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Okay, readers. You know that there was absolutely no way I could pass this up. I’m a sports fanatic, as you know, but humor sometimes goes hand-in-hand with our beloved teams, coaches, players, and so on. We are already watching the development of Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow, both of whom will be on the top of everyone’s list as far as ‘ribbing’ is concerned when the NFL kicks off. But there is one thing that I must share before it becomes overly ridiculous.

We begin with a little personal background… I had a roommate in my younger days - best friend, pain in the butt, etc. What she liked to do was prank people. Of course, she never pranked me. Why? I believe it was because I read so much Dean Koontz and Stephen King that if she did prank me, she thought I would show up at her bedroom door dressed as a character from The Shining and take her out!

Well, she got brave. One night I awoke at around three a.m. to head to the ladies room in the house. I opened my door and a six-foot-tall man was standing in the dark right outside, staring back at me. His hand was raised in the air. I screamed, I punched, and that man - oddly enough - fell down the stairs. It was as if he was light as a feather. I raced for the hallway light, switched it on, and at the bottom of the stairs was Troy Aikman staring up at me with that confused face (which is the one he always wore), ready to pass the football he had gripped in his hand. Yes, it was a cardboard cutout, and I heard my roommate laugh hysterically from behind her closed door.

Now, she not only got me with the cutout, but she knew that I was a 49ers fan living in Dallas (which is a travesty in-and-of itself down there). Frankly, if any Cowboys fan had learned that fact, I would’ve been the one facing a crowd of Stephen King characters. So she got her ‘digs’ in twice.

Yes, she’s still alive…barely. However, when I ran across the fact that a teenage girl in Colorado had brought her very own cardboard cutout to her prom, this particular incident all came back to me.

Yup, it’s all over the internet. A high school girl had actually written a letter to Justin Bieber’s record label asking for the singer to come to Colorado and be her prom date. As usual with those Hollywood types, there was no response to her kind plea. But instead of feeling badly about it she got another guy! I say, good for you! As she walked into the auditorium of Grand Valley High, she had that cutie on her arm. She headed into the prom, head held high, with a cardboard cutout of Bieber beside her and danced the night away! (I tend to think he was a far better date because she didn’t have to listen to his voice all night.)

No, no. I know what you’re thinking. When did Bieber become a subject for a sports article? Well, you see he wasn’t the only one used for this particular situation. An eighteen-year-old young lady had asked the new ‘angelic’ New York Jets quarterback, Tim Tebow, to be her date for prom over Twitter. Yes, again, these celebrities seem to think they have no time to be polite and answer back the nice letters. (I know they don’t have time for the marriage proposals or the really twisted questions - but this is a young girl and her prom; one of the biggest moments of her life, so I still feel that their assistant who goes through all the Tweets could at least point these out to the celebrities so they could take the time to send a nice note.)

Anyway, she walked right into her prom with Mr. Tebow on her arm. The life-sized cardboard cutout she made herself was actually a handsome likeness and, again, she didn’t have to listen to him yap all night.

Of course - and this is the part that seriously cracks me up - there are actual psychologists who are commenting on how ‘bad’ this is. COME ON! These same psychologists, and I will GUARANTEE you this one, folks - had posters, cutouts and everything else on their walls, in their room, their lockers, in their pocketbooks, and so on. Whether they were from the time of Beverly Hills 90210 and were swooning over Dylan McKay; or they are from today’s world trying to choose between a vampire and a werewolf, or even Corey Monteith and Matthew Morrison from Glee - every single young lady out there has a ‘go to hero’ that they just can’t find in their own high school. (By the way, guys have the ‘go-to-girl,’ too).

I actually read what one of these so-called doctors said: “Having a cardboard cutout in your bedroom can be okay, but to simulate a date or ‘real’ relationship in a public place is disallowing for real flesh and blood humans - who are not airbrushed - to interact with you.” She went on to explain: “If it were a special event, a singular ‘theme party,’ it would be healthy, but to replace a human being, especially one that is idolized - as celebrities are - is making a statement that your peers are not good enough for you.”

No offense, honey? But most of them aren’t. Let’s be real. Perhaps if you were to meet these celebrities up close and personal they would be just like the morons you meet in real life. Maybe their favorite pick-up line is, ‘Get in the truck, girlfriend!’ Who knows? But to have an imagination or to have a crush - there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s healthy. And, again, if you bring them out with you as a cardboard cutout at least they’ll shut up. (LOL)

“Celebrity idolization.” Okay, yes, sometimes it’s over-the-top. I mean, there are some who go so far that they forget the person they’re swooning over is just a regular guy, or girl, who happened to hit it big. But celebrities need to remember something, too. They were once the ones sitting in class dreaming of something. They had posters on their walls, as well. So perhaps the lucky ones should remember that without the ones ‘dreaming’ about them and supporting them - they wouldn’t have scored their dream in the first place.

I say, lighten up, guys! These were two young ladies who thought their friends would get a kick out of it and laugh. My roommate certainly did when she scared the bejeezus out of me. I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other ‘gist’ that’s out there - but I do know one thing. This world has become so ingrained with what is bad, uncool, and what not to do, that we’re bringing back a rein of humorless anger. High school is hard enough. The angst, the fear, the teasing - look at the bullying nowadays. No one is allowed to be themselves, no one is allowed to be different in any way, shape, or form without being looked down upon. And NOW we’re telling kids not to daydream? We’re telling kids NOT to have a laugh or two?

There is a line. Some people cross it (some celebrities cross it too and end up in reality shows that are simply disgusting in order to get more people to swoon over them, so they’re not innocent either.) Some people do need help or support, but the majority - no matter what the ‘holier than thou’ set want to say - are simply kids with the right to have a voice and have some fun! If that voice wants to play a ‘harmless’ prank like heading to prom with a date that’s handsome, shiny, and can be tossed out with no mess or hurt feelings when the puppy at home gnaws it to pieces - I say, so be it!

Please, please, help and support everyone. Be there to solve problems and ‘see the signs’ that are detrimental to some. BUT, for the love of god, people - let them laugh! Life is too damn short not to!

Until Next Time, Everybody!
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