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Today's the Fourth of July.

America's Independence Day.

A day of nationwide celebration.

But what will Americans celebrate this year?

The loss of their jobs?

The loss of their business?

The loss of their homes?

The loss of their retirement funds?

The loss of their health benefits?

The loss of their dreams?

The loss of their hope?

The loss of their planet?

This year, on the Fourth of July, we look at a different country.

A divided country. A fallen country.

Instead of celebrating the birth of a nation,

We will be celebrating the death of a nation.

Instead of celebrating a nation based on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,

We will be celebrating a nation based on Greed, Arrogance, and Torture.

Maybe this year America should celebrate something new.

This year, instead of celebrating the birth of a nation, we should celebrate the re-birth of a nation.

Instead of celebrating the failures of the past, maybe we should celebrate the possibilities of the future.

Maybe America has finally grown up.

Grown up to be the nation it originally set out to be.

A nation based on Freedom, not torture.

A nation based on hard work, not entitlement.

A nation based on conservation, not annihilation.

A nation based on peace, not war.

A nation "we the people" can all be proud of,


Happy Fourth of July.

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