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All my life I have loved the stories told in books. My first book was A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was a typical children’s book out of the 1930’s according to the illustrations I remember. I kept that book until the mold in Washington got to it. My one older brother would read the Winnie the Pooh stories to me and I would bang my heel into the chair in rhythm to his voice. Later at the one room country school, I would read the book delivered every month. By the time I was in the fourth grade I would start with the eighth grade novels and work my way down. I read everything including the one or two intended for any kindergarten children. Then I would read the encyclopedias and the dictionary. My love affair with the written word continues. I have three walls filled with books from my childhood and those purchased when I was an adult.

The newspaper once was a handy guide to books as the reviews would pique my interest. Notice the word once? I have last Sunday’s LA Times book section in front of me. There are reviews on new books, none of which I have any desire to read.

Two are graphic novels. I’m sorry, the last time I read those I was a teenager and the less said about those the better. One is a review of the best comics of 2012 and the explanation of how and why they are such hits. I don’t read comics to have them explained. I read them to laugh. Another is a young adult novel that the review does nothing to inspire me to read it. Another is a “literary” spy novel, a genre that I really don’t appreciate. Another is an autobiographer about the life of someone I do not care about nor the field that defines her tastes. The last is a biography of a famous Renaissance painter. At first I thought it held promise, as two of my bookshelves are filled with biographies. The reviewer, however, pans the book. Without being able to pick the book up and reading a few pages there is no way I am going to spend forty dollars for a book.

The start of a new book can be such an intimate occasion; the heft of it, the smell, the opening of the cover, all promising a new world within its pages. Over the last few years with the exception of the Harry Potter series, most have been a disappointment. I can think of three that were not: The Help, 1639, and Cloud Atlas. Not surprisingly, the last two are science-fiction. That was a pleasant surprise as many of the science fiction books and stories I’ve read during the last ten years have been a disappointment.

What about you? Do you have difficulty finding a book to suit your reading needs are do you stick with one genre and ignore the rest?
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