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July 10, 2017

Amazon 'Outtakes' Gay YA Giveaway

Hey There,

There's a contest for 10 free kindle copies of Outtakes of A Walking Mistake on Amazon. Just click the link below to enter! #Gay #YA #LGBT

Please review if you win! Working on book 3 now!
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Published on July 10, 2017 13:14 Tags: gay, humor, lgbt, ya

March 5, 2017

New 'ART ED' Short about Deleting Online Friends

Hey Everyone!

My latest short film "ART ED" is now online. It follows two college grad friends, Naomi and Tiffany, after one deletes the other on Facebook. Check out for a great laugh.

Working on new gay YA novel. Hope to be out within the year. Thanks so much for the support. xx

Anthony Paull

Here's the short film link:
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Published on March 05, 2017 07:57 Tags: anthony-pull, art-ed, comedy, humor, short-film

August 11, 2016

5 Year Book Celebration!

Hey Everyone!

It's the 5th Year Anniversary of Outtakes of A Walking Mistake!!! In celebration, check out the .99 Kindle Countdown deal in case you haven't checked it out yet! Let your #LGTBQ reader friends know!

NPR Finalist for Best YA Ever!

I'm working on my third LGBT YA novel now! Be back with more details as it develops! It's a forbidden gay love story! A triangle! The best!

xx Anthony Paull

Amazon Link below for .99 deal.
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Published on August 11, 2016 17:40 Tags: coming-of-age, gay, lgbt, ya

April 18, 2016

New Short Film 'Air Signs' Link

Hey Everyone,

My latest short film is finally online! See the link below!

Check out 'Air Signs' for an experimental comedy about handling grief and crazy friendships!

Working on Book 3! It's YA and GAY...loving this story. Stay tuned!

Anthony Paull
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Published on April 18, 2016 13:19

June 2, 2015

3rd Novel is GAY YA

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update.

A lot of people have inquired about an Outtakes of a Walking Mistake sequel.

Unfortunately, I still believe that's a single story. I never viewed it as more than what I'd written.

However, I'm halfway done with the first draft of my third novel.

It's very GAY YA and an epic love story with a hint of otherworldly things happening. Mythical creatures, dreams and such.

I'd forgotten that I started writing to give gay kids the stories I always wanted to read as a kid.

I remember now.

Talk more soon. xx

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Published on June 02, 2015 10:49 Tags: gay-ya, lgbt, punk, queer

December 1, 2014

Not Easy Being an Indie Author

Hey There!

Maybe it's just Author Holiday Blues. Not sure, but...

After the year-long promo run of my second novel, Desperation Lingers, I feel worn, exhausted, and full of anxiety. I'm not sure if this is typical, but I don't hear a lot of authors talking about the aftermath of a release so I thought I'd share. Personally, in all, I just think I'm dealing with the mildly depressing end result of being the biggest cheerleader for a story that never truly found an audience, even with great reviews.

It didn't seem like a big deal 'til my last-ditch effort occurred a week ago. I literally found myself kicking the book under the seat during a live theater performance. I attached a stickie.

"This book will give you hope. #Passiton."

Unfortunately, I lost my phone in the process, and after the play, when I went back to retrieve it, I found the lead actress waving the book in her hand.

"Sir, did you drop your book?"

Flushed, I said no and darted off, as confused, she compared my face to the back cover.


When I said goodbye to my agent, I didn't realize the hoops I'd have to jump through in releasing a book alone. At one adventurous point, I actually ended up hungover with the flu from doing a reading on a toilet in a Tampa gothic nightclub (after Barnes and Noble refused to have me.) I think that drastic measure occurred shortly after a local journalist wouldn't review my book because it was self-published. "I don't have time to edit," she candidly stated in front of smirking peers. #Notcool


Personally, I don't have a problem being the underdog. Actually, I find it punk-rock (or as punk rock as you can be in your 30s.) I just wish it was a little easier, or that people would take a chance on independent authors more often. Going through the release process takes balls, particularly with so many no's and you-can't-do-that's constantly shoved in your face.

Still, with my second book, I refused to plunge into the behavioral pitfalls of my first:

1. Writing my own reviews then erasing them from guilt.

2. Friending strangers from bogus private accounts just to recommend books, including mine. ("It's AMAZING!") Seriously, at one point, I caught two of my bullshit accounts raving about the book to each other (like anyone was watching). "Oh God! Anthony Paull is so funny!" "Hilarious!" "Yes, I love him too!"

I apologize. I admit it. Tacky.

"Yeah, but everyone does that," my friends say.

Maybe. But not cool.

So with the second book, I was all about being legit. I met awesome indie blogger ladies who'd allow me to host takeovers. I'd crack jokes and give away downloads and paperbacks. I had great reviews. But then 'crickets.' If I wasn't constantly promoting, the sales and reviews would die. 'Crickets.''Ribbit.' Nothing seemed to work, and I desperately wanted it to, because I thought the book carried an awesome message. (What author doesn't?) Plus, there was that snippy journalist in my head. #Notverynice.

So last week, in the midst of writing my third novel, the creative juices all came to a halting stop. It was like quicksand in my chest, all the endless promoting catching up to me. Losing sleep, I had to remind myself -- say it out loud. "I'm a writer, not a promoter. The book needs to breathe. Let it go. It's ok if it's only meant for a few folks.' I realized I was in the anger part of the grief/loss/whatever-the-hell process and there are things I had to change.

For now, I'm working on the list, but the first step is NOT checking Amazon and Goodreads daily just to see if someone is reading. I don't think it's good for the writer's soul, so I'm stopping that (though it will be hard.) I've learned reviews are best for other readers, not writers.

The next step is to write for me. If people come to it. Great. If not. No big deal.

The rest, I plan to figure out as I go.

In all, I'm taking time to lick my wounds and keep plugging on. I might try the traditional route with the next book. Sniff out a new agent. Make amends with the old one. Who knows? The one thing I can say is I don't regret going indie. It's taught me a lot about what I will and won't do for success. And maybe there's a (gulp) slim chance I might do it again. After all, it made me a proud underdog -- just another author behaving badly -- but the long, hard road reminded me how I want to do it right.
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Published on December 01, 2014 09:24 Tags: anthony-paull, author, indie

October 31, 2014

Halloween Sale on 'Outtakes' .99

Follow link for .99 Halloween Sale on 'Outtakes of a Walking Mistake' !!!

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Published on October 31, 2014 08:40 Tags: anthony-paull, gay, humor, lgbt, npr, romance, ya

July 14, 2014

Outtakes is .99 this week on Amazon Summer Sale

Outtakes of a Walking Mistake is just .99 this week on Amazon. (Kindle version)!

NPR Finalist for Best Teen Novel Ever!

Grab a copy now!

Link Below:
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Published on July 14, 2014 09:12 Tags: anthony-paull, gay, lgbt, outtakes-of-a-walking-mistake, ya

July 10, 2014

Desperation Lingers is just .99 through the weekend!

Hey There!

Love crazy romance with LGBTQ themes??! Pick up a .99 kindle copy of Desperation Lingers. Special runs til Jul 13th!
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Published on July 10, 2014 12:47 Tags: humor, lgbt, romance

October 16, 2013

Why I Became My Own Literary Agent...For Now

There was a time a few years ago where I was signed to an amazing boutique literary agency. I won't name names, but I knew someone who knew someone, as the story goes, and sent in my script for 'Outtakes of a Walking Mistake.'

In a matter of two weeks I was delighted to hear back and be signed. One of the junior agents loved it. My dream of being a writer was finally coming true. The agency represented some pretty big names. I just had to sign a 2-year contract, make a few edits, and wait to hear from the publishing houses.

My agent wanted to do the one-at-a-time route to make the book seem more exclusive. In the end, the results were promising but there was always one little, teeny-tiny glitch.

'The protagonist (gay) should be chasing after a straight boy. Not a gay boy.'

'Could you turn the lead into a zombie? We would buy that.'

'There isn't enough of a gimmick here.'

"We really love the writing and we want to see everything he writes but this is too much of a niche market book.'

Mind you, these are the responses I would get when I actually spoke to my agent. He never took my calls. When I signed, I was told I would get special attention because it was a boutique agency.

What I got was the admin who always let me know that my agent was in a meeting. I would send emails regarding the progress of the book, only to hear back weeks or months later. So I'd call again, every few weeks in hope that my agent would answer and give me five minutes. Honestly, I began to feel like a jilted lover. I remember once telling the admin that I planned to keep the baby. "Tell my agent he'll never see his child again!"

My humor didn't go over well. My usual response: crickets.

Honestly, I wasn't sure of the rules. Is it normal to expect a call every two months? Is it ok to call today? What about an email? When did I send the last one?

Anyway, two years later I broke the contract and didn't receive another Christmas card.

I released Outtakes through a small-print press and got some great reviews and the book sold pretty well and was named one of NPR's "Best YA Novels Ever." I went on a book tour where my picture generally hung above a toilet and once, I was told to 'get on the stripper pole.' But that's neither nor there.

Just releasing my second novel Desperation Lingers, I have been reflecting back on 'what if' and 'should I have done things differently?'

For me, the honest answer remains no.

I have begun to see the publishing industry the same way I view the music industry. To me, it's as if you have to prove yourself by gaining an audience before the big houses will and should take a chance on you. I'm all right with that model, with being my own cheerleader (along with a small promo team) until I have enough of an audience standing beside me. Then maybe if I'm signed again I can get an answer if I have a question about the status of my book.

In the end, every author has to find his/her own route. For me, I take about two years to release a novel that I feel has been edited and polished enough for purchase. I write what I feel, what I see, which usually ends up in desperate characters in humorous situations. That's all I have to get me through this crazy industry. I make sure to laugh every day in hope that one day I can do humor as a full-time job.
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Published on October 16, 2013 18:09 Tags: agent, anthony-paull, desperation-lingers, humor, outtakes-of-a-walking-mistake