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December 15, 2017

yeah, I know, "Black's the new black," all over again. Swings and roundabouts. Once more round the sun, dear art friends.

But here's what started it.

100 cm by 100 cm black primer over a gloss painting
And here's the most recent Black'd Work, with the addition of metallic silver conversing with metallic gold.

3 x 80 cm by 60 cm
2 x 100 cm by 100 cm
2 x 60 cm by 60 cm

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Published on December 15, 2017 10:35

December 12, 2017

now this was gorgeous, already the dream was vivid and memorable and surreal but then it did this...

I got a splinter.

Yeah, a tiny little splinter at the tip of my left index finger. So, I got the fingernails of my right hand under it and started to pull. And it came out, but then a new one grew. So I pulled that one out but it came and came and came...

Then it turned decidedly weird, like I was pulling out an insect foot, shin, thigh.... I could see the hairs on the insect leg as I pulled and pulled this thing out of my index finger and it kept coming. But that was only the leg and it was already too big to pull out of the finger ref: image for scale. I realised I was dreaming (it was like I did a 'reality check') and woke up, as I'd seen enough...

I realised, very soon after waking, that it was a message to PULL MY FUCKING FINGER OUT and this refers to stuff I've been putting off in my life - yes, I have a list.  :)
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Published on December 12, 2017 00:45

December 10, 2017

at last, a trailer for the James Cameron (produced) and Robert Rodriguez (directed) live-action part-rendered manga-adaptation ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL

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Published on December 10, 2017 09:13

December 9, 2017


I suspect the original function of Star Citizen's MobiGlas was to 'give the player a one-stop solution to all the info he need;, his stats, his missions, his place in the verse...' non-quote. I'm sure that would have been the original aim. But (like the clunky ship-manifest screens) it's shit...  Star Citizen isn't supposed to be a MobiGlas game, it's supposed to be about Star Citizen'ing.

And CIG don't tell me, "We can improve the glowing semi-transparent interface so that it works with all lighting conditions and backgrounds," I don't mean that. I mean, "Get a fucking game-specific interface," i.e. THINK about what Star Citizen's about. Make the interface WORK WITHIN THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL FRUSTRUM OF THE GAME CAMERA. There's nothing worse than a Spreadsheet game. Don't do that to the player in 2018. Don't make him fly a fucking spreadsheet.

This may refer back to my earlier gripe(s) about Doors and Hyperspace. I digress'd... We accept, from our two previous arguments that IT'S A GAME, not a RLE or Real-Life Emulator. Uncanny Valley will not be breached this century. Plus, one doesn't need to, to make fun interactive product. Set some game rules and apply them to the gaming experience.

Your ship has hard points for weapons, WHY ARE YOU USING MOBI GLAS all of a sudden?

Surely THE GAME knows what your inventory contains and can visually cycle through your load options for that weapons hard point for you. Visually, in front of you. It doesn't need to 'raises its arm, defocuses the background, plays plunkety sound fx, to present an overlaid spreadsheet.....' blah blah blah, you see how tedious this is to use for EVERY SINGLE THING the player does in the game. Time after time after time through the gaming hours. Or maybe you don't. Maybe CIG you REALLY NEED HELP to design something that's physically usable for the kind of game you're hoping to complete as 2020 looms.

Same with Star Map, just show the Verse as seen through the start-point of the current view screen. Whether that's a view of the universe or just a view of the local terrain/city. You're already there. Why send the player's mind elsewhere? 

It's obvious from the duality in the player's interaction with the current iteration of the game e.g. you can Think a door open, or you can press a Door Open button, that serious design decisions have yet to be made. Are you really going to go down the path of clicking every single button in the game some time in the next two years? With all the extra coding or animations that'll need? When will the game start to understand that IT IS THERE TO SERVE THE PLAYER, not knee-cap or ham-string him through clunky-clicky game mechanics that CIG seem perversely fond of. Just cut to the gaming chase, and show him what he needs to Star Citizen (vb) his gaming session, on the screen that he's playing on.

What I saying is, "The current player interaction functionality needs GUTTING i.e. removing," from the game.

MobiGlas takes the player away from his beautiful game, it banishes him from the beauty of it so that he can comply with a database representation of fun. Come on, UP THE FUN and make this game as visually stimulating as it is (already) a shimmering QT-jewel in the gamer's eye.
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Published on December 09, 2017 01:19

December 6, 2017

My solo exhibition of recent abstract art on canvas, in Caffe Nero @ Oxford UK's flagship Blackwell's book store in Broad Street, was brought forward from mid-December to right now. The exhibition officially opened at 9am on the 4th December 2017, and is due to close on the 31st January 2018: so eight weeks.

There's a combined A4 laminated BIO and PRICELIST dotted round the show, and all the paintings have a relevant number, from 1 to 12, but they're abstract and therefore there is no title to help you work out what the image is supposed to mean to you.

Current customer/colleague favourite, below, is the gloss-white on white canvas. If you go, let me know, I'm just downstairs in the Broad Street > Norrington Room > Science Dept.

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Published on December 06, 2017 10:15 • 1 view

December 5, 2017

I didn't know this, and I'm delighted to discover, that two of my favourite figurative artist Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele actually met in person, here captured together in this image circa 1902.

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Published on December 05, 2017 23:23

November 30, 2017

as far as I can tell.... nope, there's no point!

Is it a Manual Handling game or is it a Thinkerterface game?
Is it a Quantum Engine travel game or a Pre-chosen Jump Point game?
Is it a MobiGlas game or is it a 1987's-styled screen-menu game?

Star Citizen's out there in 3.0 alpha version and good luck to you if you're in 'the verse'. If I were in production of this game I'd start from scratch, choose which of the above games we want it to be, and get on with making entry-exit and space-desert just flow better. Currently, "I just can't work out what the hell it's supposed to be," and the game gives no decisive clues either way.

Star Map must come off MobiGlas as it's a SHIP FUNCTION, ffs.

Star Citizen has been in development for five years and is (seriously) due a design refresh and restatement of intent.
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Published on November 30, 2017 13:34

November 28, 2017

When architects make a building complex with grounds, parking areas, facilities, paths and entry/exit points i.e. doors etc. they often dictate how 'the humans' should address the various aspects of the engineered space. They call it design. They call it unified corporate vision. But this is not how humans work.

Line of Sight Gaming Architecture:
this is the key to folding together the various LSGA issues with Star Citizen.

It's not even complicated, nor am I going to waste too many words on it, suffice to say, "All functionality must originate from the player's current perspective."

Camera switching: always move from WHERE YOU ARE NOW to whichever saved camera view by the shortest curved path in a planar arc.  Ship entry-exit: assign an animation to the ladder, yes, but allow for free entry (or exit) to the ladder at a custom point along the ladder animation so that the player can approach the ladder at any angle, at any speed, and still make a smooth transition to the ladder. Hell, maybe in the future he'll be able to utter the command, "Ship, meet me on Pad04, I'm coming in hot!" Maps: On planet, MobiGlas shows an architectural map of the region of the planet you're on - flatten it into 2D space, even on the smallest planetoids. If you want to add wireframe blueprints, why not. But... In ship, revert map-showing to the ship you're in i.e. don't have mapping on MobiGlas. Have it as an extention of the craft. Also, allow both curved Quantum Travel (so that you keep the destination in view, just one movable curve point should do it) and curved pre-atmospheric Quantum Jump so that you can 'visually' plot a speed-course to the extent of that planetoid's atmosphere... just to kill the end-QT to atmos-entry DEAD ZONE. And it is a gaming dead zone not worth filling with 'tasks'. Trust me on this.

Remember, humans are two-dimensional land-based now-location beings, offer them a simple 2D-planar interface from where they are now and you will make more sense for the player in 3D. Seriously...
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Published on November 28, 2017 00:40 • 1 view

November 24, 2017

Star Citizen 3.0 has been released to the first wave of the wider PTU or Persistent Universe.
Five years into production, "Is it time for CGI or RSI to 'do a Nintendo' and scrap most of what they're calling Star Citizen in favour of what really works," i.e. the core gaming mechanism for PTU or non-Squadron 42 narrative-cinematic mode. What are RSI hoping to deliver to the backers/players of Star Citizen beta?

Here we see (and hear) joyful Frenchman Hugo Lisoir very happy to have landed his loverly ship on a loverly moon. And he's right, "Eet luke's luverly," but what is it? This sandbox of space traversal and economy? Is it still within its original Kickstarter remit? Should it just become something all its own already, and quit trying to be 'something it's not'?

closing comments:
why does the new player keep waking up in Port Olisar, when he should be waking up in his own sleeping pod (where he logged out) in his own ship (which he can't play the game without)? where is that ship kept once it blinks out of Persistence, once the player has been logged out for n-period? if this logged-out ship ends up in 'your own hangar', "What is that hyper-dimensional container and how does it access static HyperSpace as its storage medium?" what is your hangar? How are you storing all these ships anyway? If I was on a landing pad where my ship is to be delivered, what would I see?how are you even changing/buying clothing? Where is the clothing coming from, or going to when you're trying stuff on? why does that stop-from-jog animation play EVERY FUCKING TIME no matter how slow you were walking just before you stopped? I mean, "Come on!"if you can fly in-atmosphere upside down at zero transit speed, "Why doesn't the seat-belt-less player(s) not fall out of his(her (their)) chair(s)?" is there no inertia in this physics model?Quantum Drive or QT: why is it 'gate based' and not engine-based. The player should be able to QT from-to wherever he chooses. It's his engine, there's no 'permission to use engine' functionality across the EU-verse. Is there? in-atmosphere QT-age, what's wrong with that. Make it a feature, ffs. Make it spectacular if you have to. You have a glorious particle system, and you can make hypersonic booming noises to accompany the light show.if you control QT with MobiGlas, does this mean the ship has no QT interface? Really? So then the game is a centrally located remote control simulation of space travel? Is there a 'superior alien race' narrative to accommodate such feature creep?why do we still have Olisar-consoles if MobiGlas is COMPULSORY? will people have to physically queue to get an audience with Miles Eckhart? Is there also a black bread queue?how can you sit in a high-backed chair in super-armour and with all weapon slots filled with railguns and heavy rifles etc.? ships can't land (and deploy their back door) on non-flat planets.... ladder entry on ships is glitchy as fuck, still. Has been since day one. Needs to be more fluid, i.e. player should be able to run up to a ladder, jump on it and continue to climb the ladder. weather particles are rendered INSIDE a planet-landed ship you can open a door with both the door controls and the point-n-click highlight interface... silly. switching camera views is non-curved so that from back view to front view the camera still ploughs straight through the ship.
Really guys, fix this game.
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Published on November 24, 2017 03:49 • 1 view

November 22, 2017

See, this is just weird, and one UFO Experiencer I haven't yet heard... Steven Boucher. He tells of a couple of abduction or visitor experiences he's had (at age 4 and age 14). He talks about the spirit (not religion). He talks about the 'greys'. His story is conveyed in a perfectly flat lucid Canadian monotone and it's made me want to research his story quite a lot more.

"I ain't going down there, dad," Bill Hicks talking about Jesus 1992-3 :)

...and here's a follow-on bit about Boucher's hypnosis sessions with legendary UFO-investigator Bud Hopkins, which kinda fills me with a kind of dread... I'm not convinced by Bud's stuff, let's say.

FURTHER STUDY: if you were chilled by Boucher, get ready to be machine-gunned by the delivery of (official) UFO-blogger Grant Cameron - a completely different style of delivery, trust me.

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Published on November 22, 2017 01:32