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May 18, 2013

A Truly Loving Experience

In the month of May, when the Slippery Elm tree buds gently open and embrace the new season, I am reminded of the journey we took with Oscar. Mentally and emotionally, I track where we were when and my heart ponders the miracles we experienced. I keep my eye on the magnificent old tree in our front yard all year long. My eyes seek proof that it continues to thrive and grow well, and my daily observations also include a conversation or two. "You are a wonderful, magnificent tree! I am in awe of your majesty. I celebrate your graceful, powerful dominion over all the other trees. Your giving spirit inspires me," I say. The tree is too huge for me to hug, but I try just the same.

I marvel in recalling the miracles of ideas from those who helped create Oscar's story. As I remember them all, one by one, I am conscious that I have elevated my thoughts to the loving, creative energy zone. I am grateful for this realization for I am very happy here and for Oscar's journey that was truly a loving experience.
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Published on May 18, 2013 12:43 Tags: carol-henrichs, dan-hamric, rick-kosinski