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A-Z April Challenge…
For the letter ‘D’ I chose DEPRESSION.
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At some point in our lives each and every one of us will experience some form of depression. The numbers are staggering.
The good news is help is readily available and the stigma once completely clouding mental health issues is slowly lifting.
The bad news is you cannot turn on the TV or radio without hearing of a student shooting at a school, violence in our neighborhoods, a parent killing their child or some sort of act of terrorism.
I knew, as a 10-year-old girl scout singing Christmas Carols at the county nut house, that ‘those’ people were not being treated right.
I was thrilled years later when the facility was ordered to open the doors and let everyone out. They then closed the doors forever. A gross injustice had been corrected…so I thought.
Stop for a minute and ask yourself this, “Do you know a crazy person?” I’m guessing the answer is yes, we all know at least one. Now think again about the news. When interviewed how often do the relatives and friends of the perpetrators of these tragedies say, “It was just a matter of time.” “We tried to get help for him/her.”
The problem is no one can force these people to ‘get help.’ Even with the percentages of teens dying of suicide rising every year, a parent’s hands are tied unless the child wants help.
I believe we have traded one injustice for another. We have gone from institutionalizing people with the slightest form of mental illness for life to doing nothing. The families and loved ones of those affected by mental illness find themselves on a merry-go-round that leads nowhere.
As a society we need to do better. I have no idea what the answer is but I do know there needs to be an answer. It is so depressing! Do you have any ideas?
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Published on April 07, 2012 21:59 • 111 views • Tags: a-z-april-challenge

There are SEVEN days in a week and my favorite day is Friday. Friday is the day I get to release all of my incomplete thoughts, I type them and then I compile a Friday Fragments Post. This month it is even better because I can combine my Fragments with the A-Z April Challenge.
1) I slipped and fell behind in my A-Z posting twice this past week. I caught up- Hope I can stay caught up.
2) Have you noticed how we can never get past an election cycle without some sort of sex being thrown into the mix?? It is quite obvious President Obama is not going to cheat on Michele. It is equally as obvious that Mitt will not cheat on Ann. Okay so picture Carl Rove in a dark corner calling Columbia and ordering a few hookers for the secret service detail. SERIOUSLY STUPID!!
3) The weather in Philadelphia this Spring is bi-polar. 50 degrees one day and 80 the next. I am thankful our weather never gets too Scary. I have been praying all week for my friends in the mid west, all of my friends at Tate Publishing and my friend Beth Zimmerman in Oklahoma. Have you been following Beth’s very Special A-Z Story?? It is affecting me because I was a foster mom and also because I have a granddaughter named Ally. Go check it out and show Beth some love
4) This is a crazy time of year for Sports in Philadelphia. The Sixers, Flyers and Phillies are all playing..sometimes on the same night..crazy I tell you.
5) John and I have been taking care of our grand dog Shotgun, the pit bull. He is such a sweet heart, but oh my, he is so strong.
6) My day job is so sad this week. One of my clients has schizophrenia and it is time to place her in a facility. She loves her home but it is just not safe for her anymore. Another client is on hospice. Some day soon, God willing, I will be a full time author.
7) I am so excited tomorrow is Saturday and I have a book signing/ discussion at a yoga studio. I know it will be spiritual. Stop back for my “Y” post and I’ll tell you why.

Have a super special weekend xxxooo,
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