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Hi Story Tellers and Story Lovers.

Story telling in its simplest form is an emotional ride. An experience where we have a chance to escape reality and plunge into another's world.

My trip to Chicago last week was an eye opener. In meeting department heads of TV and Film at Northwestern University and Columbia College I learned that true story tellers are true listeners. The heads of these departments found magic in breaking story down no matter what the medium... whether it was a TV series, sitcom, documentary, movie or series of movies.

These department heads viewed every mechanics of the story-making process with an eye glass authors don't own.

As authors, yes, we use our senses, paper / electronic screen is our medium and words are our tools. One scene leads to another. One chapter to another. And the story unfolds.

For screen writers and directors, visuals, sounds are the key senses, the screen is the medium and images are their tools. One scene leads to another. One sequence of actions to another. And the story unfolds.

As authors we have the 'luxury' of putting a character's thoughts on paper for readers to 'read'. We build the story world with words.

As screen writers they have the 'luxury' of creating a visual of the story world with images. They are challenged to relay the character's thoughts on screen unless they are using an 'aside' or 'narrator'.

As authors we create our characters and work with them in our heads.

As screen writers, they work with actors on set in real-time.

We edit our manuscripts.

They edit their scripts and re-take.

There is no end to the comparisons we can make. But Mr. Charlie Celander, Head of the Film Dept at Columbia College, told me something I'll never forget. No matter how pretty the picture, 3-D effects and visuals... if the story's foundation is weak the story world will crumble. And the story will never unfold. The basics, the foundation of any structure must be strong.

So take and re-take as many re-writes as you must because when that story leaves your hands, it must fly.
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