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Producing a KF8 Kindle book

Until very recently, I gave some very explicit instructions for the construction of the HTML and CSS needed to step back in time to Amazon’s MOBI format. It was extremely limited in what was allowed. 

Designers are rarely good coders, and writers even less so. InDesign is the best tool we have at present, but there’s still a long way to go until some of the typographic niceties we rely on in print are actually available in a Kindle book without a lot of hand-coding.

But the Export to Kindle plug-in is a large step forward

I’m using the Amazon InDesign plug-in for CS5.5 [at the time of this posting the new plug-in for CS6 has not been released]. If you do not embed fonts, you simply add your ePUB to Calibre and use it to convert your ePUB to MOBI. Download Calibre. It’s a free app (shareware, actually).

Now we can embed fonts and it's a whole new ballgame!

For more...

This is a short excerpt from Writing In InDesign by David BergslandWriting In InDesign

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