone that settles on just two, one, or even none of these qualities can probably attest to the fact that it doesn’t end well.

Happy Ever Afters are real.

So are men like Will…

(Must go throw-up now. It pains my soul to write serious, cheesy shit like this. But sometimes it just needs to be said.)
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