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I began my research and I have a made a few choices. I am going to comment however, on the selection process. So, I have my list of authors and I go to the Amazon site and start looking and the available choices. The first is fairly easy, Nora Roberts, I am going to read “Spellbound”. Number two was a little more difficult, Karen Robards, my choice is “Pursuit”.

Dee Henderson and Lisa Gardner are proving to be a bit more difficult. Now I recognize the irony in my complaint as I have produced nothing but series, however I have looked for something, anything that appeals and it is proven to be difficult.

Both writers are all about the series, fine, great, however even the independent books seem to be connected to one of the series. Specifically with Dee Henderson, the whole Christian under theme is a bit off-putting. Honestly I cringe so there is that. I know, stop being such a snob, Amy.

Lisa Gardner, again with all of the connections I have no idea where to begin and I am one who if I read one, and there was another before it will tick me off. This happened with Dan Brown, “Angels and Demons / The Da Vinci Code”. I also do not have the patience to search through each one. I know I am being difficult but these two authors are going to the bottom of the list unless someone gives me a suggestion for reading.

My third choice is Linda Howard, “Dream Man” (a little paranormal spice in there), fourth is Elizabeth Lowell, “Whirlpool”.

Spellbound, Nora Roberts - Spellbound follows world-famous photographer Calin Farrell on his much-needed vacation in Ireland. While there, Calin becomes bewitched by the ravishingly beautiful Bryna Torrence, even if he refuses to believe in the spell that has brought them together-and could destroy them both.

Pursuit, Karen Robards - Jessica Ford is a smart, quiet, and ambitious young lawyer working for one of the largest firms in Washington, D.C. Her boss, John Davenport, is a high roller in politics and good friends with the First Lady, Annette Cooper. When he can’t make it to a bar where Annette is hiding from her Secret Service detail, he calls Jess and sends her over to bundle Annette into a cab. The next thing Jess knows, she’s the sole survivor of a fiery car crash. As the country mourns the First Lady, Jess begins to think the car crash was a cover-up for more than just a drug deal. Suddenly she and Secret Service agent Mark Ryan are on the lam and unsure of whom they can trust. Everyone they know is a suspect, and Jess can’t rely on anyone, not even Mark, as they try to evade the government agents on their tail who have only one goal: to make sure Jess keeps her mouth shut. Who can Jess turn to, and how far up does this conspiracy go?

Dream Man, Linda Howard - Never comfortable with her fame as an empath, lovely Marlie Keen has led a life free of clairvoyant incidents for several years. But her quiet, ordinary existence is shattered when the unwanted ability to read a murderer's mind returns with a vengeance. Knowing that publicity is sure to follow, Marlie nevertheless tells the police what she knows. Tough detective Dane Hollister first scoffs at her claim that she "sees" the serial killer who's terrorizing Orlando, but it doesn't take long to convince him that she's telling the truth. It takes even less time for him to recognize the attraction between himself and Marlie, but Marlie is incredibly vulnerable to the visions assaulting her and Dane must put his fierce desire on hold while he tries to track down a bloodthirsty madman.

Elizabeth Lowell, Whirlpool - When an exquisitely crafted, authentic imperial Faberge egg mysteriously shows up at Laurel Swann's home studio, she knows it can only be from one person—her father, who has drifted in and out of her life for as long as she can remember. But this time Jamie Swann leaves her something too many people will kill for.
Out of her league and desperate, Laurel is forced to accept help from the very man who is trying to ensnare her father in his own web of double crosses. Cruz Rowan can help her stay alive, but will he do the same for her father?

So those are my initial picks, I am also adding two authors, Iris Johansen and
Sandra Brown. I welcome any comments and or suggestions on book choices and or authors! Also feel free to join me in the read, love to hear your thoughts as well.
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