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From The Heart is a book of fifteen poems, exposing feelings never shared before. It also includes stories behind what inspired each poem in this book to be written.

If you’ve read Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival and the other two books in this series, then you already know my story, and you’ll recognize several poems from that time in my life.

If you haven't read my other books yet, to learn the full story, you’ll just have to read the bitter memories trilogy.

For so many years my life was a living hell on earth, but here's one of the poems in FROM THE HEART written after I'd gone on a three-day retreat. This was when my life began to improve, but I still had a long way to go before I found true peace. Enjoy!


I knew one day I would find a place
A place where all fears would fade away.
I spent my entire life trying to hide
Trying clever ways, I thought, to conceal
Afraid to let anyone see the real me.

I knew one day I would find a place
A place to build a bridge to You.
I was looking for a road or a path
A narrow road to love, to strength
A path to understanding.
I knew one day I would find a place
A place of sparkling waters.
There’s been so much missing in my life
I want to let love enter in
I no longer want to go it alone.

Did I let it just happen?
Or, did someone bring me here?
This place of peace and contentment
The place to build a bridge to You.
Never to go alone again, or, in fear.

I have found the place I looked for
The place to let my feelings free.
A place to let God enter in
With His love, His strength
His understanding.

* * *

I hope you'll get a copy of FROM THE HEART and take a short walk back in time with me. Or, get the audio version; sit back, relax, and listen as Beth MacEwan narrates.

I personally was totally blown away when I first heard Beth bringing life to my simple words, speaking with all the passion I felt during the writing.
The audiobook is truly awesome!

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Excerpt from Bitter Memories: A Memoir of Heartache & Survival:
For once, I didn't care about food or anything else. I just wanted to sleep until the pain inside went away. I felt more sadness than I ever dreamed possible in my short three years, but I didn't know that was only the beginning of much more misery—and pain. NOTE: Strong language and heart-breaking content -- not suitable for children.

Excerpt from Trophy Murders, second in the bitter memories trilogy:
Henry lowered his voice, and stated, "Olivia, I'm dealing with murders all over town and I'm not coming home to this shit. I'm only going to tell you this once. If you ever beat Sarah like that again, I'll use that damn paddle on you. Do I make myself clear?"

Excerpt from Cutter's Revenge, the last in the trilogy:
He had to come home with new prey tonight to stop the racket; the persistent hammering in his head. He had to put an end, even temporarily, to the chatter, the laughter, and the nightmares that were driving him insane.

Visit my website to learn more about these books, and also my poetry book, From The Heart.

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This is what one reader has recently said about my books:

"Sue Julsen's books make a very nice Christmas gift! She writes everything from the heart, leaving readers spellbound. Highly recommend." C.W.

I do write from the heart, taking readers on a journey into my life...into my world as a child, abused and terrified, trying to survive...

The crime fiction included in the second and third books of the Bitter Memories trilogy (Trophy Murders and Cutter's Revenge), I delve into my killer's head, and into his heart.

This Christmas give gifts that open another world...give the gift of adventure and learning...Books really do make wonderful gifts!

Check out the bitter memories trilogy, and From The Heart, my book of poetry (also available in audio). All e-books/kindle only $2.99 each!

Head on over to my website to learn more:

NOTE: Due to strong language and content, the trilogy is not suitable for children.

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