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Wow, two months since the last post; 'time,geography' as Jack Reacher would say. Stats: Facebook 'likes' for MANHATTAN AFFAIR - well north of 6000; MANHATTAN AFFAIR book (print and eBook) sales very close behind, sales for my two other works, TWO STORIES and MAN READING A NEWSPAPER(short pieces,) are moderate to good and I am pleased with that; they have not been advertised or marketed in any way so I have to believe their sales are attributable to those who have read MANHATTAN AFFAIR. There is a slight (very slight) buzz in Hollywood/NYC film cirlcle(s) about a possible MANHATTAN AFFAIR film...we shall see - I've heard untold numbers of heart wrenching tales when it comes to Hollywood so I am not even paying attention yet. As they say, 'when the money is in the bank...'
So, where am I? In the middle of my next novel as of now UNTITLED, a thriller certainly, a little different than my last book but centered on two of the characters from it. This is, bluntly, a spy thriller - based on stories and experiences I've had in the last ten years or so and the people, places, and hands on experiences I have had in places like Afghanistan, the UAE, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon,Europe, and, of course, the United States and New York City. It is going well, about halfway there and hope to have it released mid - 2013. To be frank, I am very excited about it, it is a good story and will keep you at the edge from the first page. These are the kind of books I like, not just fiction, but well written biographies, histories, science (fiction and non), basically anything. That's what makes a good story. Keeping you there. Forcing you to go to the next page. Until next time -
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Published on November 30, 2012 16:37 • 138 views • Tags: jack-sussek, manhattan-affair, mystery, new-york-city, novels, spy, thriller