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Ok, so this is my first blog post for Goodreads (although I've been a member here forever). My debut novel THE FORSAKEN is being released July 10, 2012 by Simon & Schuster. I'm planning on doing some giveaways and running some contests as we get closer to the release date! I'm also planning on writing some awesome blog posts for Goodreads... but I usually plan to do much more than I can actually accomplish, so who knows what will happen? ;) Right now, I'm working on a book trailer for THE FORSAKEN (that I hope will turn out really cool!) Anyway, in the meantime, come visit me on twitter or be my friend on facebook or visit my website. More updates coming soon! Oh yeah, and feel free to send me an email to say hi at, or if you run a blog and want to review THE FORSAKEN, contact my publicist Lydia Finn at for an ARC or eGalley. Phew! Ok, so that's enough links and email addresses for now. It's a nice day so I'm going to go outside and get some sun and grab some lunch!
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