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It started innocently enough.
It was fourth of July, and the night was hot and dry, a huge orange moon hanging in the sky. A good night for fireworks, and laughter. My husband Eric and I headed off to Mom and Jim’s, ready to light up the night.
At the end of our street, there was a large frog.
“Go save him,” my husband urged, slamming on the breaks.
Dutiful wife I was, I hurried out, and made a grab for the frog, who leapt for the ditch and disappeared. Happily to have gotten off so easy, I went back to the car.
We got another hundred yards, and then the toads began appearing. First there were little ones near the side of the road. And then we came to a huge one right in the middle.
Again the car screeched to a halt, and I leapt from the car. But this time I grabbed the large toad and brought him back with me. I settled him in my lap, and he promptly peed all over me.
Disgruntled now, I told Eric no more stopping, or there would be no fireworks. So we got to my parents’ road, and there was another toad smack in the middle of the road. This time Eric grabbed him, tossing him to me. The other toad peeded on me again, by way of welcome.
Exiting the car, we let both toads go on the lawn, and I oohed and ahhed over the bright splashes of light, trying not to think about my wet pants.
An hour later, after cleaning up, we were back on the road, heading home. Halfway there, in thick fog, we again began to see toads in the road. With many stops and starts, Eric gathered another three toads up, and I gathered more cold pee on my pants. Adding to this was that one of the toads was a talker, who peeped at me almost constantly, exciting his two smaller brethren to straining to get free.
Arriving home, I exited the car, and with relief set the three toads near the ditch leading to the pond. The Great Toad Rescue was over. The Time of Showering was finally here.
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