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December 4, 2016

It's Blissemas Again!

Well, it's Blissemas again and I'm back. Did you miss me?

Anyway, the reason that you haven't seen much of me recently is that I've been a busy little beaver this last year, working away on a new collection of stories plus - wait for this - a collection of poetry as well. I know, I know...

The thing is, I get plenty pissed off when I hear the erotica genre being constantly dismissed as a place of inferior writing standards, and, while I have to admit that even if there are some dodgy Mills & Boon-style 'erotic' romances out there, there is no need for our entire genre to support bad writing just because we want to give our readers the odd twinge in the nether regions.

So, anyway, that's what I've been up to. My new book - currently entitled Venus and Sappho Walk Into A Bar - is a collection of twelve character-driven stories about real women and the darker sides of their own sexuality and sexual desire, what turns them on and how they go about achieving the fulfilment they seek. And don't always get.

These are not nicey-nicey happy ending stories - in any sense of the term - but (hopefully) they're not miserable either and my aim has been to create 'real' stories which are involving and emotionally engaging about 'real' women that are also sexually stimulating, and so far the feedback has been good. We're still in flux as this goes to press regarding who's going to publish this book, but I'm hopeful of an offer from a reputable feminist press very soon. Watch this space!

While we're waiting, however, you'll be pleased to know I do have a spicy little hot potato of a story in this year's Best Lesbian Erotica which should get your temperature soaring and keep you warm right through the dark winter nights!

I've also been out and about in the general feminist zine press, with (non-erotic) poems and stories popping up in lots of little publications over the last year, and I need to say thanks in particular to the lovely Ana Hine and Artificial Womb magazine who has been a great encouragement to me and published a few of my poems over 2016.

Thanks also to Glasgow Women's Library who included a poem of mine in the shortlist for their Bold Types Award and my new friend, the poet Kirsty Nicholson, who read my entry for me at the final.

So, that's it for now. Please remember to check out the rest of Blissemas 2016, run, as usual, by the very sexy Victoria Blisse, and get your name down for some great gifts to warm your cockles over the festive season. (Here's a conundrum for you, girls - the internet is full of pictures of naked ladies under the Christmas tree, but where are the corresponding images of their burly naked hubbies in the same revealing poses? Sexist much, girls? Time to get the cameras out, methinks! )

And, lastly, to get you all in the festive mood, I'm giving away some copies of my steampunk magical realism novelette, The Cherry Orchard, which appears in the anthology, Forbidden Fruit from the much-missed Sweetmeats Press. Use this link to enter the draw and have an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year.

Forbidden Fruit by Kojo Black
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Published on December 04, 2016 13:11 Tags: blissemas, christmas, feminism, literary-erotica

December 1, 2016

Just a Quickie!


Just passing by to say that there's going to be a whole heap of Blissmass coming up next week.

In the meantime, totally thrilled to be in Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year: Volume 1

Stay tuned!
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Published on December 01, 2016 06:17 Tags: best-lesbian-erotica, blissmas

June 5, 2014

Kisses, News and Some Very Naughty Peeking...

Well, lots of very naughty stuff happening this week!

Firstly, this blog is part of the sexy Victoria Blisse's "Snog" Blog-trail so please leave a comment and follow on at to be in with a chance of big bucks and free sex from the delightful Kev. Well, maybe not big bucks, but super prizes, and you'll have to make your own arrangements with his Kevness - but don't let that stop you.

Other News:

There's a new super sexy book out from moi, your favourite smutty author, all about the thrills of voyeurism.

Black and White Movies is "a penetrating study into the erotic frissons of voyeurism and is told over ten very different tales of observed and unconventional sex". A businessman is invited to a mutual masturbation session by his colleague; two straight girls audition for roles in a lesbian sex movie; a woman gets a shock after spying on a stranger who emerges from the sea only to pleasure himself on the rocks; a washed-up photographer is given a second chance when asked to photograph some rather naked male models; a farmer's wife has her latent desires awakened after inadvertently spotting young soldiers bathing in the nude; and two girls meet at a 1960s holiday camp and become involved in a secret sex show in a derelict jazz ballroom.

Here's a little taster "kiss" for you from The Watcher:

And then they were kissing, and, afterwards, Moira had no idea who had instigated the embrace, all she knew that she was in Finola's arms and pulling at her dress.
"No, not here, not where there's a chance that someone can see," her lover hissed. "Is there not someplace private we can go?"
"Upstairs, the spare bedroom. It's muckle wee and there's only the one skylight. No-one can see in."
"Quickly then!"
They raced up the stairs, falling on each other as soon as the narrow door was shut behind them, hungry mouth devouring hungry mouth as they held each other tightly, overcome with passion and lust.
"I've missed you so much…" Moira began, but Finola shushed her.
"Don't talk, undress me."
"Alright, turn around, let me undo your buttons. There, now slide your dress off…"
Finola gave a little wriggle and stepped out of her frock like snake shedding its skin and turned to face her, naked save for an ancient hand-me-down slip meticulously washed to the colour of pale peaches, the big erect nipples on her tiny breasts straining beneath the threadbare fabric.
"Kiss me," she whispered, melting into Moira's arms again, "kiss me and run your hands inside my petticoat and feel my skin before you denude me."
"No, undress me first," Moira gasped between kisses, "take my dress off too so that I can feel the heat of your body."
"Come on then, quickly, I'm too hungry for you," Finola replied, tugging impatiently at fasteners and hooks. "That's right, step out of your costume while I unlace you."
"Pull my bloomers down first but leave my garters and stockings…"
"You wee tart! Like this?"
"Oh yes," Moira moaned, stepping neatly out of the long cotton knickers that lay now like a drift of snow at her feet. She had seen a postcard that some men had sent her father back from France, a buxom girl dressed only in her basque and stocking, her round white bum like a full moon floating above her stocking tops, and she so wanted Finola to see her like that.
"You're so beautiful," Finola breathed, her fingers gently caressing, still standing a little way back, perhaps not daring to come close, or maybe just staying where she could see. "Turn around and face me."
Moira heard herself swallow and then slowly turned, her big breasts rising and falling within the whalebone cage of her corset, her heavy white thighs trembling and goosepimpled and her huge cunt with its thick dark pelt wild like an Indian panther.
"You're more beautiful that I ever dared dream," Finola managed to murmur, her eyes eating Moira's white naked body up like the wolf in their old story books. "But take off everything, I want to see you naked and hold you in my arms."
Moira nodded uncertainly. "Alright, I will if you will," she said tremulously and Finola smiled.
"Of course," the gypsy girl grinned, pulling her old chemise up over her head in one fluid movement, her body completely nude underneath it. And her skin was blue white like milk that had just been skimmed, her tiny little bee-sting breasts like diminutive pears, the nipples a fragile candy-pink like the imported sugar almonds in MacIver's store, her belly long and concave, but her little cunt high and prominent and covered with thick hair the colour of sunsets.
"Now you. Turn around for me so that I can unfasten your stays."
Moira started to protest but Finola's tiny hands quickly unlaced her and stripped the corset from her trembling body like bark from a tree trunk before any sound could issue from her mouth, and then she was naked and in her lover's arms once more, kissing her like there was no tomorrow.
"Kiss me, kiss all of me," Moira begged, running her hand down Finola's bare back and cupping her pert little ass cheeks.
"Oh, I'll do that, so I will," Finola managed to reply. "Now come, lie on the bed with me and do that thing that we always talked about."
"The thing that French women do? Do we dare, Finola?"
"Aye, we do," Finola breathed, travelling slowly down Moira's big body with her lips, kissing and nuzzling as she went. "You smell so lovely, like spring flowers. Has he been buying you all those pretty soaps from the fancy stores in town?"
Moira laughed. "The man's a farmer. There are no such thoughts in his head. But come, enough about him, if we're going to do this shameful thing together swivel round so I can do back to you what you're about to do to me."
Finola grinned and made no reply but readily acquiesced, crawling across the narrow bed and settling on her side, her legs curled at the pillow and her beautiful little cunt only inches away from Moira's hungry mouth.
"You're so very beautiful and your cunt smells like fresh bracken in the sunshine," Moira whispered, her face so close that she could almost feel the tender caress of Finola's unruly parsley bed against her skin.
"Then why don't you kiss me and see if I taste like it as well?"
"I want to, I really want to, but I don't dare."
"Then I'll just have to kiss you first…"
"Oh, Finola, would you please?"
The redhead didn't reply but rubbed her face into Moira's thick fur like an old tom cat head-butting the legs of a farmer's wife handing out a bowl of cream, inhaling deeply and then planting a tentative kiss in the luscious rubyfruit jungle that was her lover's cunt.
Moira groaned. "Again," she begged.
"Kiss mine first. Smother my little fanny with your hot wet kisses and I'll make you come so beautifully that you'll think you're flying…"
"Like this? And this? And this, and this and this?"
"Oh yes, that's just right, now kiss me hard, like you were kissing me on the lips."
"Like this?"
"Lovely. Now kiss me again but this time run your tongue down my slit like I just did to you."
"Oh, Finola, I don't dare!" Moira whimpered, the taste of her lover already strong on her lips, salt and sweet, like the shellfish she'd had that summer on the beach front at The Broch when they'd heard that the war was over.
But Finola just laughed and kissed her again, her little pink cat's tongue worming its way determinedly into Moira's hot wet crack as she sought out her fat swollen clit and flicked at it. "Now, my fine lady, I have you where I want you," she teased. "I've found the secret pearl in your big plump oyster and I'll lick and suck it for you as soon as soon as you spilt my little pink fanny wide open and lap me up like a hungry wolf."
"I've dreamed about doing this to you," Moira confessed, her fingers slowly pulling Finola's cunt open and exposing all the pretty pink petals, slick with her fragrant sap. "And I still pleasure myself and then lie sucking my fingers afterwards and pretending that they're all wet and slippery from your sweet little slit."
"Then eat me," Finola begged, forgetting her threat and stretching Moira's cunt wide to expose her clit, her tongue busily darting like a lazy bumblebee, scooping up all her lover's sweet nectar and hungering for more.
"Like this?"
"Yes, oh yes, that's so good…"

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February 19, 2014


Get my new collection FREE!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

In the Forests of the Night

by Vanessa De Sade

Giveaway ends April 02, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Published on February 19, 2014 05:19 Tags: erotic, erotica, fairy-tales, free

February 18, 2014

Chocoholic needs your unctuous chocolate themed stories!

Do you love Chocolate?

Do you write Erotica?

Did you know you could combine the two into a decadent delight?

Last year lots of wonderful Erotic Writers did just that to bring you “Smut for Chocoholics” (http://

This year we want lots more of the same with “More Smut for Chocoholics” (you know one chunk is

just never enough!) so we want your chocolate themed erotica, it can be from any genre even fantasy,

sci-fi, historical or futuristic as long as it has an erotic twist and features chocolate somehow. We are

looking for stories between 3,000 – 6,000 words. So have a few sticks of your choccy of choice and get


The rest of the information about the call for subs can be found at

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December 26, 2013

Merry Crimble

Free Stuff!

Hi, chickens, and I hope you had a fun Christmas and that Santa came loud and long!

In the spirit of the season I have some hot and erotic pressies for you all.

(1) Get my sexy Xmas story in the Poison Pixie Xmas Cracker FREE @

(2) Another sexy tale, about a middle aged lady discovering motel sex, all free. Quote QK83F at the checkout @

(3) If TABOO sex gets you off, try my Tales of a Tangled Bush - previously banned! Get it for just $2 if you quote FX87B @

(4) And, lastly, one of my friends has NEW paperback copies of my HOT erotic fairy tale collection, In the Forests of the Night for sale at only £1.99 in the UK - for this week only. Check out

That's all from me - I'm going back to festive stuff(ing). Have some sexy fun and a free book to the person who tells me the best hot Christmas story!
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Published on December 26, 2013 06:24 Tags: christmas, erotica, free-stuff, gifts

December 15, 2013


Oh, what a day, but I'm finally here! For more kisses and a few gropes and feels, check out and see what all my sexy sisters are up to.

Well, lots of news. My erotic fairy tale collection, In the Forests of the Night, is out now in paperback complete with illustrations by Vanity Chase. I know I'm not supposed to say this, but it's a really good collection of stories, not so much sexy retellings of Grim and Perrault, but modern reimaginings of these classic tales, all very urban but still magical. And, of course, hard-core sexy.

Check it out on Amazon!

However, there are even more treats in store from me and the hos at House of Erotica! Blister your e-reader this Xmas with my Naked Christmas two Yuletide erotic stories to make your nether regions tingle while you're stirring the Christmas pudding.

Official blurb: Two deliciously erotic Christmas stories with a distinctly Goth flavour from Vanessa de Sade. Discover the debaucheries of the Crypt with Belladonna and Nightshade and get in on some group action in a run-down hotel by a derelict theatre; then go girl chasing on the town with Sexy Lexie in a suitably Sapphic Yuletide adventure.

Anyway, here's a kissy little excerpt to whet your appetites (and other places!!!). Have a great time and I'll see you all again before the big day!!!

They kiss, there and then, always a good sign, and several times on the way home, Girlie dragging Lexie into the shadows of shop doorways and frenching her passionately, rubbing her cunt insistently on the older woman's thigh, almost coming again as Lexie kneads her pert little breasts.
"I've never done it with a girl before," she confesses as they fall through the leaded door of Lexie's old house on a tree-lined street in the outskirts of the city, kissing and touching, desperate for fulfilment.
"I only ever do it with girls," Lexie confides, fumbling for the zip on Girlie's dress and yanking it down, unpeeling her like the horny little banana that she is. She's practically nude already, the clingy all-in-one still flapping unfastened at the gusset, and Lexie quickly pulls it up over her head leaving her lover completely naked and exposed.
Girlie's nipples are huge, soft and brown, not pink and perky as Lexie had imagined, but twice as sexy. "Come here," she whispers, enveloping the other's chubby nakedness in her arms, physically restraining herself from pushing two fingers up her slit.
Girlie groans, kicking off her shoes. "Hurry, take your boots off, I want to see you naked…"
"Are you sure you're ready for my big hairy cunt?" Lexie asks, unbuckling and unzipping furiously.
"I been fantasising about your hot and hairy cunt all the way here," Girlie counters, turning Lexie round and unzipping her.
"Then kiss me again," Lexie gasps as the other clutches her from behind and cups her breasts, their lips meeting as Girlie grinds her hips into her elder's ass. The narrow hall is painted a dark grocer's shop green and festooned with Art Deco plaster heads, a winking Marlene Dietrich leering down on them as Lexie gets her cunt groped.
"I have to go down on you, now," Girlie finally pants, clawing at the waistband of Lexie's tights and pulling them and her slinky black thong down in one. "Fuck, you've got a sexy bum."
"Play your cards right and I might let you spank it," Lexie purrs but Girlie's already spun her round and is kissing her big pussy, tongue quickly finding her hot wet crevice amidst the thick tropical jungle of her lush and hairy bush.
She's obviously an amateur, Lexie thinks, as Girlie laps away down there like she's licking an ice cream cone, but something about her very ineptness turns the temptress on and Lexie's astounded to realise that she's more than ready to come at any second. My reputation's ruined if this story ever gets out down at the dyke bar, she thinks, vainly trying to remember the names of the dwarves in Snow White to help delay the inevitable, but then Girlie goes and reaches up for her tits, pushing her bra up and releasing them like quivering jellies from a whetted mould, and Sexy Lexie's quite lost.
Girlie's up on her feet and kissing her again before she can even draw breath, and Lexie can taste her own cunt as she's consumed. Fuck, this girl knows just what buttons to push, Sexy Lexie thinks. "Can you bring yourself off on my leg?" she manages to gasp, her pussy still throbbing and convulsing with the aftershock.
"Can a bear shit in a wood?" Girlie replies, humping her like a bitch in season, the smooth white flesh of her honey pot gliding up and down Lexie's thigh like a potter's hands in wet clay.
"I fucking love this, I'm done with men for ever," she gasps, hovering on the brink, "and I'll have no more of knobbly cocks that smell of cheese and sweaty socks…"
Lexie wants to cry but holds her feelings in check. "I can't fuck you like they can," the cautious Mama Bear replies. Also, she's heard promises like these before and doesn't believe in happily-ever-after anyway. "What happens when you want that beautiful cunt of yours filled right up to the brim? What happens then, my fickle little dove?"
"Just shut the fuck up and fill 'my beautiful little cunt' with your fingers," Girlie groans, moans, shouts, as Lexie finds her hot wet hole and roughly finger-fucks her. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuckity-fuck, I'm coming again!"

In the Forests of the Night by Vanessa De Sade
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Published on December 15, 2013 12:31 Tags: christmas, kiss, lesbian, sexy, vanessa-de-sade

December Blissekiss

Oh help! In the middle of domestic chores!!!! This blog to follow later today!

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Published on December 15, 2013 06:57

November 14, 2013

November, When the Dusk Comes Early...

...and we curl, like cats, with our toast and our books.

Yes, it's reading time again, and once I've put the kiddiewinks to bed I like to get down and dirty with some good literature.

I've been re-reading some old favourites recently. The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson and my eternal source of inspiration, The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by the wonderful Angela Carter. Those women have so much art in their little fingers it just leaves me in constant states of awe.

And, of course, I'm writing again. I'm in the middle of two projects. Both hot, both a little different. One is a collection of (adult!) Steampunk Fairy Tales, which is coming along nicely, thanks for asking, and the other is a collection of short erotic pieces genetically engineered to have you hot and horny. The working title for this collection is Black & White Movie, which is also the title of the lead story, and there's a little excerpt below to get you all hot and bothered.

And, lastly, for all your Crimbo needs, Poison Pixie Publishing have a Christmas Bookstore which features yours truly - check it out at

Here's a little winter warmer!!!

Shania had decided that it was time that she, Emily, got laid and had set her up with this guy. And Emily had gone along like she always did, expecting some complete loser with the body of an Adonis, but had met an intelligent and soft-spoken boy who had been genuinely interested in her dreams and ambitions, and had said that he definitely wanted to look at her some of her writing. And so, to cut a long story short, they'd talked about books and music for hours and drunk three bottles of wine and had finally gone back to his place, which was where things first started going wrong.

He'd kissed her, very softly, and, to her surprise, she'd found herself responding, and they'd spent a happy fifteen minutes or so exploring each other's faces and mouths until he'd finally moved his hand downwards and cupped her large breast.

"You OK with this?" he whispered in her ear, and his breath was hot with reined-in excitement. "Shania said you wanted to do this. Do you?"

"No," she thought to herself, "no I don't want to do this at all, and especially not with you." But, as though watching the scenario that was playing out between them from some remote vantage point, she saw herself nodding and pulled her top off for him.

"Can I touch?" he asked breathlessly and she nodded again, wriggling to let his hand slip into the cup of her bra, the arctic white of the fabric a sharp contrast to the inky black of her skin.

"Here," she whispered, her fingers fumbling with the fastener that nestled snugly between her two titanic breasts. "Let me."

He made a noise like air deflating from a tyre, something between a hiss and a gasp, and gently parted the two large cups, his eyes huge as he beheld her vast orb-like tits. "Fuck, girl," he whispered, "I've just seen the seven wonders of the world all wrapped together and parcelled up neat."

She could feel his erection as he pressed himself gently against her thigh, and being half-naked with him was giving her a funny warm feeling in her cunt, making her want to experiment further.

"Kiss them," she begged, "suck on the nipples, make them all big and sensitive."

He nodded and obliged, his tongue tracing the contours of her breasts, teasing at the nipples, making them stand up like glossy black olives, and she groaned in pleasure.

"I think I'm ready," she said suddenly, surprising even herself with the urgency of her voice, "yes, I know I am. Fuck me."

He blinked once in astonishment, then nodded and continued to kiss her all the way down the curve of her full belly, teasing at her navel, before he unfastened the stud on her jeans and pulled the zipper down with an unsteady hand. She had worn her best winter-white Levi's, the ones with the gemstone trims on the pockets, and her panties below were brilliant white too, sheer with a lace trim, and, taking a deep breath, he yanked both down simultaneously as she obligingly raised her ass from the bed for him.

She had a second of insecurity as she watched him behold her womanly cunt and thick untrimmed bush, and she wished for just a moment that she had shaved her big fat pussy like Shania had told her to, but then she saw the desire in his eyes and relaxed, wriggling as he cupped her mound with his strong hand and squeezed her gently.

"Kiss me," she whispered urgently, but he was pulling at his clothes and did not hear, his body shiny like a copper statue, his skin lighter than her own, his chest and armpits waxed smooth and glossy.

He was down to his silk shorts by now, his erection clearly visible under the damp and flimsy white fabric, and he took her hands in his and pressed her to him, his heat burning through the thin satin.

"You want to see?" he asked, and, when she nodded, he said, "slide your hands inside and then pull them down. Unveil my big dick like it was a statue of someone real important."

She faltered for a second, put off by the conceit in his voice, but she was in the grip of something bigger and more primordial than herself and she watched, transfixed, as her shaking hand uncovered the huge monster that lived within him.

His belly was washboard taut, and he had shaved his balls and most of his pubic area, and the hair that remained was not long and wiry like hers but peppered in short nappy swirls. And his cock, his cock was huge, bare-headed and raw, like something on a wild dog or a wolf. The shaft thick and dark, like mocha chocolate, the head wet and slick, already oozing clear pre-come.

He saw her looking and tensed his muscles, making it bounce and stand up even taller. "You want a taste first?" he asked, but she shook her head and so he slithered on top of her.

"Guide me in," he whispered, his big organ pushing insistently at the mouth of her cunt, and, suddenly, she realised that she really did not want to do this thing with this boy and in this place. And yet, she was still aroused and there was no way that Godzilla down there was going down anytime soon, so, maybe, it was better if she got it over with now anyway.

But he sensed her hesitancy and kissed her. "You don't need to do this, you know," he whispered, moving his cock back away from her and making to get up.

"No," she said, stopping him, "I don't want to do 'it' but I want to see you come. I really want to see you come."

He nodded. "You want to do me?" he asked, placing her hand on his dick again. "Or do you want to watch while I do myself?"

She squeezed his cock, very slowly and very hard, and watched the little eye ooze liquid, then shook her head. "No," she said, "just straddle me and rub yourself off between my tits. You can come on them, or on my face, it's okay either way."

He smiled and kissed her again, just lightly, then got quickly to his knees and mounted her, adjusting himself until huge animal dick was nestled comfortably in her cleavage.

"Hard," she begged, "do it hard." And she grabbed her tits and held them tight against his penis, his rhythm quickly building up and his breathing becoming ragged as he ground himself against her, suddenly jerking violently and shooting what felt like gallons of hot white liquid all over her as he howled like a dog in season.
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Published on November 14, 2013 06:58 Tags: adult-fairy-tales, erotic, erotica, vanessa-de-sade, victoria-blisse-friend

October 19, 2013

Halloween Kisses and Other Blisses!

Well, hello, chickens, and welcome to this my Halloween blog in association with the lovely Victoria Blisse and her Halloween Blisse Kiss.

And, for this time of dark goings on under the cover of night, I'm pleased to announce that the paperback version of my fantastically sexy collection of erotic fairy tales, In the Forests of the Night, will be out in paperback any day now from Sweetmeats Press, and I'm just about to treat you to a suitably fiendish excerpt in just a line or two.

I'm also a contributor to the spine-chilling House of Erotica Anthology, The House of Erotica Witching Hour, and it's well worth a read if you want your neither regions to tingle this Halloween.

So, without more ado, here's a little taster of of my fairy tale collection and please visit The Blisse Kiss Spooky Snog for more All Hallows Eve Chills and Thrills!

Once upon a time there lived a gentle boy called Edward Edwards who was determined to make his way in the world. He had no money but he possessed a knack for repairing mechanical things, and people, learning of his gift, would bring him broken clocks and toasters, marvelling at how he could make them good as new again. Encouraged by their praise, he started a small business that flourished, graduating eventually from his mother’s shed to a tiny workshop and, ultimately, his own factory. However, the work was hard and left him little time for a social life, but when, at the age of thirty-nine, he bought himself a large house, he had a fancy to fill its echoing halls with children, so he took to himself a beautiful but cold woman who bore him two fine sons.

But Edward Edwards, who could put his ear to a broken watch and learn its whole mechanism like a heartbeat, knew nothing of the ways of women, and his cold wife, once she had his offspring, placed locks upon their bedroom door and wantonly spent his money while giving him no warmth or comfort when he returned late and craving from his days at the works.

Furthermore, the cold woman loathed him for his stoic acceptance of her carnal refusals, and felt only contempt for this gentle man who had not broken her like a colt, resolving to hurt him whenever she could; and, when she saw that their twin boys brought him happiness, she divorced him and took them from him, claiming neglect and violence, showing, in court, the bruises that she paid a man from the internet to inflict on her once a week as she struggled ineffectually against her self-imposed bounds.

And, of course, no-one questioned her story and a paper-thin old judge, elated to experience his first erection in fifteen years, slipped her photographs into a brown manila folder to examine in his chambers, and handed her everything - children, factory, house, car - admonishing Edwards as a villain and leaving him penniless.

Which is where our story begins….

A broken man, Edward Edwards did not return to work. With no alternative but to class him as homeless, the local council allocated him a small flat in a moribund tower block and he signed fortnightly at the dole office, living frugally and seeing no-one. He did no repairs, made no more mechanical creations, and, in short, rejected everything that had previously given him joy and looked set to fade ignobly into an early grave.

Then, one day, while out walking, he discovered the city allotments, a living tapestry of miniature urban farms emblazoned like a defiant green flag behind the decay and neglect of the concrete-grey of the run-down housing estate where he lived. Here, cheek by jowl with squalor, green cabbages blossomed like fat bullfrogs sunning themselves near algaed ponds, shy cauliflowers congregated like crinoline ladies at a ball, and fat red tomatoes blossomed unashamedly scarlet in their voluptuous fruitfulness.

And Edward Edwards found new succour in the ruins of his former life.

He applied to the council for a plot and patiently filled in all their forms, waited for months without rancour while summer faded into winter and the town hall clerks lost the precious pieces of paper and made him recreate them, squirreled his money away each week while he pored over catalogues of garden tools, and, finally, on steely day in February, stood against the softly undulating sky, oblivious to the bite of the wind, and sliced the blade of his spade into the frost-bound earth and began to turn over the frigid soil, his heart pumping and all his senses heady with the scents of mud and loam, over-brimming with the excitement at the prospect of taking what was barren and making it bring forth fruit...

The House of Erotica Witching Hour by Victoria Blisse In the Forests of the Night by Vanessa De Sade

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Published on October 19, 2013 14:35 Tags: erotic-fairy-tales, erotica, halloween, sweetmeats-press, vanessa-de-sade