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February 27, 2014

I’m busy, busy, busy finishing up my seventh novel for Penguin Books, THE LOOK OF LOVE (stay tuned…cover to be revealed soon!). I’ve been staying up late, getting up early, staying in my PJs for days on end, living off of coffee, and otherwise living and breathing this story. It’s special to me in a way no other novel has been, and I can’t wait for the world to read it. For now, I will share the playlist of songs I’ve been listening to while writing…songs that have been particularly meaningful to me at this stage in my writing journey—music that has guided me and my heroine:

Brothers on a Hotel Bed | Death Cab for Cutie

Back to You | Greg Laswell

The Look of Love | Dusty Springfield (also love the version by Diana Krall)

Always | Blink 182

Both Sides Now | Joni Mitchell

Atlas Eyes | Emma Louise

Called Out in the Dark | Snow Patrol

Dark Horse | Katy Perry

First Day of My Life | Bright Eyes

Go Your Own Way | Lissie

Gravel Lines | Amy Seeley

Green Apples | Chantal Kreviazuk

Grey Street | Dave Matthews Band

New Years Eves | Greg Laswell

Hero | Family of the Year

How the Day Sounds | Greg Laswell

I Think It’s Going to Rain Today | Norah Jones

Into Dust | Mazzy Star

Pass in Time | Beth Orton

Set Fire to the Rain | Adele

Shake It Out | Florence and the Machine

Stay Awake | London Grammar

This Love | Ellie Goulding

Things We Don’t Know About | Blue October

Wild Is The Wind | Nina Simone

Hold On | Sarah McLachlin

When I’m With You | Ben Rector

The Writer | Ellie Goulding

You Found Me | The Fray

Sting | Why Should I Cry for You





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February 12, 2014



Today I received an email from my foreign rights agent to share that Blackberry Winter, my third novel, continues to climb the bestseller list charts in Turkey. After six straight weeks on the list, it is now the #7 top-selling book in the country of Turkey, sharing list space with John Green, Khaled Hosseini and others. I am completely wowed and honored. I’m planning to visit Istanbul later this year for a special signing and appearance, and I cannot wait to thank my Turkish readers when I get there (and maybe have a few glasses of champagne too!).



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January 8, 2014

sarah-curlsAnd here I take a break from regularly scheduled book news to display my curls—styled by the lovely Kaylene Antonious from Swoop Salon in Seattle. Go see her! She does amazing work (even transforming me into someone who I don’t even recognize, ha!).


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December 7, 2013

sarah_jio_056I recently had my photo taken by the amazingly talented celeb photographer John Keatley, who has shot photos of everyone from Bill Gates and Sarah Palin to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. John’s currently working on the coolest iPhone portrait project, where he’s curating hundreds of portraits captured by iPhone only. I can’t get over how expressive and nuanced the photos are, and it’s so inspiring to know that these were all taken with an iPhone! My favorite photos are “Ashley,” “Cara” (the lipstick shot!), and “Brian.” So great. And I love how John captured a moment of joy in my life. That smile was real (and so are the freckles—ha!). Thanks, John, for including me in this fantastic project!


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December 5, 2013


I’m excited to announce that I’m a new daily contributor to BRIDES magazine. I worked for Glamour for five years, and the lovely Conde Nast family has invited me back to be a regular contributor to the most fabulous bridal publication in the world. You can read my pieces on relationships and happiness daily on I hope you’ll follow along as I indulge my love of all things bridal (when not working on my book deadlines of course)!



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November 26, 2013

morning-glory-cover-finalHappy birthday to my fifth novel, MORNING GLORY! It’s in bookstores everywhere today (you can find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Costco, Books-a-Million, and at your favorite independent bookstores across the country)! I hope you’ll stop and pick up a copy this week (first week of sales are very important to authors!).

This novel is very special to me. It’s set on a Seattle houseboat that I rented as my office while writing the book. I fell in love with the floating home lifestyle in the process, and I hope you will too.

Happy reading, everyone!



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November 25, 2013



colby-beary  sarah-boys-hill






All photos taken by the lovely Wendi Parriera, one of my oldest and dearest friends, on a sunny day just outside of Bellingham, Washington. Memories to last a lifetime…


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November 21, 2013

web-siteWe’re excited over here (can you tell?)! And, have you pre-ordered? You can do that here, here, and here.


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November 11, 2013


A while ago, I told my literary agent that I wanted to write a book about cake. Yes, cake. Which, actually seems weird, since I’ve been writing about health for magazines for so many years—five years as a health contributor for Glamour. But here’s the thing: Sometimes, life calls for cake.

Tonight the boys spontaneously decided to grab a bunch of ingredients from the cabinets and attempted to make a cake. Let me list them for you: flour, bread crumbs, cinnamon, vanilla, curry powder, garlic powder (!), baking powder (proud of them for selecting that—they get it!), and an assortment of other odd things (Colby—age 2—grabbed a box of Annie’s mac and cheese). And they mixed, and giggled, and in about 20 minutes, they had their pretend cake.

Tomorrow we’ll bake a real cake. And it will be messy, as life is. A beautiful mess.

And I think I will write a cake book someday. Someday.

P.S. This recipe looks really good.

P.P.S. Morning Glory comes out in two weeks—squeal!


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