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December 25, 2012

Hey, I've been writing four books concurrently so it's taken me awhile to add anything new, but I'll be rolling out some new stuff in the next couple months.

One book I have just released is Victoria's Secrets and is pretty steamy. It involves a young man discovering a collection of private x-rated home movies on a woman's computer. And not just any woman. She's his mother's best friend who he's been staying with temporarily.

Rather than telling too much, I invite you to download it yourself and see what you think.

I'm promoting this book by offering a 100% off coupon until 12/31/2012. I would only ask that you give the book a brief review and pass the coupon code along to anyone who might enjoy a hot, free read.

Go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view...

Coupon Code is QG29Y (not case sensitive.)

Enjoy and happy holidays to all.
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Published on December 25, 2012 11:56 • 185 views • Tags: erotica

April 11, 2012

Let me put it this way, my style could hardly be described as romance. I have readers who state clearly that they are looking for more character development and longer plot lines, but I also hear from those who just want to get to the good stuff and skim through the pedestrian parts. My style tends to be direct and steamy from start to finish.

My goal is to create hot, creative scenes with (hopefully) well-written sex. I find sexual tension to be the spice that makes my fantasies hot. This is why taboo subjects fascinate me, as well as the good girl going bad stories. I want my characters to fight their primal urges, then give in to them, then go with them aggressively.

I also like to continue to push the envelope. In so doing, sex in the beginning of the story is almost always more mainstream than the more raw, hard-core sex that follows. My characters ultimately get messy.

So basically, if you're looking for romantic erotica, please don't buy my books. If you like hot, steamy action followed by more of the same, please do!

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Published on April 11, 2012 17:36 • 175 views • Tags: erotica, porn, sex, taboo
Ah yes, here we are... I finally have a gr author page. (I LOVE this site!)

We all like reading so I'm going to keep my intro brief so we can keep discovering new books and authors.

Just a quick word about me, while I write erotica, I read a lot in other genres as well, as you'll see. Don't we all? So feel free to check out some of the other books I've read.

I limit the amount of erotica reading I do so that I can write freely from my imagination without feeling like I'm stealing others ideas. However, I do check some out and if anything gets a really strong review I'll check it out to understand ways to improve my style.

Also, I'm relatively new to this and am just now gathering new friendships. Feel free to send friend requests! All will be graciously accepted.
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Published on April 11, 2012 16:52 • 69 views • Tags: erotica