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Welcome to my adventure of over thirty years of living a unique dream never written about by the average sports fan. It took me long enough, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Since 1979, I've attended 421 NCAA college football games played at all four levels, and with a wife, two kids, and a career outside of sports and journalism, have lived to tell about it! In 2000, I had seen half of all Division 1A teams play, and made a decison that I would make it a personal goal to "see 'em all!" I eventually completed this fun endeavor in 2009. My history is captured on my website, Check it out! My book (201 pages) tells the unique story of how I basically saw all 120 teams play for the first time. It's not a book detailing all the game action, records, and stats experienced. It includes game highlights and action, but it also tells unique perspectives of how I got there, who I met, what we did, historical perspectives, funny stories, memorable experiences, and a lot of fun memories to share with other college football fans on any fall Saturday while having a few beers and munching out at a tailgate party before or after a game at any college anywhere in the country. It was a lot of fun to live this experience and write about it, and I'm not done going to games (and my wife is still trying to figure that out!). This is a book that will be enjoyed by college football fans everywhere no matter who their favorite team is. And whichever team it is, there's at least one story about their favorite somewhere in here. Read yours first, and then enjoy reading about the other schools, too.
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