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Lionel Turns the Other Cheek is back from my editor & I wanted to post an excerpt. Lionel has been wanting to go to summer camp this year during his summer vacation, but will his mean old Mom let him go? Read on and find out!

Chapter 1

The school bell blared indicating the end of the 1967-68 school year. Lionel Snodgrass found himself getting smashed amongst the herds of kids streaming down the halls to the front doors and the freedom of summer.
“Ouch!” yelped Lionel as an elbow landed in his padded ribs.
He pushed his glasses up and struggled to keep his footing. He tried to keep a direct line towards the doors while receiving pushes and shoves from all directions. Finally, after banging knees with another student and wincing in pain, he allowed himself to be taken with the stream of students. After what felt like hours, the front doors appeared and a blast of fresh air hit him full in the face.
“Summer vacation!” proclaimed Lionel. “Whoa----”
Lionel almost missed the first step after the distraction of finally reaching the front doors. Tumbling down the stairs to a possible broken arm or loosing a few teeth would be no way to begin the summer! He regained his balance and carefully took the stairs one at a time until he was at the “T” in the sidewalk at the base of the stairs.
Now a teenager at thirteen years old, Lionel had sandy brown hair and pink cheeks. He wore glasses that were constantly sliding down his nose causing him to continuously push them back up, usually without even thinking about it. He was a little chubby and slow, and always wore his older brother’s hand-me-down clothes. He hiked up his oversized trousers and smiled to himself while wiping the sweat from his pink forehead. He then started off to his right towards the Post Office. As he thought of what might await him there, his smile turned into a full fledged grin.
He had been anxious for the last week, not only because school was almost over, but also (and most importantly) because he was awaiting correspondence from Camp Bonine. Several weeks earlier, he was finally able to convince his Mom, Bertha Snodgrass, to sign off on him attending summer camp. The effort and expense were immediate turn offs for his Mom. She loathed anything that required effort, hard work, or that offered some type of reward. She was more inclined to encourage him to play cards or watch television while she devoured chocolate after chocolate. After weeks of ridicule and denials, such as, “Why would anyone want to pay good money to have to walk in the woods?” he was finally able to break through. The key moment came when he brought to her attention that sending him to camp would mean most of the summer without him at home. This seemed to appeal to his Mom, as she pictured her days with half the laundry to do. There was still Lionel’s big brother Feeney at home after all. There would be fewer lunches to make, and she would be without the general annoyance of putting up with him. Unbelievably to her, he wanted to be involved in sports, play with friends, and go to the library. She relished the idea of ridding herself of him for the summer. She had finally relented and signed off on summer camp. Since then he had been eagerly awaiting word from Camp Bonine on his room assignment and reporting date.
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Published on March 04, 2012 07:41 • 159 views • Tags: childrensbook, kidlit, lionel, paulrhewlett
I'm pretty excited for my upcoming book giveaway on the Book R3VI3WS blog! This is a wonderful site for authors and book lovers alike. I am very fortunate to be able to work with this great site. We will be conducting a book giveaway of Lionel's Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule, beginning Mon 12 Mar & running it for 2 weeks. So, what are you waiting for, stop on by! You can peruse this great site, read great reviews, author interviews and enter to win a chance to win Lionel's Grand Adventure! Sounds great, right! Here's a link to the site

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I will be writing a guest post as well. It will probably be posted sometime next week. Thanks for all your support! I hope you enjoy the blog & win the book! Talk to you soon:)
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Book 2 of Lionel's Grand Adventure: Lionel Turns the Other Cheek, is now out! Check it out on Goodreads or Amazon! Lionel finds himself on another "Grand" adventure thanks to the Three-Toed-Pot-Bellied Walbaun foot! As he heads off to summer camp, join Lionel to see what adventure it takes him on & what valuable lesson it teaches him this time. I had a lot of fun writing this book and hope that you have just as much fun reading it!

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Published on March 13, 2012 10:38 • 165 views • Tags: childrensbook, kidlit, lionel, paulrhewlett, summer-camp
I just wanted to provide a couple links to an author interview that I did on a great book site, Stop by and check it out!

- -Beach Bound Books/ Author Interview:

Here's another link to a guest post that I wrote discussing the topic of "how to get children to read." It's a great blog that has lots of great writing tips and advice. Check it out:)

- -Strand’s Simply Tips:
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Published on May 05, 2012 09:36 • 176 views • Tags: authorinterview, blogs, childrensbook, guestpost, kids, paulrhewlett, writingtips
The sun peeked through the kitchen window temporarily blinding Lionel. He stood on his tippee toes drawing the curtains, blocking the sun. He had gotten up before sunrise this morning. It was Mother’s Day! He had planned this morning several days ago. Late last night he had placed all the necessary items (except those that needed to be in the refrigerator) in the pantry after his Mom and Feeney had gone to bed. He had gotten up very early and was now mixing pancake batter. He planned on making his Mom buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes covered in maple syrup. Mom loved chocolate! He was going to surprise her with breakfast in bed. He smiled to himself as he mixed the pancake batter.
"This is gonna be great! Mom will be so surprised and happy!" Lionel thought.
Lionel finished mixing the pancakes and was almost ready to pour the batter into the skillet. Mom may not be too happy if she knew that he was up cooking all alone, but she wouldn’t care once she saw her chocolate chip pancakes. He reached for the chocolate chips ready to put them in the batter.
"Where are the chocolate chips? I know that I put them in the pantry last night. I’m certain they were with everything else!" thought Lionel.
He raced over to the pantry, looking for the chocolate chips that he had apparently misplaced.
"Oh no! This will ruin everything! What should I do?"
On the verge of a full blown panic attack, Lionel had an idea. He walked to the stove and turned off the burner.
"I’ll go next door to the O’Doyle’s. They’ll have what I need and they are always up early!" whispered Lionel to himself.
As he walked quietly out the back door, he did not notice the watchful eyes on him the whole time. The watcher clutched a bag of chocolate chips and moved towards the stove just as soon as Lionel was out the back door.


Chocolate chips in hand, Lionel walked through the back door into the kitchen. As he opened the package and dumped it into the mixing bowl, he noticed the bowl didn’t seem as full as it had before he left for the O’Doyle’s.
"Hmm, that’s funny. I thought there was more pancake batter, but maybe not. I can’t be sure. I wish Mr. O’Doyle didn’t like to talk so much. It must be the same, neither Feeney nor Mom get up this early." thought Lionel silently.
He finished making the pancakes for his mom. He scooped them onto a plate sitting on a tray along with a glass of orange juice and a bottle of syrup. Everything was perfect! Smiling broadly, he walked carefully up the stairs, making sure not to trip. He didn’t want to wake up his Mom and ruin the surprise. He reached the partially closed door and nudged it open brimming with excitement and anticipation. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Mom’s face. The door opened and there sat Feeney and Mom in bed. Mom was cutting up...
"Chocolate chip pancakes?!!" Lionel thought.
...while Feeney smiled wickedly at Lionel.
“Glad you could join us Lionel. Too bad you couldn’t get up early enough to join us for breakfast!” said Feeney.
Their Mom stopped eating long enough to look up at Lionel. With chocolate on her chin, she said,
“Only brought enough for yourself?” nodding at the tray Lionel held. “Not thoughtful enough to bring some for your big brother Will. Poor baby must be starving after getting up so early and working so hard to make his Mom breakfast in bed. You should really try to be more like you big brother,” she said as she returned her attention to her breakfast.
The words were on Lionel’s lips as he realized that Feeney had taken the chocolate chips from the pantry and finished the pancakes that he had started, claiming them as his own. They came out in a whisper as he stood in disbelief in the doorway,
“Happy Mother’s Day!”

To read more about Lionel and his adventure's check out Lionel and the Golden Rule.
or Lionel Turns the Other Cheek.
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Published on May 12, 2012 19:28 • 457 views • Tags: bullying, childrensbook, kids, kidstuff, lionel, mother-sday, parenting

You’re invited to the Summer Reads Giveaway Hop!! Looking for a great summer read? Stop by this hop between July 6th and July 11th, there’s great giveaways at over 200 blogs, including the chance to win a copy of Lionel’s Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule. Oh yeah, and Lionel gets interviewed too :) Stop by and see what he has to say. See ya there.
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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I want to take a moment and thank all of the readers and fans of Lionel’s Grand Adventure. Thank you! For those of you that don’t know or haven’t read Lionel, a free chapter is available to sample and read. Just go to and there it is! For those of you that are too busy or just don’t want to fool around on a computer for a free sample, I have something for you too. I will be offering Lionel’s Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule, the 1st book in the Lionel’s Grand Adventure series, FREE. Yes, that’s right, FREE, beginning Thursday July 12th through Friday July 13th. All you have to do is go to and hit the “Buy now with 1-click” button and it will be downloaded to your Kindle or home computer free of charge.
If you’re heading off on a family vacation, or any long car trip for that matter, or if you want to just keep the kids busy during summer vacation, this is a perfect opportunity to download Lionel’s Grand Adventure and join Lionel on his Grand Adventure. I hope you stop by and get a download. See you there. Oh yeah, and in case you’re still not sure if you want to, I’m providing a free sample chapter right here to take all the effort out of it. Enjoy and remember, Be Careful What You Wish For, You Never Know What You’ll Get!


The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Copyright 2011
All rights reserved

This electronic book (ebook) or any portion thereof may be copied, sold, or reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review

Chapter 1

“Liiiii-onel, are you coming?” yelled Bertha Snodgrass, the plump, middle-aged mother of two.
“Geez, just a sec, Mom,” Lionel struggled, buttoning his jeans on his way out of the room.
“Well, hurry up! You don’t want to be late on your first day at your new school.”
Grabbing the furry object from his nightstand, Lionel ran, “I’m coming!”
Our story begins in the summer of 1967. Lionel, a twelve-year-old boy with sandy brown hair and pink cheeks, and his family have recently moved to the tiny village of Larrystown, Missouri from Penobscott, Massachusetts. A little chubby and slow, he wears his older brother’s hand-me-down clothes, which never fit quite right, and he wears glasses that always slide down his nose.
He isn’t athletic or funny. He is nice to everyone and tries his hardest at all times, however as hard as he tries (and he does try hard), things never seem to go smoothly for him. This made him a perfect match for the Three-Toed-Potbellied Walbaun foot, which happened to have a less than perfect track record itself.
It all started when Lionel examined his new room, while settling into their two-story house. He was excited to have his own room rather than sharing it with his big brother Will, with whom he has nothing in common.
The only similarity between Will, known to most as Feeney, and Lionel is their mother. Feeney is bigger and stronger than Lionel will probably ever be. Lionel is happy, but Feeney is bitter. Lionel is a good kid, but Feeney is a bad apple.
Of course, putting up with the constant yelling and criticisms from his mom might be the reason that Feeney was a bad apple. She never encouraged him or spent time with him. Whatever the reason, Feeney constantly pushed Lionel around and picked on him.
Left to his own curiosity, Lionel examined every nook and cranny of his new room, bending over to inspect the floorboards, and pushing his glasses back up the whole time. When he reached the closet, his adventure really began. Being a little short, even for a twelve-year-old, meant he had to be a little creative to examine the top shelf of the closet.
Always resourceful, Lionel managed to balance on the edge of the old heat register sticking out from the wall. He pulled himself up on the clothes rod and took a peek. At first, the shelf appeared to be empty, except for the inch of dust on it. A closer examination revealed something bulky lying in the far corner. Not to be discouraged, he inched to his left, holding onto the door frame with one hand and reaching as far as his other arm would allow. The treasure was still a few inches away, but Lionel did not give up. He took a deep breath and jumped off the register toward the unknown object.
Lionel smacked his head on the door frame, missed his target, and landed with a thud on the floor. Unfortunately this ruckus not only left him with a goose egg on his head, but it also caught the attention of his mom.
“Lionel, what in the heck are you doing up there? You better not be wrecking anything or making a mess! If you are, so help me, I’m gonna spank you with the yardstick! Now, go have a snack or play with your toys. Just don’t make me come up there!”
Used to this response from his Mom, Lionel considered himself lucky that she didn’t actually do it this time. Maybe having two stories in the house was good, since Mom didn’t like to move around a lot. Oddly, the yardstick gave Lionel an idea to rescue the unidentified object on his closet shelf. Now, the trick was getting the yardstick without alerting his Mom that he was up to something.
Lionel snuck down the stairs to the pantry and peered out into the living room. He saw his mom on the sofa, snacking on some chocolates. He crept toward the door, gripped the handle and turned it slowly. The door opened without the squeak of their old door, making it possible to get the yardstick undetected.
There it is! Lionel smiled.
Quickly, he grabbed the yardstick and closed the pantry door. He then retraced his steps back up the stairs. Nothing he ever attempts went smoothly, and that’s what made this quite an accomplishment and an obvious omen of good things to come.
With the yardstick in his hand, Lionel resumed his position on the heat register. Cautiously, he stretched out for the unidentified object. He moved it closer to the edge.
Uh-oh. Don’t fall, Mom will hear! Wow, that was close. Tiny beads of sweat began to form on his forehead as his fingers started to slip from the doorjamb.
Bingo! The unidentified object fell to the ground without a sound. It appeared to be nothing more than an old rabbit’s foot, the kind used as good luck charms. Not a bad discovery, since Lionel could always use some good luck, but it wasn’t really what his overimaginative mind had hoped for.
Lionel took a closer look and realized that it was bigger than any rabbit’s foot that he had ever seen, unless they grew them differently in Larrystown. It was about four inches long and had three extremely long toes. They were able to bend in either direction, which was very unlike a rabbit. Suddenly, a loud banging came from the stairs. It had to be Feeney. Lionel quickly stuffed the foot into his pocket as the footsteps reached the top of the stairs.
“Whad’ya doing, you little twerp?” Feeney flung the door open.
“Nothing, Feeney, I’m just hanging out in my new room,” said Lionel as the fear grew in his stomach.
“Well you better…hey! What are you doing with Ma’s yardstick? I’m gonna tell her unless you…”
Lionel bit his tongue and turned red, wishing Feeney would leave him alone and vanish.
A very loud ripping noise filled the room, stopping Feeney in mid-sentence. He looked between his legs, and saw a gaping hole where his pants had split. Horrified and scared, Feeney looked around and took off without a sound, forgetting about Lionel and the yardstick. Unsure of what had happened, Lionel decided he had better put Mom’s yardstick back where it came from before she noticed it was gone.
One day, while sitting at Jardean’s Mercantile and Confectionery, drinking a Green River soda, and paging through a comic book Lionel began to have other ideas about his lucky rabbit’s foot. The confectionery was a hangout for the local kids to buy candy and fountain soda. It was also home to Herb Jardean. Herb, the shop’s owner, was deemed a little eccentric and believed he was the village’s local historian. Herb stood muttering to himself behind the counter paging through some old papers. Lionel’s ears perked up, when he heard Herb mutter something that sounded like his lucky rabbit’s foot. He listened a while longer unable to make out anything intelligible. A little nervous, he gathered up the courage and decided to ask him what he was talking about. Lucky for Lionel, Herb loved telling his tales and believed every word of them, so it wasn’t too intimidating to ask.
“E-Excuse me, Mister Jardean?” Lionel askd.
“Yes, Lionel?” Mr. Jardean replied.
“I couldn’t help overhearing you talk about what sounded like some type of lucky rabbit’s foot. I was wondering if you would tell me the story about that?” asked Lionel.
“Rabbit’s foot, wasn’t no rabbit’s foot I was talking about, it was a Three-Toed- Potbellied Walbaun foot I was talking about,” said Mr. Jardean proudly.
“A what?” Lionel asked.
“Sit down and I’ll explain the legend of the Three-Toed–Potbellied Walbaun to you.”
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Published on July 07, 2012 19:46 • 337 views • Tags: bullying, childrensbook, ebook, free, kids, kidstuff, kindle, lionel, parenting, summerreading