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Most rating systems, whether if its here on GoodReads or Amazon or your favorite blog, they have a 5-star system. As you may have recognized, many do not know how to rate a product or book respectively. Some just simply rate based on emotion. Rating with emotion can be reckless if used solely with your review. Here is a few tips I use when rating a book:

1 STAR - An effort has been made at starting a story and ending one. More than a dozen of editing errors. Only an attempt was made at storytelling, though fails to be considered as entertainment. You probably will never re-read this book even if it was revised.

2 STAR - (improvement from a 1-star rating) Many editing errors, still noticeable but distracts less from the story. The author makes more than an average attempt at storytelling. The characters are somewhat believable. The book has an interesting plot and reasonable story structure. There were moments in the story you would consider interesting but not good. You probably will never re-read the book unless it was revised.

3 STAR - (improvement from a 2-star rating) Fewer editing errors, partly or hardly noticeable. The author makes an above-average effort and attempt at storytelling, one that you would consider entertaining. The balance in style of writing is noticeable, as in dialogue, narration, and descriptive methods are used throughout the story. The characters are believable and you drew an emotional connection to one or more of them. The book had more than an interesting plot. You would consider the book to have a good plot and good story structure. It was harder for you to take-a-break from reading. You would recommend the book to most of your friends. You would re-read it again sometime.

4 STAR - (improvement from a 3-star rating) Almost no editing errors, or only minor editing errors. The attempt at storytelling was refreshing, entertaining and rather enjoyable. There was not only a balance of in the style of writing but during the development of the story you, as a reader, felt you were "hooked". The book had a great plot, perhaps a new or unique approach to other similar genre books you've read. The structure of the story seemed to be well founded and hardly lacking in delivery. It was hard for you to put the book down even when you were tired. You would not only recommend it to all your friends but you would probably consider buying merchandise associated with the book series. You definitely would re-read it again, very soon.

5 STAR - (improvement from a 4-star rating)No editing errors. Instant classic. Fresh or new approach to established ideas, theories or facts. Story was written very well for an age-appropriate audience. You genuinely love or hate one or more of the characters. The book could or would make a cultural change or influence to modern civilization or way of thinking. You would recommend the book to all your friends. You would not only buy merchandise associated with the book but be happy to purchase more than one copy to give to friends. Keep in mind most books, even from best-selling authors, do not write 5-star books.

It may benefit your blog, or review readers that when criticism is made, to direct your aim at the book with only references to the author when it refers to his/her style of writing as in storytelling methods. Too, when evaluating the editing of the book, keep in mind most Americans (for example) read at a 8th-grade level of education and probably will never notice what you notice (according to a 1994 Pediatrics report). Publishers and authors know this and will often write, at least, at a 10th-grade level. So, in your notations choose a less precise approach to what will be mentioned in your review.

Above all else, believe in the words of your review and be honest. What you say can make a difference in the future success of the book and author.

-S.G. Rainbolt, author of "Dear Sun, I Am Real" www.ForeverSuns.com/bookcatalog
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