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June 25, 2018

Ginny Baird Are you a fan of "Christmas in July"? I know I am! What better way to beat the summer heat than by immersing yourself in a Christmas romance filled with wintry white snow? I'm SO excited to have A Corner Church Christmas (Christmas Town, Book 6) releasing on July 12th. Have you preordered your copy? If not, I hope you will! Liz Martin's story has been a long time coming, and I'm extra happy to see her meeting a really great guy, David Chavez. Though their romance is a little unusual from the start, thanks in part to some special holiday cookies... If you've been following the series, you can probably guess what I mean. Though this story contains some surprises, which I'm hoping will catch readers pleasantly off guard. Here is a sneak peek at Liz and David's story and a preview of the holiday magic that begins brewing between them very early on. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and wish you a very merry Christmas in July!


Liz nodded numbly, mesmerized by David’s sudden, dire need to spend time with her. It felt interesting, and exciting, and perhaps a tiny bit dangerous. Oh, if he only knew how much she’d been thinking about him! But, Liz would never tell. She was determined for that not to happen. She wouldn’t embarrass herself by being the wanton older woman next door.

David was probably just being…charitable. Yeah, that word seemed to fit. Perhaps he saw her as a lonely parishioner in need of a friend, and he was doing his pastorly duty? Although Liz wasn’t that lonely. Not for friends, anyway. Romantically, though…? Liz choked on the thought, and started coughing.

“You okay?” His brow creased concernedly, as Liz covered her mouth with her gloved hands.

“Um-hmm. Just…got a little tickle….”

David leaned toward her and Liz’s car seemed to rock. What? Liz clutched her steeling wheel, deciding she’d imagined it, because David clearly hadn’t noticed.

“How about water?” he asked, and Liz felt a whoosh, like a big balmy wind or something. It was like David’s overwhelming charisma had pushed Liz’s car sideways, causing it to tip up ever-so-slightly on its two right tires. Jumping jelly beans, she was cracking up!

“No thanks!” Liz said, hacking harder. “I’ve got a….cough drop in my purse.” She tentatively released the wheel and frantically searched for one, digging it out and unwrapping it. The instant she popped it her mouth, Liz felt better. She stared down at the wrapper noting the candy’s flavor and her heart stilled: peppermint.

Sweat broke out on Liz's hairline and underneath her coat, as her car settled back on the ground. Liz had no idea what was happening, but she needed to get home, and far away from David. At least until tomorrow… Sugar. Plum. Fairy.

“That seems to be helping,” David observed with a smile. By now, his eyelashes were coated with heavy white flakes.

“You should probably get inside,” she urged him. “It’s below freezing out.”

All of a sudden, David seemed to notice the weather. He hugged his arms around himself, giving a shiver. “Wow. You’re right.”

“Bye, David!”

Liz started to roll up her window, but David knocked on the glass.

“Four at Jolly Bean Java, right?”

“Yeah, sure! Sounds good!”

Liz’s head pounded at her temples as she pulled out of the parking lot. That was the most unusual exchange she’d ever had with a man. Maybe with any person—period.

Liz caught a glimmer in her rearview mirror, and peered into it, seeing David slipping back inside the church through the door to the Fellowship Hall. But that wasn’t the amazing part. It was those beaming bright lights shining out from the church’s tall, white steeple. They seemed to shimmer and dance with a multitude of sparkles: thin silver slivers and shiny gold stars.

Liz slammed on her brakes and turned with a gasp to stare back at the church, viewing it over her shoulder.

But the building just looked normal, sitting there in the falling snow.

Copyright © 2018
Ginny Baird

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April 22, 2018

Ginny Baird I'm excited to announce that A Glorious Christmas is now off with the editor receiving its final polish. Look for the e-book to release May 10th, with the paperback following soon afterwards. To celebrate this upcoming release, I'm happy to share this "Sneak Peek" from the story: the scene where the hero and heroine first meet.

If you've been reading the Christmas Town series and enjoying the magic, you're sure to have fun with Walt and Gloria's tale. While it's Book 5 in the series, A Glorious Christmas is also a standalone read. Though you might get a bit more out of the secondary characters, if you've read the preceding books. Thanks for your interest in Christmas Town, Tennessee, and happy reading! Wishing you a very early merry Christmas in May, and a happy second half of the year!


The wind chimes sounded again—more fiercely this time—and Walt leapt to his feet, hustling into the hall and toward the front door. Walt kept three sets of wind chimes of various sizes on the covered front porch of the Christmas Inn, and each was tuned to a different key. The stoutly made Gregorian chimes could generally tolerate winter weather. Even in Christmas Town, where winter weather persisted from early November through late March. Normally, the wind chimes’ gentle timbre played a soothing symphony on Walt’s front porch, their various tones blending harmoniously like ancient Gregorian chants. Yet, at the moment, those faithful chimes were howling sharply, their ferocious gongs, pings and tinkles clanking back into the house like percussion instruments gone haywire.

Walt quickened his pace, beholding a strange sight through the sidelight window to the left of the front door. Gusty winds blew snow sideways as huge white flakes sailed up onto the stoop and slammed against the glass. Wait! Huh? Walt fixed his gaze out the window, sharpening his focus. There was something fluttering through the air above Walt’s front lawn! Lots of somethings!

For the life of him, the floating and soaring rectangles looked like—envelopes?
Walt jerked open the front door, his heart pounding. He could scarcely believe his eyes. It seemed his daily mail delivery had somehow broken free from his mailbox, like a stampede of galloping horses wild-hoofing it out of a burning barn. Letters danced up toward the sky, then spun toward the ground, before fluttering their way towards the clouds again. Something that appeared to be a real estate flyer hovered above the walkway, and a postcard stood on its end twirling around and around and around, just out of reach of a woman’s white gloves.

She had long brown hair and wore an unusual-looking boxy white hat that matched her knee-length white coat and boots, as she bounded after the evasive object. “Oh! Whoa! No! Come back here!” She reached up high and snagged the dancing postcard, pinning it to her chest with a clutch of mail she already held there. Then, she cagily sprang to the right and caught an errant letter. The pretty brunette spied the vibrating real estate flyer over the walk and she grabbed that next. She finally looked up in a panic and stared straight at Walt.

He viewed her dumbstruck, as heavy white snowflakes coated her shoulders and hat, and dusted her ebony locks. Her hair fell in long, loose coils past her shoulders as her cheeks burned bright pink. And, her big dark eyes were the loveliest shade of chocolate brown Walt had ever seen.

“Walt Christmas?” she asked, her brow furrowing sweetly.

When he nodded, she grimaced and raised her shoulders, still gripping his mail. “Hi,” she said, appearing the slightest bit abashed. Though Walt was the one who should be embarrassed by the wacky correspondence display. While Gloria couldn’t know this, he was quite sure he’d caused it. Which could only mean one thing.

Walt’s heart stuttered and the mysteriously floating mail abruptly tumbled to the ground.

The woman blinked, glancing around in awe, then she settled her eyes back on Walt.

She spoke trance-like, carefully surveying Walt’s eyes. “I’m—”

“Gloria Chavez,” Walt said, utterly dazed. “I know.”

© 2018 Ginny Baird

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March 25, 2018

Ginny Baird Now that it's springtime and we're moving into longer days and warmer weather, probably the last things on your mind are winter and snow. I, on the other hand, am deep into Christmas.

Like many writers, I work several months ahead of a season. But, it's not only that! This year, I have a Christmas book coming out in May. Yes, May. As offbeat as it seems, I've elected to continue my Christmas Town series while we're approaching summer. A Glorious Christmas (Christmas Town, Book 5) is scheduled for release in e-book on May 10th, with the paperback following shortly afterwards.

Though I'd originally planned to release this book in fall 2018, series fans wouldn't have it. They wanted the next story much sooner than that, and sent me e-mails, Facebook posts, and Tweets to say so. And, you know what? Although I had a few other projects to jungle around, I listened. :)

I'd already launched one Christmas Town book, Only You at Christmas (Christmas Town, Book 3), successfully offseason, so why not try it again? This frees up the fall for the release of the next sequential book, A Corner Church Christmas (Christmas Town, Book 6), which will be Liz Martin's story.

But first, there's Walt and Gloria's happy tale to deliver. If you've been following the series, you read the set up for the relationship between Savannah Livingston's best friend, Gloria Chavez, and Kurt Christmas's older brother, Walt, in The Doctor Orders Christmas (Christmas Town, Book 4). Now, dedicated single dad, Walt Christmas, will finally have his day, and, boy, I'm having a blast writing his and Gloria's romance.

You've likely heard about "meet-cute" openings in fiction and film. Well, things don't get any cuter than the way Walt and Gloria first lay eyes on each other. Gloria's come to Christmas Town to help Savannah, who's about to have her first baby and is in a panic about it, and Gloria's staying at Walt's establishment, the Christmas Inn.

Gloria arrives at the inn, accompanied by a mysterious gust of wind that just happens to hit while she's helpfully bringing in Walt's mail. When he dashes out the front door at the sound of his wind chimes going wild, Walt encounters an unusual sight: a very beautiful, dark-haired woman dressed from head to toe in wintry white. She's leaping all over his front lawn and darting through the driving snow, while trying to catch the errant letters fluttering beyond her grasp and twirling through the air.

If you've read the previous Christmas Town books, you might suspect these letters take flight not only on account of the wind. There might be a bit of Christmas magic at play... More of that develops quickly, as Walt's attraction to pretty Gloria grows, and he fumbles with controlling certain abilities he hasn't had surface in years.

Meanwhile, Gloria is awfully intrigued by this gallant and gorgeous blue-eyed guy, although she tries hard not to be. Gloria's only in Christmas Town for a short time, and her life is in Miami. She has a job there she loves, and important family connections, too. Gloria can't imagine leaving all that behind. But sometimes imaginations get tested. Particularly in Christmas Town, Tennessee. ;)

Are Hannah Livingston's famous Virginia Cookies involved? You bet! So are certain well-meaning matchmakers, and other friendly faces we get to see again. I hope you'll read the book and partake in the holiday magic that unfolds in the town where everyday dreams come true. Will dreams also come true for an eligible bachelor dad and a winsome theater teacher from Miami? Be sure to preorder your copy today to find out!







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November 17, 2017

Releasing December 12, 2017!

Jingle Bell Babies (Holiday Brides Book 6)

A bachelor finds a pair of twins on his doorstep on Christmas morning, then is even more stunned to learn from a pretty social worker that the baby girls, Mary and Bryte, have him listed on county paperwork as their father. A sweet and poignant tale about accepting the gifts of the season.

The Christmas Catch (Book 1)
The Holiday Bride (Book 2)
Mistletoe in Maine (Book 3)
Beach Blanket Santa (Book 4)
Baby, Be Mine (Book 5)
Jingle Bell Babies (Book 6)

Christmas Day delivers
Santa’s sweetest surprise!

Emergency room physician Mark Holiday thinks he’s seen just about everything life can deliver. That is, until twin baby girls land on his doorstep on Christmas morning. At a loss to explain where these babies came from, Mark’s even more perplexed to learn from a pretty social worker that county paperwork lists him as Mary and Bryte’s dad. Though he long ago gave up believing in Santa, Mark can’t shake the niggling feeling that Old Saint Nick had something to do with this special delivery. Especially since it leads Mark to meeting the woman of his dreams.

Feisty social worker Natalie Church is sick to death of deadbeat dads. She certainly can’t believe a guy would deny his own kids at Christmas! But the more Natalie gets to know Mark Holiday, the more she starts to wonder if his story is for real. When the pair becomes stuck at Mark’s house during a blustery snowstorm, Natalie and Mark are forced to work together to care for the twins, while trying to solve the mystery of their unexpected arrival. As the holidays unfold, new facts emerge—exposing Mark and Natalie’s minds to new possibilities. Will the magic of the season help them open up their hearts as well?

Jingle Bell Babies (Holiday Brides Book 6) by Ginny Baird


Mark set his mug down on the kitchen counter, thinking the morning paper should have arrived by now. Even though the snow was piling up quickly outdoors, the news carriers in this western North Carolina town were accustomed to making their rounds in all kinds of weather.

Jingle! Jangle!

Mark tilted his head, his ears alerting at the unaccustomed sound. He didn’t think it was his doorbell.

Jingle! Jangle!

There it is again.

Mark cut through the kitchen on long, brisk strides, emerging in the front hall beside the staircase.

Jingle! Jangle! Jingle!

It was the most peculiar noise and it seemed to be coming from right outside the front door. Just as he thought that, Mark spied movement through the front door’s decorative glass pane. The oblong window contained colorful blue, green, and yellow stained glass encased in ornamental gold wire. Yet, on the other side of that, Mark thought he saw… What? Someone in a red and white hat…? A Santa hat?

Mark walked toward the door at a clip and yanked it open.

The moment he did, a shocking cacophony assaulted his ears.

Crying! No, it’s wailing!

Mark stared down at the stoop and blinked.

Two tiny babies were nestled side by side in car seats on his front porch. They were covered with blankets, and small red hats sporting white pom-poms on dangly pointed tips perched on their miniature heads. Their cherubic round faces burned bright red, as the infants called out like a pair of startled seagulls.

Waahhh! Waahhh! Waahhh!

Mark’s heart thudded in his chest. Then it pounded harder.

What on earth is going on?

He scanned the road in front of his house, but there was no sign of tire tracks anywhere. Mark’s gaze traveled back to the screeching infants. Next, he noticed the huge stack of stuff that had been off-loaded beside them. A portable, pack-and-carry furniture contraption of some sort… Hefty canvas bags stuffed with… Mark inched forward and braved a peek. Baby food and formula? And, in another pile next to that… Package after package of disposable diapers. A very large red denim diaper bag decorated with a smiling white snowman leaned against the porch railing. The diaper bag was bedecked with a set of enormous jingle bells attached with sparkly red cord to its shoulder strap.

It suddenly dawned on Mark what was happening.

Nooooo. No way!

Someone had dumped a set of twins on him at Christmas!


Ginny BairdHow will bachelor doctor Mark handle his new arrivals? And, will pretty social worker Natalie become a part of his plan? Download Jingle Bell Babies to find out!


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September 9, 2017

Ginny Baird I’m excited to have a new “book baby” in the world! The Doctor Orders Christmas (Christmas Town Book 4) released this week. One of the things I love best about this story is the intense chemistry between former high school sweethearts, Kurt and Savannah. Here’s a glimpse at their first kiss when they meet again years later at Savannah’s sister’s wedding. I hope you’ll become intrigued by Kurt and Savannah’s tale and decided to learn more by purchasing the book. Happy reading and an early merry Christmas to all!

Come home this Christmas to…
Where everyday dreams come true!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird continues her heartwarming holiday series…

(Christmas Town, Book 4)

Christmas Town doctor Kurt Christmas has loved high school guidance counselor Savannah Livingston his entire life. While he’s had plenty of opportunity to meet beautiful and accomplished women, playboy bachelor Kurt hasn’t become seriously interested in any of them. He still pines for the stunning redheaded rebel with emerald-green eyes, who took his breath away at sixteen. When Kurt and Savannah reconnect in Tennessee at Savannah’s sister’s wedding, that old flame reignites and Kurt finds himself hoping for a brand new start. Yet Savannah’s current circumstances in Miami threaten to hold her at bay. If Kurt could write a prescription for anything, it would be to win Savannah’s heart. But will love be enough to conquer the secrets that stand between them?


“That’s in the past,” she said, her words warbling. “We can’t go back.”

“Then, how about moving forward?” He searched her eyes and a tidal wave of emotion crashed over her. “It’s not too late, Savannah. Not too late for us.”

Savannah had fervently dreamed of this moment, but now that it was real—everything about it felt wrong. Everything but the sultry aroma of his aftershave that reminded her of salty sea breezes and pine, and the heady way he gazed into her eyes. Kurt slowly released her wrists and slipped Savannah’s arms around his neck.

As much as she’d tried to fight it, there was no battling her attraction to Kurt. Savannah was as much his at this moment as she’d been as a teen. Maybe more. For time hadn’t diminished her craving for Kurt Christmas. Its passage had merely strengthened that yearning.

“I don’t want the moon,” he sexily whispered. His lips brushed over hers and Savannah’s heart fluttered. “I’d settle for seeing the stars with you for just one night.”

“One night?” she asked weakly. “And, then what?”

“I’m hoping you’ll still be there in the morning.”

Kurt cupped her face in his hands and she sighed into his kiss. Deep, heartfelt, and lovely…as the world tumbled around them and the sun slowly set on the horizon.

Then the years fell away and Savannah surrendered to his charms.

Copyright © 2017

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September 1, 2017

Ginny Baird Wow! It's hard to believe we're in the final countdown! Just six more days until this book's release. Yay! To gear up for the big day, I'm sharing another preview from the book. I hope you enjoy this "sneak peek" into Kurt and Savannah's story.

Come home this Christmas to…
Where everyday dreams come true!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird continues her heartwarming holiday series…

(Christmas Town, Book 4)

Christmas Town doctor Kurt Christmas has loved high school guidance counselor Savannah Livingston his entire life. While he’s had plenty of opportunity to meet beautiful and accomplished women, playboy bachelor Kurt hasn’t become seriously interested in any of them. He still pines for the stunning redheaded rebel with emerald-green eyes, who took his breath away at sixteen. When Kurt and Savannah reconnect in Tennessee at Savannah’s sister’s wedding, that old flame reignites and Kurt finds himself hoping for a brand new start. Yet Savannah’s current circumstances in Miami threaten to hold her at bay. If Kurt could write a prescription for anything, it would be to win Savannah’s heart. But will love be enough to conquer the secrets that stand between them?


The next box she opened held a happy surprise: marionette puppets on strings! And, they were holiday puppets, too! Santa in his sleigh and a whole team of individual reindeer… She shuffled carefully through the box and counted. Yep, there seemed to be eight of them. But where was poor Rudolph?

Savannah lifted a reindeer puppet out of the box and gently untangled its strings. Its wobbly reindeer legs with big clunky hooves were so cute! And, its little reindeer smile and big, bright eyes—delightful! Savannah stood up straight and gave the marionette a go, helping it walk across the hardwood floor. Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop. Savannah giggled like a gleeful child. Oh, these puppets were fun!

“That one’s name is Cupid.”

Savannah looked up with a jolt to find Kurt standing in the doorway dressed in an open overcoat and holding his fedora. “How do you know?”

Kurt twinkled in her direction. “There’s a name tag around his neck.”

Savannah laughed in surprise when she realized it was true. She’d been so busy playing she hadn’t even noticed. She peered down in the box, seeing the others also wore collars with names on them.

“Well, I think he’s darling.” She scooped the puppet up in her hands and carried it over to Kurt. “What do you think?”

“Precious, yes.” But his eyes were on her.

“I was talking about the puppet, Kurt.”

“I was, too,” he lied.

Copyright © 2017 Ginny Baird

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August 21, 2017

Ginny Baird I'm very excited that my newest book in the Christmas Town series releases in less than three weeks! To celebrate the fact that the final draft is off to the editor, I'm revealing this brief excerpt today. I hope you'll become intrigued by Kurt and Savannah's story and preorder your e-book copy. New to Christmas Town? Feel free to start with this book or any book in the series. All four so far are stand-alone reads, although you may want to begin with Book 1, The Christmas Cookie Shop, to get the best feel for the characters and the town.

Come home this Christmas to…
Where everyday dreams come true!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird continues her heartwarming holiday series…

(Christmas Town, Book 4)

Christmas Town doctor Kurt Christmas has loved high school guidance counselor Savannah Livingston his entire life. While he’s had plenty of opportunity to meet beautiful and accomplished women, playboy bachelor Kurt hasn’t become seriously interested in any of them. He still pines for the stunning redheaded rebel with emerald-green eyes, who took his breath away at sixteen. When Kurt and Savannah reconnect in Tennessee at Savannah’s sister’s wedding, that old flame reignites and Kurt finds himself hoping for a brand new start. Yet Savannah’s current circumstances in Miami threaten to hold her at bay. If Kurt could write a prescription for anything, it would be to win Savannah’s heart. But will love be enough to conquer the secrets that stand between them?


“Savannah, please.” The words were a tender petition. “Don’t go.”

“Kurt, I…” She inhaled deeply, gathering her resolve. “We,” she said more firmly. Though her composure was a farce. “We’ve got nothing to talk about.”

“You know I don’t believe that. There’s a lot more to say, starting with why…” Kurt stepped an inch closer and the front of his tuxedo shirt grazed her back. Due to the sweltering heat, he’d removed his bow tie and jacket the moment the photo session ended.

“That was ages ago,” Savannah said, even though in her heart it seemed like only yesterday.

“That doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.”

“We were kids, Kurt.”

“That’s what others saw,” he said hoarsely. “Not the truth that we knew.”

“I don’t want that truth anymore.”

“Don’t you…?” His arms slid around her, and Savannah’s breath hitched. Kurt was better looking now than he ever was. He stood just over six feet tall with a solid buff frame, and dark blond hair offsetting his rugged features. “Carter tells me that you and James are no longer together.”

“That’s my business,” she said unconvincingly. “Not yours.”

“I could make it mine, if you’d let me…”

Copyright © 2017 Ginny Baird

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June 26, 2017

If you’re curious about how I came up with the idea of including a matchmaking rooster in my romance, I have a story to tell… When I was a little girl (about five years old) and visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico, a family friend surprised me with a “gift pack” of four dyed Easter chicks! I was delighted with my new babies, naming them Pinkie, Greenie, Winkie and Blinkie. While I’m not sure how I came upon the information, I was told I was in possession of two boys and two girls.

Even in the days before Homeland Security screenings, getting my new brood home to Charlotte, NC presented a challenge. My dear, supportive mother helped me transport them two-by-two in small cardboard parakeet boxes, which I carried on board the airplane. Halfway between San Juan and Miami, a fellow passenger complained about a “peeping sound” coming from my seat. When we were questioned about carrying livestock aboard an airline by the staff, my quick-thinking Puerto Rican mom told the inquiring flight attendant that we merely transporting Spanish parakeets! This was obviously why they sounded different…

After I protested that these were my pets, the kind-hearted captain allowed them to ride in the cockpit with him, as birds were not allowed in the cabin on planes. I’m not sure how we finagled the next leg of the trip from Miami to Charlotte, but no doubt my pretty and outgoing mother had something to do with it. She was a lovely lady and very skilled at charming people, even apparently airline pilots!

Once home in our “Old Charlotte” city neighborhood, we had additional hurdles to overcome, including receiving consent from my father for keeping the chicks. As he’d had a fine-feathered friend of his own as a child, my normally strict dad had a soft spot for chickens. So, he let me keep my mini flock, constructing a chicken coop in our backyard around an old abandoned doghouse that our beagle never used.

Sadly, the female chicks did not survive that first cold North Carolina winter. But the two lads in the group, Winkie and Blinkie, grew into big fine birds, who were incredibly tame and housetrained. When my father wasn’t home, I brought them in the house and they never messed up a thing!

Alas, my happiness with my two pet roosters did not last. As time went on, an unknown neighbor reported the crack-of-dawn crowing from our urban backyard. Soon, my dad had arranged for my chicken friends to go live on a farm with a professional colleague of his, who had children about my age. Unfortunately, my roosters did not behave themselves there and were summarily sent away to some unspecified location, I’m not sure I care to think about to this day.

While I can’t fix the past, I realized I had an opportunity to arrange a happier outcome for a rooster in my fiction. I also thought that including a rooster in a romance could provide a fun and unusual angle to your typical boy-meets-girl tale. Hence, my new romantic comedy Crazy for You about a matchmaking rooster who takes two lonely hearts under his wing.

I hope you’ll check out the book and let me know how you like it! The e-book is available for preorder now and the paperback will be out soon. The photos on this page are of me as child with my mother in Puerto Rico and then of me with my pets back at home. I hope you enjoy this blast from my past, and the extra insight into my story. Chickens can be very loving, you know. It’s true!

Crazy for You by Ginny Baird
Crazy for You BUY LINKS


Barnes & Noble






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Published on June 26, 2017 16:06 • 235 views • Tags: chicken-story, crazy-for-you, ginny-baird, matchmaking-rooster, romantic-comedy, single-dad, sweet-romance, virginia, wholesome

June 23, 2017

Ginny Baird’s
Crazy for You
ISBN eBook 978-1-942058-25-0
ISBN Print 978-1-942058-26-7

A matchmaking rooster takes two lonely hearts under his wing. A sweet romantic comedy novella with a splash of fall color and a whole lot of heart!

~*~Coming August 15th 2017~*~
Enjoy this sneak peek from the book!

WES JOHNSON BENT down to get his morning paper at the end of his drive and an odd wailing met his ears.

Crazy! Crazy, come back here!”

Wes snatched up the morning edition and stood ramrod straight as the lady across the street barreled straight at him. She wore fuzzy pink slippers and a fluttering red robe, as she darted toward Wes like a madwoman. Her long, blond hair was flying in all directions. Well, apart from that spot near her crown holding that big hot-pink curler. And her gaze was positively manic. Wes had heard someone new had moved into the rental across the street. No one said she’d escaped from an asylum.

Crazy!” Her face contorted fiercely as she leapt at him and Wes took a giant step backwards. Something squawked at his feet, and he stared down with alarm—seeing he’d nearly stepped on a…rooster?

“I’m so sorry,” the woman said, huffing and puffing. “He kind of got away.”

“So I…figured.”

Wes was surprised to find himself thinking the tall blonde was actually quite attractive, when she wasn’t hollering at the top of her lungs. She’d clearly been captivating enough to divert Wes’s attention from the encroaching bird. He hadn’t even noticed it until he’d nearly flattened it with his loafer. Actually, no. He probably couldn’t have done that with just one foot. The brown and white speckled animal with a towering red comb had to weigh more than twenty pounds.

The woman stooped low and scooped the complacent rooster into her arms. “You naughty boy! You could have gotten hurt!”

“Yeah,” Wes said reasonably. “Including, by me.”

Her pretty blue eyes lit up, as she answered breathlessly, “I know! I’m so sorry!”

Wes watched her slack-jawed, wondering when this family neighborhood had been rezoned for livestock. The answer was never. Surely his new neighbor knew that. Or maybe she didn’t? She appeared positively out of sorts glancing around. She eyed the departing school bus rounding a faraway corner. Not five minutes ago, Wes had put his five-year-old daughter, Emma, on it.

“Do you happen to know the time?” the woman asked in a mild panic.

Wes calmly checked his watch. “It’s ten past seven.”

“Seven?” She sucked in a gasp, and clutched the bird harder. “Oh! Oh, my! I’d better run!” She bit her bottom lip then said hurriedly, “Well, thanks for stopping Crazy!”

“Crazy?” Wes viewed her perplexedly and color warmed her cheeks. Yeah, she definitely was pretty. And young. A lot younger than Wes first gave her credit for. Not more than thirty, at most.

“That’s the name of my pet.” Her blush deepened as she explained further, “He showed up on my doorstep on Saturday morning.”

“During that terrible storm?”

She shrugged sheepishly. “I couldn’t just leave him out in the rain.”


A flicker of amusement crossed his handsome face, and Mary Ellen’s heart pounded. What had she been thinking, bringing that wayward chicken into her house? It had been a far-flung idea. Ludicrous! Something that had occurred to her in the weakest of weak moments. She’d glanced up and down the empty street, then into the rooster’s sad dark eyes. He’d looked precisely like she’d felt. Defeated. Downcast… And, utterly alone. He’d also appeared rather like a drowned rat, only a bit larger and with soaking white feathers.

Mary Ellen’s heart immediately went out to the pitiful looking creature. At the same time, he seemed concerned for her. It was if he could intuitively tell that Mary Ellen was badly in need of a friend. As she’d only been in Paradise, Virginia a few days, she hadn’t exactly had the chance to meet anybody… Until now!

Mary Ellen realized with a jolt that her first potential introduction stood staring her in the eyes. His eyes were a verdant meadow green, too. Lush and inviting. Stop it, Mary Ellen! she scolded herself firmly. This gorgeous dark-haired guy is surely married!

She spotted the small pink bicycle with training wheels through the open garage door at his back, and her suspicions were confirmed. Of course, he was taken. All the cute ones typically were. This was probably why no adorable kittens had landed on her stoop, and she’d been saddled with a humongous chicken instead.

She shifted Crazy in her arms and jutted out her hand. “I’m Mary Ellen. Nice to meet you.”

He gave a slow curious grin and a dimple settled in his right cheek. “Wes.” He took her hand and Mary Ellen’s heart fluttered. Not good at all. She had to get away from this very married man. “Welcome to Sweetheart Valley Hills,” he said, referencing the name of the neighborhood.

Mary Ellen’s hand shot to the top of her head when she saw him goggling that way. Argh. She’d totally forgotten about that roller! If she didn’t wear it to bed, her hair developed a cowlick, sticking straight up near her center part. Sort of like… She briefly glanced at the bird she held.

“So you named your rooster Crazy?” Wes asked, interrupting her thoughts.

She hadn’t done it immediately. She’d decided on the name during his arduous first night at home, during which she’d realized roosters can make an awful lot of noise when provoked.

Apparently, being cooped up in the laundry room was provoking. He’d completely clawed up the door and left untidy animal droppings all over the dryer. Mary Ellen found a place near the edge of town that sold wire cages and chicken feed by searching online, and had raced out to purchase more suitable supplies the next morning.

She stealthily eyed her pet, noting he was being suspiciously quiet. Probably dreaming up something crafty to do. He’d stolen several pieces of her jewelry already, and had made an utter wreck of her house. Which was why he was staying penned up today while she was away.

“Um, yeah,” she said, her teeth gritted just slightly. “I know it sounds a little weird.”

“Not any crazier than having a chicken for a pet.” He grinned and Mary Ellen’s heart hammered harder. Okay, this was it. She absolutely had to go. She and men were a bad combination these days. She’d just traveled clear across the state to forget about one of them.

Clean air, bucolic surrounding countryside! With scenic Blue Ridge Mountain views and a charming downtown area. The Chamber of Commerce materials had made the historic town of Paradise, Virginia sound really intriguing, until she’d actually arrived here and realized she didn’t know a soul in town. Hence, Mary Ellen’s foolhardy acceptance of her fine-feathered houseguest.

She’d tried phoning the SPCA before going to the Horse and Hay Feed and Seed, but no local farmers had reported a rooster missing. As best the volunteer answering the phone could guess, Crazy might have fallen off a chicken truck a few days before. There’d been a minor fender bender on the bypass, and a handful of foul had escaped. When Mary Ellen asked where the truck had been going, the fellow answered, “Lady, you don’t want to know.”

He further said that if she’d found one of the birds, she might as well hang onto him. She could either do that, or bring Crazy to the shelter, where the rooster could take his chances in finding a new adoptive home—or not. Chickens are very loving, you know, the shelter worker had told her leadingly. Yours will likely have a much longer life expectancy with you, than in the place where he was headed…

She’d hung up the phone and tossed the half-price oven roaster chicken she’d bought on sale directly in the freezer with a pang of guilt. Who knew if she’d ever eat poultry again?

“I’d love to stay and chat,” she told Wes, stepping sideways. Luckily this was a quiet street and they lived on a cul-de-sac, so no cars were coming. “But I’ve got to get to work!”

“Yeah, me too.” He perused her oddly, quietly assessing her. “Well, Mary Ellen…” He tipped his rolled-up paper in a salute. “Have a good day!”

She inched toward the curb, nearly stumbling off it. “Yeah! You, too!”

Then, she clutched Crazy to her chest and scurried back across the street, mortification seeping through her. Hopefully things would go better at her new job! The day surely couldn’t get any more humiliating than this. Oh yeah, it could, she thought as she tripped out of one of her slippers. The icy cold grass met her toes, snaking between them. It was mid-October and the lawn was frosty, a fine morning mist masking the air.

Mary Ellen tightened her grip on Crazy and quickly nabbed her slipper, brandishing it at Wes in a wave. Then she scuttled toward her house in a hop-skipping motion that caused Crazy to blink up at her. “Don’t say a word,” she hissed softly. “Not one little peep.”


Wes sat as his desk in the principal’s office at Turtle Creek Elementary, going over his secretary’s notes. He’d only been gone two weeks, but they had been eventful ones. His daughter’s kindergarten teacher had experienced some sort of public meltdown in front of the class. She’d sobbed that she still loved her ex-husband and was going back to him, “in spite of what he’s done”…and had to be dragged from the room—in a fit of hysteria—by her teaching assistant. The outburst had supposedly been inspired by the class voting to name their new pair of guinea pigs Romeo and Juliet. The TA had unwittingly suggested it, and no one had been able to reach Ms. Cantor since. She’d left a resignation note in the secretary’s mailbox the next morning and bolted for somewhere over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The stack of phone messages Wes had to answer from troubled parents was enormous. At least, he’d have good news to share about a suitable replacement when he returned the calls. Fortunately, the school secretary, Becky, had been able to line up an experienced substitute, while Central Office moved quickly to fill the unexpected vacancy. They had a few candidates in mind who’d applied to the district after the start of the year. Upon completing virtual interviews with their optimal long-distance candidates, they’d found the perfect match. Someone with good credentials who appeared very level headed.

Miss Meeks was a younger teacher, but she came highly recommended by her previous school. After three satisfactory years on the job, she’d taken a few months off to care for her sickly mother. Talented, stable, responsible, with obviously solid family values. This candidate sounded ideal. Wes hadn’t had time to peruse her folder, but he’d take a quick look now. The new teacher was due in at any minute to complete her paperwork, receive a tour of the school, and meet her kindergarten class. She’d begin teaching tomorrow.

Wes ran a hand through his hair, thinking the timing of this classroom catastrophe couldn’t have been worse. He wished he’d been here personally to be involved in the hiring process, but he trusted Central Office to have made a good pick. It wasn’t like Wes could have prevented his absence anyway. He and Emma had been on the West Coast for the sad occasion of Emma’s grandma’s passing. First, the little girl had lost her mother, and now the maternal grandparent she held so dear. The loss had hit Wes hard as well.

His late mother-in-law, Carol, was the last bit of Patricia’s family he had left. Carol’s husband, Derek, had died years before, not too long after Wes and Patricia’s wedding. Derek had never known his granddaughter, Emma. And, the little girl had only been blessed with a few short years of knowing her mother, before Patricia succumbed to cancer.

That had been two and a half years ago, and Emma’s vague memories of her mom were fading already. Naturally, Emma hadn’t been old enough to remember much, but she did claim to recall Patricia’s lovely singing voice. Wes sometimes thought he still heard it…through Emma’s open bedroom window, late in the evening after Emma had been tucked into bed and he sat on his front porch alone. But Wes understood that was all in his head, and in his very lonely heart.

Someone knocked at his door and Wes stared at the folder in his hands, realizing he hadn’t even cracked it open. He’d been so lost in his reverie about Patricia, and her mom’s recent funeral, he’d totally lost track of the time. He swallowed hard past the lump in his throat, gathering his resolve. He was at work, for crying out loud. Not to mention the principal. He had no business bringing his personal worries here.

Wes straightened his pumpkin-patterned tie over the button-down shirt he wore beneath his tweed jacket. He then called loudly, “Come in!”

Becky slowly opened the door, and Wes gawked at the apparition. It couldn’t be, but it was! His nutty chicken-chasing neighbor from across the street.

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