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When I was asked to present a second book to Zane, I pondered over how to deliver a novel the fans of the Strebor authors would appreciate. I decided to base this book The Punany Experience on a poem from my first Zane presents The Punany Poets’ Verbal Penetration. Far from the average down low discussion, The War Between Tops and Bottoms, a story-poem about two lesbians in a sexual battle with a married man, shocked audiences when it was first presented in live form by the talented actress and AIDS activist LOVE the poet.

So, with no further ado I present to some, and introduce to others…

The War Between Tops & Bottoms

her hips pressed
against my ass

because he was watching

It's like that?

It could be.
but what she
really wants to do
is fuck a man in the ass

Like that?
She's never done it before. I lied, not knowing it yet.
Forty-five minutes and a bridge ride later
my phone rang...

"Booty Call,
Booty Call,
Booty Call!"

I wondered if I could download that ring
and set it for the men
who phone disrespectfully
after 10 O'clock pm

It was 2:15 in the morning
"Is it cool?
I'm on my way to your pad."
I looked at my woman
as if to ask permission
She returned a sly glance as if to say,
"Bring it on!"
Five minute inside
he was just parking
but she was already
showered and strapped

I had seen her that way many times
her plump ass squeezed between 3 black leather straps
holding in place a 9 inch dick
I had hand-picked from Good Vibrations
to match the John Henry hunk of the man
I used to call my husband
It was large, slightly flexible, jet black
and bulged with human vein-like texture
I had a special relationship to this dick
It was mine
and I was particular about it.
to me, it was as real as any dick,
as in relationships
it would only stray if I got careless and lost it
or as in tonight, chose to give it away.

It was huge next her small body
but trust,
she wore it and used it like she had grown it
She was soft butch, bisexual by admission
and beautiful by even Hollywood standards
If she were an ice cream she'd be a Creole Mocha Blend
A tiny package, she was, full of surprises
Hairs on her chin
Egotistical and a Taurus
even her cum smelled like a man's
Yet her breasts were nearly as large as mine
and I was busting provocatively out of a double D

I'd lie if I said living this life
didn't bring thoughts of
Jerry Springer to my mind from time to time
I giggled like the child I felt like,
Nowhere to hide

She made a cup of coffee
sipped it wearing nothing
but the dick and strap
I blushed
abandoned her to the shower
door bell rings
I scrubbed and tried to wash off the vodka
so I could know that this was really happening
Now let me get this straight...
rinsing my cigarette breath again
spitting water
My former lover
Is coming over
to let my lesbian lover
fuck him in the ass
I shook my head a couple times
but the thought was still there
My heart would not stop racing
it wasn't sexual excitement
I was pretty sure of that

It felt more like the nerves that flutter about your stomach
when you know you have done wrong and your momma has found out
but you haven't made it home yet
and your sister is running toward you
ooooh, you gonna get it!
Accepting he inevitable
you can only hope she falls.

I had known him for as long as I had known my own sexual being
I was a virgin when we met
He introduced me to the freak in me
and has kept her skills on point for nearly 20 years
but never this way

My momma told me he was gay!
I was thinking this, when he stepped into the shower
He washed my body
kissed me everywhere
just like he used to
and did that thing he does with his thumbs
massaging my inner thighs down to the bone
gently stretching my pussy with circular motions
until I had the urge to press down
and give birth to another level of
our homie-lover-friendship
I was melting in the heat
I cooled the water down
Kissed the softest lips I have ever known
and said goodbye to love making as I had known it with him
My momma
and the women of her generation
would have stopped us dead in our tracks
because there are some things you just don't hang out to dry
What was going down tonight
was definitely going to leave some dirty laundry

She made it easy to get started
She didn't believe in awkward moments
He stepped out of the shower
She pushed me into him
He held me tight
lit a joint, passed it around
The kissing commenced quickly
I couldn't suck her pussy with the strap on
and her legs so tight, like they always are for me
so I sucked her dick
then his
He ate my pussy
then tongue kissed her ass
She ate my pussy then tongue kissed him
then put her tongue to his rim
for a very long time

he wanted to enter her
she wasn't having it
I stepped out of the room to grab two rubbers
while they decided who's on top
and what's on second
I don't know,
thirst base came so quickly
I didn't have time to think

I sat back and took a lesson in testosterone
waiting just a few moments to see if
he would give the ass up right away
A few more of her famous tongue lashings
inside and outside of his ass hole
she was going to be in there
I couldn't bare to watch him go out like that
I wanted to know, but I couldn't watch

So I did what any woman
in denial about the sexual preference
of a man she's loved since childhood would do...
I slipped my body under his
shoving hips into his
I spread my legs
Spread them wide
opened my pussy up in the candle light
Wet my finger
slapped my clit
pushed two fingers in an out of my self
testing the waters with my own tongue
attempted to flood the room
with the intoxicating pheromones
of my good pussy
but all I could smell was ass
as she dug into him
with such aggression,
her force urged him deeper inside of me.

Part of me hoped for a fast win in this
war between tops and bottoms
for the sake my health
Cuz this was 2004
and I had been fucking a man who
desired a dick in his ass
for nearly half of my life

The other parts of me were
extremely turned on
extremely jealous
and angry
over how I had been a sexual fool
seeing all the signs, heeding no warning
What was more, I hadn't even been giving him,
what he was really looking for

My body grew hotter
as he kissed me and briefly remembered me
calling my name
I drew my pussy like an M16
and fired into the dark
He spread my thighs wider
Fucked me with his tongue
Sucking my fat pussy lips
on the up stroke
a couple feet away could hear her tongue
lathering up his ass
His hips began to roll
Pow she slapped it with a magical sting
and raised the ass high into the air
with the power possessed in her fingertips

My man was now my woman's bitch
And the 9 inch dick I had picked
from a little Berkeley sex boutique,
that reminded me of my husband,
and gave to my lesbian lover
to fuck me with,
was in my soulmate's ass
deeply, in his ass
he pronounced
candy in my ears

She withdrew

He caught his breath
Then whispered
"Tell her to put it back in."

My pussy got numb.

He continued to fuck me,I think.
Mostly, she fucked him
She fuck him, and busted so many times
before they finally came together
Their unified moans and grunts
were like a song, a dirty rap song
I added some curse words and moans
of my own but my pussy was only wet
with her juices
as they shot on his ass and thighs
and drip down to tease me.

But he still wanted to enter her
in four years, I hadn't even put a finger inside of her
she almost didn't lay down for that
gave it the political lesbian try
before her legs were spread so far apart
I didn't recognize her or her porn star vocabulary

The pair weren't fighting anymore
"Thank you, thank you, thank you"
he repeated emphatically
over and over as he dressed

He really meant that shit.
I had two G's in my bed
giving me the kind of truth
you don't even get in church
I had no reason to be mad
I set the whole thing up
I had asked for a pass to a game that was not for suckers
He wanted something that I wasn't willing to give
and now that I know this
I can choose not to put myself at risk

I wasn't mad anymore.
because I was no longer a fool,
just maybe a little grossed out.
I mean, accept for the fact that
the entire room smelled like ass
It might have even been cool.

But the thought of where his ass goes
on nights he can't find a woman
so willing to engage in anal play
was a little bit scary

It was 4:15 he went home to his wife
I drank my girl's cold coffee
Sat down at my computer and ordered
a new dick online
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Stormy lay cradling herself on the floor, where Brother Samuels left her, with her virginity bleeding slowly down her thighs in the Pastor’s Study.

“That will teach you to tease a brother,” he said, zipping his choir robe. “What are you crying about little girl? A little dick won’t kill you.” He kicked her leg with his Stacy Adams, and laughed devilishly. He cupped his nuts and gave them an appreciative lift… “I mean uh, a big dick. Well, you’ll find that out soon enough.”

Stormy just laid there. Not talking, not crying, just kind of numb and wondering what she had done wrong. If God is everywhere, she wondered, why he couldn’t He hear her prayers from inside the Pastor’s Study.

Stormy shivered.

“Are you cold?” He asked. “Put your robe back on.” For a moment, there was tenderness in his voice that Stormy appreciated. He was handsome and tall with a voice than made even the Mothers on the Mother’s Board swoon. Even when he wasn’t singing, praising God with his tenor tone, it sounded like a song.

Then suddenly, he tossed her choir robe onto her 14 year-old body and curled his lip in disgust at her. “You know? You females make me sick, prancing around in front of men, dressing like little sluts then you have the nerve to cop attitudes when men want to fuck you. I’m going to give you some advice young lady, you would be smarter for taking it. Don’t take this here situation and try to use it to play victim. You will only be fucking yourself up later. Pussy wasn’t created for anything but fucking and having babies. So if you think I’ve done you wrong. Think again.

“But for real though, he said kneeling at her side, I know you’re feelin’ kind of bad about it right now, goin’ out like a ho and all, especially in the house of the Lord, but I can see it in you. That’s some real good pussy you got. You are going to be one of those bitches who loves to fuck. Trust me. So don’t worry about it. Every girl’s got to become a woman sometime. It’s better that it happened here, instead of in the streets. There are a lot of crazy men out there. You be careful not to go flashing those sexy thighs to the wrong man. I’m sure you won’t, now that you know what can happen.”

Brother Samuels checked his hair in the mirror by the coat rack, where the pastor’s robe, hat and coat hung. “I know you don’t want to embarrass your momma with any of this. With that cancer eating her up like it is already, you might kill her with foolishness.”

Brother Samuels was already humming his next musical presentation to God as he shut the door to the pastor’s study behind him and walked down the hall with Stormy’s innocence still ripe on his dick, under his choir robe.

After a few minutes, when she could hear the organ flooding the sanctuary, Stormy stood up on her trembling legs, picked her pink cotton panties up off the floor and stepped into them. As she dressed, in the dress her mother had warned her was “too short for the church house” and folded her choir robe, she could hear Brother Samuels on the organ in the sanctuary, singing…

“I find no fault in God, he’s wonderful… I find no fault in him”

Ask her about her first time...

“Brother Samuels had a beautiful voice.” That is all Stormy can remember.
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Published on August 04, 2009 08:20 • 214 views • Tags: between, book, bottoms, excerpt, experience, goodreads, holter, jessica, penetration, punany, tops, verbal, war, zane
Korea had been fucking Keith for three months.

This was her first pelvic exam and pap smear. She laid on the examination table, her legs wide open, her feet lodged in stirrups, a cluster of small bumps had appeared, popped open and now leaked a clear fluid.

At first Korea thought the feeling of embarrassment she felt was caused by the very predicament she found herself in.

“It could be an STD, huh?” she asked the doctor, shyly.

“It could be,” the milky skinned blonde woman said as she slipped her long fingers into two rubber gloves. “Then again, I could be nothing. Why don’t we decide to be hopeful, to wait, and to see. She smiled so warmly at her young patient, Korea felt it. This doctor is pretty, she thought. No, she is beautiful. To Korea, she looked more like a model than someone who would be working at the local free clinic. Her eyes were such a pale blue, they were almost translucent. Her cheek bones here high and defined and her small pouty lips look like somebody drew them her face with a calligraphy pen.

Korea was lost in these thoughts, when the pretty doctor nudged her knee a bit to get her to open her legs wider. “Relax she said. This won’t hurt… I am going to…” As Doctor Model went on to describe the next steps she would take, Korea could only feel, a warming sensation running completely through her body as two well-lubricated gloved fingers reached inside and searched her.

With her other hand, the doctor pressed around on her stomach, leaning forward just enough so that when Korea caught the scent of her cotton candy breath, her belly flooded with butterflies, and her clitoris stood at attention. Korea felt something she had never felt before.. a strong increasing urge to… do something, she wasn’t sure of. Around and round, the fingers stroked, pressed and tapped and suddenly Korea’s entire body seemed to sneeze.

“Woah, young lady… that’s was a first,” The Doctor said, smiling gently but taking her fingers out so quickly Korea had an after quake of tiny jolts and quivers.

At first Korea thought the feeling of embarrassment she felt was caused by the very predicament she found herself in. Now she knew it was more. It was so much more, that she decided in that very moment she might never need a dick or a man again. No dick had ever made her feel this way… whatever this way was… she wanted to feel it over and over again. She wanted to feel it forever. And if it only existed in the fingertips of a beautiful woman with cotton candy breath, so be it. She was going to make a way to leave Keith immediately.

“Don’t worry. You will have it all under control before you know it,” Doctor Model said.

“I know”, Korea told her. “And Hey, thanks.”

“Ok, this part might not be so pleasant,” she could hear the woman say as she lay feeling the tingles slowly dissipate, and come to a quick freeze when cold speculum slipped inside of her. She could feel the cool clinic air rush into her open body; the swipe of dry cotton, a pinch, a squeeze and then another swipe and it was over. Korea exhaled and relaxed her pelvis and then the rest of her body.

“Ok Korea,” the Doctor Model said. “Just a few tests and one of the nurses will be back in to talk to.”

“Tests,” Korea repeated, softly, having been reminded of exactly where she was and why she was here. “Doctor, can you tell me what you think it is?” She asked in a voice that sounded much more frightened and tiny, than any voice she had ever used before. She momentarily wondered if it was hers then she cleared her throat and tried again, repeating the question, this time with more assertiveness, adding, “I mean, could they be hair bumps? A few weeks ago, I let Keith, my boyfriend, shave me down there. He said it was probably just hair bumps,” Korea finished confidently, but clearing her throat again. The doctor dropped her gloves into the trash receptacle and turned to look at the 16 year-old girl who had probably gotten Herpes before she had even had an orgasm and said, “Well, I would rather not say, until the tests are back. There is no point in getting you all excited, until we know for sure and then she winked one pale blue eye at Korea and disappeared behind a cold white door.

In the 10 days it took to get her test results in the mail, she ignored Keith’s calls, played basketball and found it difficult to stop thinking about the doctor and that strange sensation she had had on her table.

Korea was still pretty sure, the bumps were nothing. They had scabbed over and fallen off without even leaving scars. But they had been too painful to pick so she had not ever looked for buried hairs.

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Published on August 04, 2009 08:47 • 186 views • Tags: between, book, bottoms, excerpt, experience, goodreads, holter, jessica, penetration, punany, tops, verbal, war, zane
Tidas, the pimp in the condo next door to Keith’s was beating his unruly new ho again. Every time she was slammed into the wall, Dream Crow flinched like her nerves were being pinched. She had twice gone out of the lines with her lip liner and had to keep starting over. The phone was ringing, her pager was buzzing and her stomach was nervous and beginning to hurt. And now Keith wanted her to trim his mustache. She was trying to hold the scissors steady but all the noise was fucking her up.

She put the scissors down, wrung her hands and fetched the phone. The voice of then teenager on the other end of the line sent her to a place she should have gone when the white girl traded up and left her holding the bag six months ago. She was going to have to get the out of here quick, before the stress found her getting her ass whipped like the chick next door. Between her new car, Keith’s new Harley and the heavy recruiting efforts he was making on this new female he was trying to mack on, they had twice the bills and half the income. Keith was barely helping her with anything, complaining that powder wasn’t moving because base rock was taking over.

“It’s for you,” she snapped, handing the phone to Keith.

“You gave me herpes you fucking bastard!” Korea was screaming on the other end of the line.

“I know.” Keith said dryly, trying not to move his mouth too much, while Dream Crow trimmed the last few hairs of his mustache.

Korea was nearly inaudible, as she screamed and cried through slobber and tears on the phone. All Keith could manage to understand was “You scarred me for life.”

“Look at it this way,” he said in a cool tone, waving Dream Crow and her scissors away from his face. Now you don’t have to worry about catching it. And, I guess I, don’t have to worry about you fucking around.

“Keith… you…”

“Don’t Keith me, like a little bitch. Call me when you ain’t actin’ like a punk anymore!” He hung up the phone.

“Man, I’m telling you, this ho is different. I can’t seem to break her.”

“Ummm”, Dream Crow muttered as she primped nervously in the mirror, hoping she could get out of the condo before Keith tried to look at the numbers in her pager. It had been blowing up all night with reminder calls from her brother Hartford who wouldn’t stop for a red light to get her out of the life. He was only 18 years old and on his way to the big time in the music industry and wanted to take her and their sister Blue with him.

Keith hated to have to come off the way he had to Korea on the phone. It had already been 3 months since he saw her at her high school basketball game, whipping ass like a dude on the court. If he had been any other chick he’d have had her working his track by now, but there was something special about her. She was unlike any female he had ever met. She was calculated and mannish in a way that he respected. But she was poor and desperate to get rich, so he thought he could present the game as a business opportunity that she could appreciate. He had planned on doing this a week ago, but now that she had caught the disease, he was going to have to change up the game plan.

“I can’t believe it man, I think I love her.” He had not meant to say that out loud, especially not in front of the only girl on his team, but he couldn’t take it back.

“You love her? What kind of shit is that for a pimp to say?” Dream Crow hissed at him. She grabbed her curling iron and playfully lunged at his image behind her in the glass.

“Awe baby, that’s what pimps do, we love everybody,” Keith kissed at her angry reflection in the mirror.

“But, for real, the bitch ain’t budging. Here she is gonna be able to leave home soon and she’s talking some bullshit about business school and she had the nerve to be talking about ‘ain’t no basketball scholarships for this school’, like I’m supposed to pay for the shit. She’s got me twisted.”

“It sounded to me, like she was mad about something else.”


“You heard me.” Dream Crow mumbled under her breath.

“Please don’t get beside yourself. Not now. I really don’t feel like beating your ass tonight.”

Yea, I’ve heard, an outbreak can make you tired, Dream Crow thought as she avoided his eyes in charging at her in the mirror and curled her hair. In the early 80’s the high school in her East Oakland neighborhood had been dubbed “Herpe High” when the Oakland Tribune newspaper reported that many of the student had been infected, so the school clinic made a point of preparing all incoming high school students with information on the incurable virus.

Sex was more than a pastime or a good time for Dream Crow. She was not an innocent girl when she met Keith at 16. She had already been fucking her step father for money for four years by then. Sex was neither a sin nor a misdemeanor punishable by law in her book. Sex was a business, like any other business and it was not to be compromised or jeopardized by incompetence or ignorance. She could spot a man who was not clean over the phone. When she met Keith, she had examined him thoroughly and knew the scars were the mark of a beast. So, theirs was not a relationship based on sex. She was loyal to him like one was to a job or a boss. Never once… never ever… would she let him or any man enter her body without a rubber. She never told him that she knew he was a carrier, but she made it clear, from the very beginning that there would be no bare backing.

“I can hear you thinking,” he said. His were code words for “Get the fuck out and make us some money, before I get my belt.” He had only use his belt on her once, but once was enough to know that she should never disrespect him with a foul mouth. The whipping was vicious and painful, but Keith had been careful not to leave scars or hit her anywhere but on her ass and thighs. It was strange, that she thought the way that she did about it but she was grateful that is had not been worse. She had fucked another man, Keith’s adversary. She had not charged a dime. She liked it; and told Keith so with expletives.

She deserved to get her ass whipped. But told herself that it would never happen again. But now, with money getting funny, she was afraid that it would not be long before it did happen again.

There was a moment of understanding silence between Dream Crow and Keith. Then he continued to talk about Korea, some kid he had picked out at a high school basketball game. He told her how talented she was and about her plans to go to school and get her mother out of the 69 Village projects.

“She just needs to come to an understanding about this here,” he said. “Maybe you can help me baby. I think she may have a thing for girls. It’s not that she plays hoop, she just naturally has a lot of dude in her. I think she might even shave her chin.”

Distracted from her thoughts and her primping, Dream Crow looked in the mirror at his reflection and repeated what she thought she had heard. “Did you say she has a beard? Got damn, at 16? Gross! Now you know I’m strictly dickly, if I wasn’t, I would have some old white bitch waiting for me every night on the hill.”

“That’s cold Dream Crow. That’s real cold. But for real, she’s really pretty though. She’s brown skinned with a real tight body, big titties, fat ass, the whole nine, you know? I just thought… I mean this is San Francisco, and with things being rough around here, it wouldn’t hurt you none to open you mind up a little bit.”

“Look daddy,” Dream Crow said, cutting him off, “I don’t have to keep staying around for this crazy talk. You sound kind of desperate, like you’re losing your confidence. That ain’t the Keith I know. Besides, we don’t need a child to do woman’s work. I heard there were some outlaws over in the tenderloin. I could take off tomorrow night and go recruit.

“Hell no Keith said. This ain’t the open door Mission. I’m only dealing with top notch bitches baby. I told you that. We start scraping the bottom of the pond and we’ll have a stable full of bitches in and out of county and rehab. No. Korea is young and I’m the only one who had her so far. She’s the one. She ain’t got a daddy and I don’t think her momma is about to be checking for her.”

“Is that a fact? How can you be sure? Dream Crow asked him.

“I will make sure.”

“Oh, like you did with that pink haired white lady from the trailer park in Vallejo? She basically sold you her daughter and she still left us. We ain’t recovered from that yet. Then the little tramp left us, quick as I cleaned her up. She got all those designer knocks and shoes and hand bags and then she got herself a husband.” Dream Crow could feel herself getting upset. She wanted to stop talking but she had to get her say in. “She got a fucking husband baby!” She turned in her seat to look at him with pleading eyes. She wanted to say “Don’t make me do this. Don’t make me leave you too” but instead, she painted a simple and vivid picture of his misfortune and their sacrifice. “Keith, we spent almost 15 racks on her gear and her car and now she’s married to a banker in a gated community in Blackhawk. I do not want to sponsor another green bitch.”

“I don’t want to talk about that girl,” Keith said cutting his eyes at her in warning.

Dream Crow’s voice softened and soothed his mood with the tenderness of a love ballad. “Darling, Baby, baby… she said, getting up from her seat and walking to him. Pressing her breasts against his chest she cooed, “I won’t keep talking about her but, I thought you said, she left us, that it was just going to be me and you.”

“Is that what I said?” Well damn. Maybe I thought you could handle this whole situation now that you have clients on the hill and all, but…” He sucked his teeth. I was wrong.

“Hell, Dream Crow said, backing out of his shadow, “I could be working on my singing career. I’m still young and sexy, you know?”

“Yea, and you could be the first black bitch in the oval office too.”

“You don’t have to be mean to me, just because you are mad at that kid Korea.”

Dream Crow’s pout could make an angry crack head mother on a binge bend into submission. Her brown eyes softened and seemed to lighten and her full lips puckered into a heart shape. Her beauty was undeniable in the soft light of the dressing room. Her caramel colored skin melted in it. Suddenly, he was warm to her beauty. He had not really looked at her for a long time. Dream Crow was like a death defying dream. She was perfect in every way. Her skin never had a blemish and all of her womanly parts were perfect and well pronounced. She always smelled delicious and inviting, like hot apples and cinnamon.

“Is that what I’m doing. He asked softly, giving in to her perfections. “I’m sorry baby, you’re right. I apologize. I love the fact that you are a dreamer. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with having your head in the clouds as long as you have your feet on the ground.”

“You mean on the track, don’t you?”

“Excuse me? Do I detect an attitude?

“No baby. I am just saying, it’s getting rough out her with just me working.”

You think that it’s just you out there baby?”

“Yes, Ain’t it?”

“No. That’s us out there. I can think of a million other things I could be doing. My daddy wasn’t a pimp, he was a preacher. I could do that, and a whole lot more, but this thing we got is special. You making the sacrifices you make, so we can get ahead, means a lot to me. And I know you appreciate me having your back out there, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Well then, act like it. You keep talking about being a singer because your jive as brother says you have a voice and he could manage you. He’s selling you and your sister wolf tickets. You know how many singers never get discovered and die broke? Baby we’re pulling in close to $1500 a week. And that’s just with you. If I could get this tender on our team we could double that and move into a big house. You should be helping me and supporting me, like I support you. Not threatening to bail out like some punk bitch. You mess around, wasting time trying to be a singer and you’ll be fucking for fucking free… laid up on some casting couch somewhere. Come on now, you’re smarter than that.”

Keith was talking fast until he saw the defiance in Dream Crow’s eyes dwindle down to defeat. He liked to keep that look in her pretty brown eyes it made her look sexy, sad and sexy like a blues singer. He lifted her chin with his pinky finger. Baby, I’m just saying the truth to you. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t tell you the truth. If I didn’t love you, we would be over here, like Tidas and that crazy bitch over there. He messing up her face, brusin’ her up, ain’t nobody gon’ pay for that. Ain’t I good to you?


“Damn straight. Don’t worry. I got your back. Don’t I? Like when your momma put you out for what your daddy did to you. Didn’t I have your back then?”

“Yea, you did.”

“That’s right, and I didn’t even really know you. I have more love for you now than ever before. You were only 16, awkward, and goofy. Now look at you, 21, and you are all woman. I like to think I had something to do with the beautiful woman you have become.”

“I know,” Dream Crow said finally. “I have your back, just like you have mine.”

Satisfied, Keith stepped away from his bottom ho, talking to himself about Korea.

“That bitch ain’t budging. Here she is gon’ be able to leave home soon and she’s talking some bullshit about business schooland she had the nerve to be talking about ‘ain’t no basketball scholarships for this school’, like I’m supposed to pay for the shit.”

Dream Crow listened to her man talk on about his new bitch while he fixed her lipstick again. Checking her pager one more time, Dream said, “Daddy you know I love you, but I have a date, I have to go.”

“I’ll be back later with so much cash you will forget all about that little fucking teenager.” She grabbed a small black tote and left the condo.

Dream Crow stepped into the night in a metallic gold mini skirt, a tube top, and a pair of strappy gold stilettos. It was Friday night and the track was popping with rich white tricks in town for a music convention. She drove around the turf showing off her shiny black convertible Spider, waving at her friends on the stroll, but kept driving until she arrived at the Hotel adjacent to the convention center she had been paged from.

She gave her keys to the valet, and got directions to the lobby bathroom from the concierge. Dream Crow stepped into the stall a hooker, and stepped out a star-in-the-making. Her simple black dressed clung to her curvaceous body in all the right places, its neck line plunging nearly to her navel. She has tossed the golden streetwalker gear and costume jewelry into her tote and adorned her slender neck with a single strand of black pearls and twisted her long hair into a French roll. She put her demo tape into a simple black clutch and strutted through the lobby to the elevator with a winner’s stride.

He gasped when he saw her standing at the door to his hotel suite. His appreciation for her stunning beauty was obvious and honest. “Your brother told me you were talented but he didn’t say you were so beautiful,” the man said, handing her a glass of wine. “Name’s Bandarofski, Jerome Bandarofski,” she took the wine and sipped.

“Dream, Dream Crow. Here’s my demo.”

“Yes, of course,” he said smiling. He took the demo from her hand but did not look at it. . We’ll get to that. Have a seat. Tell me what you want.”

“What do I want?” Dream Crow was confident and certain when she answered him, “Everything.”

“What a coincidence,” Jerome said, “so do I.”

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The Punany Experience

Jessica Holter
"Strapped, and ready to stick it inside his oiled round ass, Korea stops, looks in the mirror, and smiles. Yeah, I'm the man."

For Korea, an androgynous beauty, sex is just business, and as she sees it
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