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March 26, 2019

The Jungle Rules Trilogy

Jungle Rules is the first book in a planned trilogy about a small group of retired SEALs who fight for justice. They work undercover for three-letter government agencies against great odds. The missions depicted in Jungle Rules - and those books to follow - are quite realistic in terms of what well trained operators can do in the field. But the books also develop the many personal issues that arise with working so close to the edge. I've kept them exciting enough to make readers turn the pages - but I also have some important things to say. In the end, these books are about leadership, loyalty, and love. The second book "A More Perfect Union" deals with White Nationalist Terrorism, out late this year; the third will speculate on what Manuel Noriega would have done to get revenge on the United States - if he could have. I should know; I was there when we captured him.
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Published on March 26, 2019 16:14 Tags: corruption, drug-war, jungle-warfare, mercenaries, seals