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June 20, 2012

Hey everyone! Scary School #2 Monsters on the March comes out next week on June 26!

Can't for you all to read it!

-Derek the Ghost
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February 16, 2012

Anyone have any suggestions of great Middle-Grade book bloggers?? Comment or sent me a message!
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December 20, 2011

Just in time for holidays, here's a new poem written by Derek the Ghost all about what happens on the night before Christmas... at Scary School!

The Night Before Christmas at Scary School

By Derek the Ghost

Hello my young friends. I am Derek the Ghost.
And I’m happy to serve as your Scary School host.
At Christmas time, all of the students are gone,
But I live at the school, so I know was goes on.

Now snuggle up warm in your soft cozy bed.
And let visions of Scary School dance in your head.
Holiday cheer can be fun, but instead
Let’s liven it up with some holiday dread!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the school,
Many creatures were stirring, especially the ghouls!
All the stockings were hung from the gargoyles with care,
With things placed inside that would give kids a scare.

Like fingers and eyeballs and fish full of rot,
Spiders, piranhas, and big balls of snot.
For at Scary School Christmas is fun mixed with fear.
It’s the funniest, scariest night of the year!

While Santa Claus circles the earth on his sleigh,
The monsters of Scary School come out and play.
As the moon rises high on this dark Christmas Eve,
A party takes place that you wouldn’t believe!

First, Archie the squid rises out of the moat,
And opens the doors to his giant squid boat!
The deck is quite slimy, so standing is hard
While tentacle-oars move the boat round the yard.

The first thing you see that your senses arouses –
A gaggle of ghosts building gingerbread houses!
But, sorry, these aren’t the sweet houses you wanted.
I fear that these gingerbread houses are haunted!

The gingerbread men come to life and start leaping,
Awaking the gingerbread people still sleeping.
But the ghosts cannot stay, for there’s so much to do.
They wave you goodbye and fly off to haunt Scrooge.

High on a hilltop there’s something to see.
The goblins are lighting their great goblin tree.
The branches are bright as their long goblin hair,
And the songs of the goblin band ring through the air.

As the goblins do dances, you wave from your boat.
But you do not dance cause they can’t play a note.

You hop off the barge cause it’s time you departed
For down at the playground the party has started!
You slide down the slide, soaring over the gators,
And land at the feast served by zombified waiters!

You scarf down the brains and you gorge on the guts.
For dessert – frozen blood topped with roasted chestnuts.
As you take the last bite, there’s a roar from above.
It’s the dragons! For Christmas is something they love!

A ring of green dragons spout fire from high,
Like a dragony, fiery wreath in the sky!
The trolls jump for joy, causing earthshaking fright,
Oh my goodness, this shall not be one silent night.

And then comes the awesomest part of the show!
Jolly Santa arrives shouting “Ho ho ho WHOA!”
Like snowflakes the presents fall down to the ground!
(St. Nick must have been too afraid to fly down.)

Sharp claws and sharp teeth tear apart all the boxes,
Uncovering centipedes, worm barf, and poxes!
The night carries on filled with friendship so merry,
Cause Christmas is Christmas no matter how scary.

And there’s even more thrills, if you’re brave ‘nough to look.
But to find every fright, friends… you must read the book!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Your friend,
Derek the Ghost
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November 1, 2011

Congrats to:

Alexandra Charlie, E Harris and Irwin Walters on winning the Scary School Halloween giveaway contest!

Hope you enjoy the book! If you do, I look forward to seeing your reviews!

Derek the Ghost
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Published on November 01, 2011 12:11 • 215 views • Tags: giveaway-contest-winners

October 17, 2011

Hey everyone,

Been having a great time all October with tons of Scary School events. School visits, book fairs, author festivals, bookstore signings - you name it!

I have a few very special events coming up as well. I'll be in San Francisco October 20 at Books Inc in Laurel Heights for a book fair, and on October 24, I'll be doing a very special program with an orphanage here in Los Angeles.

Also just confirmed an awesome event where City National Bank will be buying copies of Scary School for every single kid at a school in Los Angeles, plus I'll be doing a special Scary School game time at Giggles and Hugs in Century City on Nov. 13!

For more events, check out the Book Tour section of!
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August 9, 2011

‎3,000 FAN GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Two chances! ONE: just leave a nice comment below and you'll be entered to win a free Scary School t-shirt! TWO: if you bought a copy of Scary School, send an email to with any proof (receipt, pic of you with book, a posted review) and you'll be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card! If you still need to get a copy, there's a link below.
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July 8, 2011

In honor of the final Harry Potter film about to be released, here's my brief reviews and rankings of the Harry Potter movies. Let me know your thoughts and opinions too!

When I see the final movie this week, I will add it to the list. If you like, I'll do my book reviews as well!

- Derek the Ghost


1. Prisoner of Azkaban (A+) This movie could go down in history not only as the best Harry Potter movie, but one of the best movies period. Alfonso Cuaron took the proceedings to a whole new level of artistry, magic, and emotion that hasn't been matched. It's such a shame that he didn't continue with the series. The tiniest details made every moment magical that lesser directors would cut out, such as the tiny bird fluttering across the school grounds only to get whacked by the Womping Willow.

The story time travel story was incredibly fun at every turn and the payoff at the end when Harry realizes that he must cast the Patronus himself his exhilarating and heartbreaking at the same time. The Dementors were done beautifully without feeling the need not to scare the little ones.

Marauder's Map is amazing. Gary Oldman is amazing. The end credits are amazing. Can you name one thing that isn't?

Above all else, I can watch this movie over and over without getting tired of it and discover new things every time. That's the mark of a great film and it holds up.

2. Goblet of Fire (A-) Mike Newell did a darn good job with this. It borders on great, but never quite achieves it. Harry's fight with the dragon stands out as an incredible piece of realistic and frightening VFX.

Voldemort's return was done very well and the raw emotion at the very end was exceeded expectations and was appropriately tragic. The awkwardness at first was a brilliant realistic touch. The descent into darkness was done well, it's just lacking the artistic flair that Cuaron brought to it.

3. Deathly Hallows Part 1 (B+) - only saw this once, so its position may change. All in all, an entertaining film. Easily David Yates' best effort so far, but still frustratingly below par of Cuaron and Newell.

4. Sorcerer's Stone (B) - Even though Columbus was achingly family oriented here and the production design seems paltry in comparison to the rest of the films, it was still entertaining and he did do a good job bringing a lot of the details to life. I remember being in the theater and seeing the sign for Privet Drive and the theater going crazy. Sorting hat was great. It was in all a good introduction, but one that no adult wants to view multiple times. Works well for kids though.

5. Half Blood Prince (B-) - Good only for it's mood and dark storyline. Good drama with all the kids too. When I read the book, I thought it would be an impossible movie to make entertaining because the only real magic comes in the last 50 pages. BUT, they did manage to make the it entertaining throughout and the teen angst held it afloat. The changes at the end were sooo frustrating. No battle with the kids fighting the death eaters?! Come on! It was a nice touch adding the moment of trust with Snape, but when Dumbledore is killed, the true failing of the movie comes through because I did not feel a THING. I wanted to be crying my eyes out, but it didn't come close to how I felt when Cedric died. There was not at all the proper build in story and character to get us to the point of feeling bad about Dumbledore and it's a real, real shame.

6. Order of the Phoenix (C) - Yates' first movie of the series is so frustratingly mediocre I want to scream. The only thing that stands out is Staunton's performance as Umbridge. Other than that, it feels like a disjointed mess of scenes without any connection or emotional punch. It was the most fun book by far, but I never could shout AWESOME! at anything that happened. There was a serious lack of imagination here. Yates really didn't know how to construct a flowing narrative and there was not much artistry to the camera work.

7. Chamber of Secrets (C-) - It actually seemed pretty cool at the time, but the difference in the woming willow in this and the third film is the most obvious indication of what was possible and not accomplished. The story with the diary is just weird and doesn't play well. Dobby is mostly annoying. The basilisk fight was cool...but weird when Harry goes back at the end. Just meh. No desire to watch this one again.
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June 21, 2011

It's June 21 and Scary School has officially been released from its confines and is already wreaking havoc in bookstores and homes everywhere!! Thanks to all my fans for your support!

Looking forward to reading all of your reviews!

-Derek the Ghost
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June 17, 2011

Derek the Ghost is travelling to all the Los Angeles bookstores this weekend delivering them five t-shirts each.The first 5 copies of Scary School sold at each bookstore will come with the free t-shirt! So make sure to find them!
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June 2, 2011

Hey! Are you in the Los Angeles area?

Well then you and all kids are invited to the official Scary School Kids' Launch Party at VILLAGE BOOKS in Pacific Palisades, Thursday June 23 from 4:00 pm-5:00 pm.

There will be t-shirt giveaways, the first public reading of scary school, a book signing of the collectable first printing, and the grand finale...

A live musical performance by #1 Youtube star NICE PETER!!!

Kids and adults of all ages are welcome! It doesn't get any better than that! Please join us!
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Published on June 02, 2011 22:40 • 219 views • Tags: books, event, launch, party, public, scary-school, village-books