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Since this is my first Goodreads blog I thought I would write the most important message I could starting off.

That would be to send out a big thank-you to everyone who had taken a chance on my books. I realize how much of a gamble it can be to try out a new author so the fact you've spent your hard earned money and used up your free time to read my work means more to me than you can imagine.

When I first started writing I never dreamed that my books would be as well received as they have been. This past Sat. night "Moan for Uncle" made it to #2 on Amazon's erotica bestsellers list! My head is still spinning just thinking about it. I've since been beaten back down to #4, (not complaining, just saying...) but I got to feel what it was like to be #2 for a few hours and I loved it!

And it was all thanks to you.

I welcome feedback, good and critical. Honest... I welcome some "hard love" now and then, it makes writers grow into better writers. We can't fix it if we don't know it's broken right? :)

So, thank you all again for your support. Without you guys buying - and hopefully enjoying - my books, they wouldn't be where they are today.

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Published on November 21, 2011 09:07 • 87 views • Tags: erotic-fiction, erotic-romance, erotica, explicit-sex, incest, taboo-erotica, terry-towers

I've been having some questions over sequels to my books. Well, when I write my books I usually have no intention of there being sequels. However, sometimes there are characters that touch me - and hopefully you, my readers - enough that they justify another book to continue their story. So here are my current thoughts and I welcome input from readers so please feel free to speak out and tell me what you want to read.

Moan For Uncle - I am currently in the process of finishing Moan For Uncle 2 : Keeping it Secret. It should be out this week sometime. I've had such great feedback from my readers over Grant and Nikki, and they are a couple of my favourite characters so I had no choice but to continue their story.

Little Virgin Sister's Webcam Show - It's been requested. At this time, I'm not sure... There is certainly potential for a second book involving them, I just have no idea where the next book would take them. I've been throwing some ideas around my head since it's been mentioned to me in a review... We'll see, I'll keep you posted.

Hitching a Ride - While this hasn't been as popular as some of my other works, from the moment I finished writing it, it was screaming for me to write a second instalment. So expect to see a second Hitching a Ride in the coming months.

Halloween Partner Swap - So much possibility there... I'll keep you posted.

Coming Up For Nov and Dec

Moan For Uncle 2 : Keeping it Secret
Daddy's Banging the Babysitter
Second Chance With Teacher
The Major and His Soldier Girl (title may change)

Thank you all for your support of my work,

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Published on November 23, 2011 04:58 • 113 views • Tags: erotic-series, erotica, explicit-sex, hardcore-erotica, moan-for-uncle, sequel, series, terry-towers
I've had some wonderful feedback from readers about "Moan For Uncle" and requests to continue on with the story. While the first "Moan For Uncle" was meant to be a single, stand-alone story there was so much room to grow with this couple that a sequel was certainly possible. Needless to say, I am delighted to continue the story of Nikki and Grant. The way that this story is written, there will be a third and final instalment (I have a couple fun plot twists already planned out) before I will retire Nikki and Grant.


Nikki is finally at college and missing her sexy Uncle Grant so badly that she’s wearing out her new best friend – her vibrator! Overjoyed that he is able to take time off to visit her for a few days, Nikki’s excitement is short-lived when her parents also turn up unannounced. With mom and dad not leaving their side, Nikki and Uncle Grant find that keeping it secret is painfully difficult.

I want to thank everyone for making the first "Moan For Uncle" so successful and I hope that it lives up to your expectations with the second instalment.

All the best,
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Published on November 27, 2011 19:03 • 124 views • Tags: incest-erotica, moan-for-uncle, moan-for-uncle-2, taboo, terry-towers
I've had some questions from readers about the third and final instalment of the "Moan For Uncle" series, so... here's the lowdown

I made a last second decision to write a Christmas book, "Daddy's Special Christmas Gift," and I'm making sure this one extra hot, to offset the cold winter night. This book is almost complete and should be available sometime this weekend.

I had plans to release "The Officer and the Corporal," (title may change) directly after the Christmas book, but decided today that I'm going to kick that back and finish it once Moan For Uncle 3 is complete and available for sale. However, it will be the next book released after Moan 3.

And finally...
This isn't written in stone, however I anticipate "Moan for Uncle 3: No More Secrets" will be ready and up for sale no later than December 20, 2011. There has been some illness in my family over the past few months so my writing schedule can sometimes be distracted or delayed - sometimes for several days at a time.

I also anticipate, being that it is the last book in the series, it will be a tad longer than the other two, simply so I can make sure all the loose ends are tied up nicely Regardless of the length it ends up being, it will be selling for the low price of just $0.99.

Thank you to everyone who has read or is considering reading the Moan for Uncle series. It's been a pleasure to write the story of Nikki and her uncle Grant for you.
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Published on December 07, 2011 08:40 • 127 views • Tags: erotic-series, erotica, moan-for-uncle, taboo, terry-towers, uncle
Originally, I wasn't going to write a Christmas book, but at the last minute a great sensual - yet raunchy - "daddy" Christmas story came to me and begged to be written. Soooo "Daddy's Special Christmas Gift" was born. Better late than never right?


It's been more than six years since Trinity has seen or spoken to her stepfather, Wade, but circumstances bring them together on Christmas Eve. She soon realizes that she no longer sees him as dad, but as the hot, sexy man that he is, and is determined to give him an extra special Christmas gift this year - her virginity.

Availability: Now at Amazon and Smashwords

I would like to take a moment to say Seasons Greetings to all of my readers and thank you for helping make my books such a success. I still have two more books planned for release this month.
"Moan For Uncle 3: No More Secrets" and
"The Officer and the Corporal." I might try to sneak "Hitching a Ride 2: Reunion" in before the new year, but I doubt that will be possible.

Again, a big thanks to all my readers.

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Published on December 12, 2011 21:04 • 111 views • Tags: christmas, daddy, explicit-sex, father-daughter-incest, incest, taboo, terry-towers
(contains spoilers if you haven't read the 1st and 2nd books yet)

First let me take a moment to thank all of my readers for trying out my series and if you're reading this then I assume you've enjoyed it so far. I'm honoured that you have chosen my books to spend your time and money on.
So now let's get down to the good stuff... the continuation of my "Moan For Uncle" Series. As most of you know I am about to release the third book in the "Moan For Uncle" series titled, "Moan For Uncle 3: No More Secrets." Now, I haven't made the blurb up yet for this book, but basically in this chapter of the story Nikki and her Uncle Grant have decided to make their engagement public. But as you will find out, there are a number of plot twists in this instalment that (I hope) will have you laughing, crying and longing for more!
Now, I know I keep saying that I'm finishing the series. First it was supposed to be a single book, then three and now (due to the requests of my readers) it's being extended to a five book series. All books will be $0.99 (never more) and what I've decided to do is release one per month. (perhaps one per three weeks) I will never end the instalments in a cliffhanger; I do not want my readers feeling like they have to read all the books in order to enjoy the series. I personally hate when authors leave cliffhangers so I have no intention of doing it myself to you guys.

So... the rundown of the stories (release dates are tentative)

Moan For Uncle - (Already released)
Moan For Uncle 2: Keeping It Secret - (Already Released)
Moan For Uncle 3: No More Secrets - (expect to see it this weekend, Dec 24/25, 2011)
Moan For Uncle 4: Skeletons In the Closet - (Estimated release date Jan 20, 2012)
Moan For Uncle 5: Love or Duty - (Estimated release date February 15, 2012)

As I have mentioned in prior blogs, I am thrilled that readers have been so pleased with this series and as long as you guys want more Nikki and Grant I am thrilled to continue their story. They are easily my favourite characters thus far and there is so much that can be done with them, and so many stories that I can tell.

I will continue to keep everyone posted, but until Moan For Uncle 3 hits the stores, "Under The Officer's Command" has just been released today! This story is a little more hardcore than my previous works, but I decided to try something a little different, so I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Season's Greetings To My Loyal Readers,
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Published on December 19, 2011 17:57 • 110 views • Tags: erotic-series, erotica, moan-for-uncle, taboo, terry-towers, uncle
I know everyone is waiting for Moan 3 to be released; it should be here this weekend. However, I have a new book out today "Under The Officer's Command." This book is a little different than my others and a little - just a little - more hardcore.

I would consider the heroine to be a strong and determined woman, but you will see that she does have a softness to her as the story progresses. The hero is devoted, loyal and very much an alpha male sort. I love my alpha males to have a soft underbelly and I think Kyle is a good example of that.


What Major Adrianne Carson wants, she gets, and what she wants is the sexy new Corporal recently transferred into her unit. Corporal Anderson is the perfect soldier; he is devoted to the army and has a high respect for its policies, including its pesky no fraternization policy. But can the Corporal resist the Major when she kicks her seduction efforts into high gear?

I'll keep everyone updated on the Moan series and Hitching a Ride 2.

Incase I don't have another chance to blog before the weekend, I just wanted to say Seasons Greetings to all of my readers I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

All the best,
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Published on December 20, 2011 16:42 • 123 views • Tags: alpha-male, erotica, light-bdsm, taoo-erotica, terry-towers
Because of the holidays I did get slightly caught up in releasing this book, however, it is now here and available for your reading pleasure! Currently it is on Smashwords, but should be showing up on Amazon tomorrow afternoon.


When Uncle Grant comes home for the holidays he finds his sweet Nikki busy - with another man! Sparks fly both in the bedroom and with the people around them as they decide to disclose their true relationship to the world. But are their loved ones ready to accept their secret?

Moan For Uncle 4: Skeletons in the Closet.

I will be setting to work on the 4th book in the next week or so. I am estimating you will see it mid-January (roughly the 20th) As I have mentioned previously I am sure if you stopped reading at this book (#3) you would be completely satisfied, the forth book is for those who simply love Grant and Nikki and - like me - just can't get enough of these two.

And yet another Update!

I will be releasing yet another book (I know I've been a busy, busy little beaver over the holidays) this weekend. The book is titled "Conjugal Visits." I will post more info, including a synopsis tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for taking a chance and hopefully enjoying the stories I have to tell and have a wonderful new year.

All the best,
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Published on December 28, 2011 16:53 • 115 views • Tags: erotic-series, explict-sex, incest-erotica, moan-for-uncle, taboo-erotica, terry-towers
First off, I hope everyone had a great holidays and an exciting, fun-filled New Years Eve. With the new year I have a new release to kick the year off right. This newest release is titled "Conjugal Visits," which may or may not become a series; I haven't decided as of yet. So anyhow, let's get down to the good stuff...


Sylvia is a good girl who has always fallen for bad boys. When she starts a relationship with Trevor, an inmate imprisoned on two counts of manslaughter, she falls hard for him. But she has a secret she's been hiding from him; a secret so heinous that she fears telling Trevor will forever change his feelings for her and end any chance of their being together once he's paroled.

Also, expect to see the second book in the Hitching a Ride series "Hitching a Ride 2: To Trust A Con," as early as this weekend. (Jan 7th)

As always, I thank everyone for following my blogs and spending their time and hard earned money on my books, I greatly appreciate it.

All the best,
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Published on January 01, 2012 09:01 • 219 views • Tags: con, erotic-romance, explicit-sex, prison, terry-towers
I have had a number of emails from readers lately so I thought I would share my responses to some of their questions incase anyone here on Goodreads has the same concerns/questions. I love to hear from readers whether it's good or bad, so please drop me a line anytime. (terrytowers@hotmail.ca)

First off, thank you for choosing and enjoying my books, each time I release a new book - especially one for the Moan For Uncle Series - I hold my breath and hope the response of the readers will be a positive one. I've been very fortunate - so far.

That being said about Moan 4...

In the 4th instalment, Nikki and Grant are happy thinking that they are well on their way to becoming Mr and Mrs Rivers. However, as Nikki finds out, there are a few skeletons in Grant's closet; skeletons that have Nikki considering calling off the wedding. It's up to Grant to make things right before he loses Nikki for good. The book description will be much better when the book is released, that was just off the top of my head of what to expect from it.

In response to story length...

As for a longer story... I do believe that number 5 is going to be a longer book. The storyline I have planned for that book is fairly involved so I'm guessing it's going to run into the high-20k/low-30k word count range or more; I'm still plotting out the details on that one. The reason my books are coming out into the 10-12k range is because originally all of my books were going to be solo books with no sequels; basically meant to be fun erotic afternoon reads. However, the response has been so overwhelming for sequels that I've decided to add additional instalments to a number of the books already released.

In Moan For Uncle's case, I received such wonderful feedback that I said two more books and we'll round the series to three. Upon releasing number three I realized that the story still had a lot of life left in it and again readers have been wanting more so I have decided on making it a monthly series... or at least until the story plays itself out. I can see six books in total - for now.

As of January 25, this is my revised release list for January:

* Conjugal Visits (Good Girls With Bad Boys) - (Released)

* Sibling Rivalry 2: Never Say Never (Released)

* The Cop and the Girl From the Coffee Shop (Released)

* Hitching a Ride 2: To Trust A Con (Jan 27)

* Moan For Uncle 4: Skeletons in the Closet (Jan 30)

* Conjugal Visits 2: New Beginnings (Postponed to Mid-Feb)

* StepSister/StepBrother Valentine's Day Erotica (Cancelled)

I've had a number of requests to carry on several of my storylines so I have dubbed January to be the month of sequels (the month of sequels may run into February) Again, thank you so much for taking a chance on my books and I hope you will be just as pleased with the next story in the line, it's going to be one of the more light-hearted of the series.

Again, thank you all for reading and Happy New Year to all!

All the best,
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Published on January 08, 2012 17:51 • 474 views • Tags: erotic-series, erotica, moan-for-uncle, new-releases, release-dates, taboo, terry-towers, uncle