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June 28, 2017

Here we are!! It's cover reveal day!!UNDENIABLY FATED is getting a reveal, and the entire SIGNIFICANCE series is getting a makeover! You'll get the synopsis for UF as well. Go check it out exclusively on USA TODAY's HEA!
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June 27, 2017

UNDENIABLY FATEDa Significance novel
Trouble and EmberTeaser Tuesday

Nothing but trouble. Today, from the moment my feet had hit the floor, had been nothing but daggum trouble.But I couldn’t think about any of that now. When we got a call, you couldn’t think about your life; you had to focus. And right now, it was really hard to do that, but it was what I had to do as I felt my phone buzz once again in my pocket and reached down to pull it out. I shook my head at the name on the screen, again, and tossed it in the console of the truck. Women.I’d forgotten to take my phone out of my shirt pocket before putting on my gear at the station. I wasn’t even supposed to have the thing with me on a call.“What do we got?” I asked Digger, who was driving today. He was the hose man and, frankly, he was a little crazy. “Car wreck. Not far. Three minutes out.” He nodded his chin toward my phone. “The wife’s in full force today, eh?”“She is not my wife!” I barked, making him laugh, taking my shove to his shoulder with ease. He loved to tease me about that woman.“Dude, you got the pick of the litter at the crazy farm with that one.”The Chief eyed me with a scowl. “Yeah,” he said with warning in his eyes. With the chief, who was a very easygoing guy, you knew he meant business. “And if she shows up again in the middle of the night when the boys are sleeping, I’ll have to call the blue shirts. I can’t have her putting my boys or other people in danger because of an overzealous girl.”Digger laughed. “I don’t know, boss. With all the waterworks she puts on after he throws her out, we could put out all the fires in the state of Tennessee. Maybe you should hire her.”I heard a could snickers behind me.I talked over them. “Sir, you do what you have to do with her. Cops, taser, pitbull.” “Don’t sir, me, boy.” Chief reached back and patted my leg. “I know why you’re putting up with her. But your mother wouldn’t want this for you.” I couldn’t stop the flinch, even though I tried like hell. 

Coming soonNo release date yetBUT the cover reveal is tomorrow!
In fact, the entire Significance series is getting a makeover, and the reveal is tomorrow so stay tuned!

And for a little extra, I have a guest post for you from Tamara Beard the owner/operator of Wrapped Up Writing, an editing and proofreading author service. 
You can contact her for her services here:  (
As an adult, some people look at me funny when I say that my favorite genre is Young Adult. They kind of smile and then ask, “Isn’t that for teens?” Many people seem to have a lot of misconceptions about what YA is and, perhaps more discouraging, what it isn’t. So, I would love to spend some time today making those differences clear while explaining why I love YA so much.1. The Romance: Let’s face it ladies, we get catcalled enough in life. No, I am not one of those drop-dead gorgeous women who can’t leave the house without being ogled, but I do get my fair share of creeps who have some X-rated thoughts that I really wish I didn’t have to think about. So, when I curl up with a good book, I really enjoy the lack of steamy sex scenes and hotter than Hades dialogue. Now, to clarify, YA can still be super romantic. Your toes still curl, your cheeks still blush, and you definitely still pile up your fair share of book boyfriends. You are just able to experience all of those things through a love and romance that lets your imagination figure out what is happening behind the door that just closed. 2. The Characters: Since there is not any on-the-page adult content in YA books, these authors have to be thorough in their character development. There is a thin line between describing a male character with a tattoo on his abdomen and one with a tattoo so low on his stomach that the female character begins to descriptively fantasize where it ends. YA authors have to be very careful to fully develop their characters’ physical and emotional aspects without compromising their place in the YA genre. Therefore, many of these characters are more fully developed as a result of the time and care taken to create someone that entices and entertains without crossing the aforementioned line. 3. The Serious Issues: Just because a book is YA, does not mean that it only deals with trivial, high school problems of crushes, gossip, and teasing. The characters are usually in their mid-teens to early twenties; however, they do encounter serious problems, like grief, homelessness, sexual abuse, heartbreak, and more. These characters are therefore fully relatable because of the author’s ability to address real problems you and I face every day. 4. The Ending: With that being said, however, I have enough real-world problems weighing down on me that I really don’t want to add a sad ending to a great book to the list. With few exceptions, YA novels and series usually end with a happily ever after, although don’t be surprised by all of the non-traditional and unique twists on that. In other words, no, you do not read the same story idea over and over in different words. YA authors are creative enough to leave readers content without repeating the same old tale. As explained in #3, within the plot itself, there is enough angst and suspense to fill, well, a book! However, the difference is not in the ability to weave a plot with problems, but in the skill to wrap-up those problems without destroying a reader’s emotions.So, when people strangely look at me for loving the YA genre, I explain these four reasons to them and insist that every great YA book will meet these criteria. This is not to say that other genres do not necessarily do the same, but YA books are unique in that they are able to do these four things while maintaining an engaging plot that readers of almost any age will enjoy. Thinking back on my very favorite book, I can tell you that Shelly Crane’s Collide is a perfect example of this. The intense feelings that Merrick exhibits are no less toe-curling than any bedroom scene. Yet, Merrick doesn’t cross any lines into adult content while accomplishing the sweet romance that fills the book. The problems throughout the book, and the rest of the series, are very real. While most readers probably cannot relate to an alien-esque invasion and subsequent war, they certainly can sympathize with the characters’ feelings of love lost, friendships in time of need, hopelessness, and faith in something greater than themselves. Collide wraps up this example perfectly with its ending. The ending to the book may not be the happily ever after we expect, but the end of the entire series certainly has that familiar charm to it.Since Collide, Shelly has continued to produce amazing YA books that readers fall in love with. All of her books have taken the above reasons for why YA is such an amazing genre and produced something magical. Without a doubt, her upcoming novel will do the same. While we are all dying to get our hands on it, we can’t read it just yet. Until then, however, here is a teaser to help you start falling in love with it early.
About the Author: Tamara Beard is the owner of Wrapped Up Writing, a business that provides editing, proofreading, and content writing services. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a writing concentration and communications minor, from the University of Tennessee at Martin. She currently lives in Nashville, and enjoys reading, traveling, and volunteering in her spare time. Connect with her on her website at or on Facebook (@wrappedupwriting).
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May 24, 2017

Teaser Tuesday

       She put both of her hands in my hair and tugged slowly and firmly, making my hands tighten on her sides. We both groaned into each other’s mouths, which made my blood riot under my skin. I pulled back so hard, my head hit the wall behind me.       “Ember, your family’s right around the corner,” I scolded, but didn’t let go.     “They get it. They understand,” she rebutted in a hoarse whisper and then moved to kiss me again.      I maneuvered just enough so she couldn’t make contact. And if you’ve ever been chased by a female who wants something, you know what a feat this is. It’s practically like they can read your brain, they know all the ways to torture you in the sweetest most kill-shot ways."
      “Your dad understands that I want to stick my tongue in your mouth all day long?”
COMING SOONNo release date yet.(I know... I really suck...)
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February 28, 2017

Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fateda Significance novel

     When her hair moved and I saw her face, I got a good look at her. Her lips were open a little and pink and glossy with whatever girly stuff she had put on them, her skin was golden tan and smooth, her features fit together like the perfect little puzzle of her family’s genetics of good-looking people, her eyes that looked up at me were so blue, and she was the most stunning human being I’d ever seen.     I felt like the biggest tool for thinking it, knowing she was in this mess right then, but it didn’t make it any less true.     “Hey,” I told her softly when our eyes met. Wow, those eyes. She stared up at me, saying nothing, like she expected me to fix everything, right the wrongs of injustice and battle any demons that may come to steal away the light, right then and there. And in that moment, that’s exactly what I wanted to do—that’s exactly what I would have done.    Demons, come get me.
Coming SoonNo release date yet
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Published on February 28, 2017 06:04 • 138 views

February 15, 2017

Undeniably Fateda Significance novel
“I have a feeling,” he took another deep breath, calming, and I’d never felt so smug, “that I have a lot to learn about all this.”Knowing that it was my bliss that was helping him, my calming touch that was taking his angered veins and wrangling them like vines in a thunder storm under his skin, knowing that only I could be his drug from now on, was making me more than a little blissed out.“Yeah,” I whispered, “and I can’t wait to show you.”
Coming SoonNo Release Date Yet (I'm sorry, I suck)#ShellyTeasesYou#TroubleandEmber#UndeniablyFated#ShellyCrane#SignificanceSeries
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February 7, 2017

Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fateda Significance novel

…whatever I was to Ember. Boyfriend? Soulmate? Gentleman caller? Future husband? Boytoy? Obviously hot escort? The Romeo to her Juliet? Gallant wooer of angels? Sweetheart’s concubine? Would-be-sugar-daddy-if-I-had-the-dough? Wanna-be-pool-boy-slash-live-in-slave?Swain. Beau. Suitor. Chap. Squire. Courter. Lad. Gaffer. Tootsie?
Or maybe I was something better. I was her significant. I didn’t know exactly what that meant yet, but I couldn’t wait for her to show me, in great detail.
Coming SoonNo release date as of yet#ObviouslyHotEscort#TroubleandEmber#UndeniablyFated#ShellyCrane#SignificanceSeries
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Published on February 07, 2017 11:47 • 86 views

January 31, 2017

Teaser TuesdayUndeniably Fated#CalebsFeelski

The guy who I could only assume was Maggie’s—yep, he was her husband, unless some other person in this family was going for a sly backside feelski, and if that was true, I was coming in to a family with more “problems” than just keeping their secret superhero identities.
Her husband said, “If you have a sarcastic mind, you’re done for.” He grinned at me and then looked down at her, his face changing a little to reveal his affection for her. “She can’t hold back the giggles with the sarcasm. It does her in every time.”

She smacked his arm. “Don’t tell him all my secrets.” She looked at me and shook her head. “Besides, Caleb can hear everything, too, by default through me. And he has no room to talk. He’s the most sarcastic person in here and makes me snort in front of complete strangers on purpose.” The guy laughed loudly at that. “So…” She shrugged. “I’m sorry. We’re a very open family.” 
Coming SoonNo release date yet.
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January 17, 2017

UNDENIABLY FATEDteaser tuesday

You can’t prepare people for the cruelty the world may bring them; you can only love them while their yours and hope it helps them fly without ever breaking a wing.
Coming Soon No Release Date
Thanks, guys!!
Best wishes and happy endings,
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November 23, 2016

Signed books for sale for a limited time only!

The price is for each book unless otherwise stated.Price includes shipping and packaging. For International purchases, please use the drop-down menu. That price includes shipping as well. 
If you do not purchase the insurance on the drop-down, I CAN NOT be held responsible if the postal service loses or damages your package. 
Please make sure you read the buttons below carefully so there's no confusion. I have a lot of books :) So instead of making a gazillion buttons, I've consolidated them. Thank you SO much for reading and being the awesome people you are. 

Free bookmark and tattoo with every purchase!



Thank you!!

The Other Side of Gravity Signed Paperback US Residents $17.00 USD US RES with Insurance $19.00 USD International $25.00 USD

Significance Signed Paperback US Residents $17.00 USD US RES with Insurance $19.00 USD International $25.00 USD

Significance, Accordance,  Defiance, Reverence, Independence, Consequence, Undeniably Chosen
Entire Significance Series - 7 Books US Residents $80.00 USD US RES with Insurance $84.00 USD International $100.00 USD

Undeniably Chosen Signed Paperback US Residents $17.00 USD US RES with Insurance $19.00 USD International $25.00 USD

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Devour, Consume, Altered
Entire Devour Series - 3 Books US Residents $37.00 USD US RES with Insurance $39.00 USD International $57.00 USD

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Collide Signed Paperback US Residents $17.00 USD US RES with Insurance $19.00 USD International $25.00 USD

 Collide, Uprising, Catalyst, Revolution
Entire Collide Series - 4 Books US Residents $50.00 USD US RES with Insurance $52.00 USD International $70.00 USD


Accordance OR Defiance OR Independence Signed Paperback US Residents $17.00 USD US RES with Insurance $19.00 USD International $25.00 USD Name the book you want:


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Signed Books by Shelby Fallon US Residents $17.00 USD US RES with Insurance $19.00 USD International $25.00 USD Which book would you like? Stealing Grace Taking Faith

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October 25, 2016

Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fateda Significance novel
“Dude,” I hissed in offense. “Seth, that was so wrong.”“Sorry. But it was half-true, what I said.”I rolled my eyes. “Which half, the horrible half or the terrible one?”He quirked a barely-there smile. “She did choose you. And you chose her. That’s how we find each other. Your soul recognized hers. It’s not some unknown force choosing people for us. We’re not just stuck with the consequences and somehow always wind up happy in the end. She chose you, Landon.”I shook my head. “Why on God’s green earth would that gorgeous creature have chosen me?”He made a “pfft” sound and shrugged as he scratched his jaw. “Beats me, man. I wouldn’t date you.”
#SethTroubleBromance #UndeniablyFated #SignificanceSeries
Coming soon!No release date yet. Sorry! I'm working on it. 

Best wishes and happy endings,

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