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November 20, 2015

So, I’m currently writing this from Adelaide, Australia (which is awesomeee), and just spent the past two weeks in New Zealand, road tripping from Auckland all the way down to Queenstown (no words to describe how amazing this trip was, but perhaps my Instagram will do it some justice)! I’ll have a more detailed recap of everything in my December newsletter, but because I’m on the road (and newsletters take a while to format), I figured I’d share today’s awesome news on my blog instead!

What news, you ask? WELLLLL….

First, the playlist for The Assassin and the Desert (perhaps my favorite novella) is now up on my Spotify page! (for the full/uncut playlist--because Spotify doesn't have all the songs--click here.)

And second (which is the real/actual news)....

As you might have already seen, I’ve partnered with Litographs for the glorious Throne of Glass merchandise (I never get sick of seeing photos of you guys rocking those t-shirts!). And while this awesome design is here to stay, we’re creating a NEW special design for this holiday season….

And what, precisely, makes it so special (other than the given holiday cheer)?

YOU could be the designer. Yep. Like, you.

Litographs is hosting a contest for the next TOG design—to be featured in both their online store AND in indie bookstores across the US! Litographs has never done anything like this before, but they’ve been so amazed by the sheer talent and gorgeousness of the Throne of Glass fanart online that they wanted to invite you guys to participate in the creation of the next TOG design.

(See details below to submit your art—as well as all the the incredible (like, INCREDIBLE) prizes.)

Below is a lot of terms and info (courtesy of the fantastic team at Litographs!), but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Litographs team! I seriously cannot wait to see what you guys come up with! :D

Annnnd I should go to bed now, since I need to be up bright and early to attend Supanova in Adelaide! Just in case you need it, I’m posting my Australia tour info here, too! All of my non-Supanova events are sold out, but if you're at the con, come see me! I'll be on some awesome panels and signing books all day!

Litographs & TOG Design Contest
Your opportunity to create a design to be used as the base for posters, t-shirts, and tote bags for an original Throne of Glass Litographs line of merchandise.


– The winning design will be used as the main art for the release of Throne of Glass t-shirts, tote bags, and posters.

– Your design should be inspired by Throne of Glass, and/or speak to a key theme, or plot point, in the book. In other words, we want to be able to recall the book from your design. NO SPOILERS, GUYS.

—Your design must fit some general size and style qualifications as in the style guide on the side here (click for a larger image). That said, please do be creative!

– Your design should include graphics only. No text please (as the background will consist entirely of text!).
— Please do not use copyrighted images. All artwork should be your own creation.

– Please submit only one design.

– Once your design is finished, use this typeform to submit your design and contact information. NOTE: Your design will later be posted to my Pinterest for voting.

– Important: By submitting an entry to this contest you grant rights to use this design in forthcoming merchandise, and in display and promotional materials. Please read the terms of service within the typeform for more information.

All entries must be received no later than midnight PST on Friday, December 4th, 2015.


6 FINALISTS will each receive a $50 Litographs gift card. This can be redeemed for posters, t-shirts, tote bags, laptop decals, temporary tattoos, and other great literary goodies, including those for Throne of Glass!

ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a $500 cash prize from Litographs, and have his or her design featured on Litographs’ Throne of Glass t-shirts, tote bags, and posters to be available at, and indie bookstores around the country!
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August 26, 2015

Hey guys!

This is going to be a whirlwind of updates, because holy crap, my (third round of) edits for the ACOTAR sequel are due by Sunday night, anddddd I am literally on the sleep-eat-write-eat-write-sleep schedule until they’re sent in.

To kick it off, some exciting news! (…for me, anyway.) A little bird juuust told me that ACOTAR2 (no title yet!) is already available for pre-order on Amazon! And has a publication date (May 3rd)! Woohoo!

ANNNNND (in perhaps slightly more exciting news).... I’m starting a newsletter!

It seems like a much, much easier way to be able to update you guys on all things TOG/ACOTAR/my other projects. It’ll be released monthly (you have my word I won’t spam you with anything beyond that), and it’ll contain glimpses into what I’m working on, any exciting news, and some fun/exclusive extra content. AND, every now and then, it'll include a mini Q&A, with questions submitted by YOU. (I’ll have info on how/where to submit questions for me to answer in the newsletter at some point soon.)

If you’re interested, sign up here. I’ll be kicking off the newsletter on/around September 15th, ANNNND…

If you sign up for the newsletter BEFORE September 15th, you will AUTOMATICALLY be entered to win a signed copy of one of my books! I’ll be picking SIX winners, one for each of my published books, ANNNND a seventh lucky winner will receive an ARC of the ACOTAR sequel whenever I get them (likely sometime after the new year)! Yay!

The second order of business…my book playlists. You guys asked for it—and you got it. I’ve started uploading my book playlists onto Spotify!

Head over to the playlist page on my website to check out the finer details/explanation, BUT basically…the ACOTAR playlist is now available, AND I’ll have the QUEEN OF SHADOWS playlist ready next week on release day!

I’ll be sharing the other playlists the third Thursday of every month—AND I’m launching community-driven playlists for YOU to share the songs that make you think of my books!

Annnnd speaking of release day…holy crap. Less than a week until QOS is out worldwide! (You can still submit your pre-order receipt (ebook or physical copy) from ANY retailer to receive a free set of TOG buttons! Details here.) We’ve got a strict worldwide on-sale date for the book (meaning, bookstores are NOT allowed to put it out until 9/1, which is awesome/intense/wtf-is-my-life), and I am so, so, soooo excited for all of you to get the chance to read it--together! :)

I also just wanted to share the updated US tour schedule, since we added a couple stops to the end! (The reason behind the date gap & shorter-than-usual tour is that my sister-in-law is getting married. Which is awesome & wonderful, but I obviously would never ask them to plan their nuptials around my touring schedule! SO, I’m touring literally until the night before I fly down to Florida for the wedding.)

Only 6 days left, you guys! I can’t wait to hear what you think about Queen of Shadows!! Woohooooo!!!!
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July 24, 2015

So, in case the lack of updating this blog was any indication, the past few months have been *super* busy! I went on tour for the entire month of May when A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES released, and had suchhhhh a blast (as always!) meeting readers in the U.S. and UK!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to my events on either side of the pond—and thanks from the bottom of my heart to ALL of you who have supported and embraced this book, whether in person or online. I cannot begin to explain how much it meant to me and what it felt like when I got the news that ACOTAR debuted at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list.

(To give you an idea, I was with my agent, publicist, and husband in a car in NYC, on our way to my final US tour event, and I pretty much burst into uncontrollable, ugly, hu-hu-hu tears. And then had to attempt to calm myself down, because I didn’t want my tears to wash my makeup off my face before the event and show up looking like death.)

It’s been a whirlwind of deadlines and a few other events (SDCC was SO much fun!) since I got home from tour, and it’ll remain that way until I head back out on tour again on September 1st for QUEEN OF SHADOWS! (Yes, yes, I’m getting to the tour dates in a moment!)

Fun fact: I literally just spent the past few days down at the Bloomsbury warehouse in Virginia, signing 12,000 copies of QOS (with several thousand of ACOTAR thrown in)!

[Here’s me. With a signed copy of QOS.
If you want to follow more of my writing/life adventures, then check out my new/OFFICIAL Instagram page!]
We’ll have details about where you can purchase one of those signed copies in the US soon, but if you’d like to order signed copies of ALL my books (including QOS when it releases), then head on over to Good Choice Reading!

This is available for international readers as well! (You guys might remember that I worked with Damaris this spring on getting you guys ACOTAR signed copies, and she's amazing and reliable and the BEST.)

And regardless of where you preorder QOS, definitely check out this pre-order offer from my amazing publisher, Bloomsbury! Basically, if you’ve preordered the book FROM ANY RETAILER, forward a copy of your receipt to the email they’ve listed and you will receive a set of exclusive TOG buttons! This is also available to international readers (within certain territories)!

Speaking of QOS, it recently received two pretty stellar reviews! From Kirkus:
Character motivations and interactions—friendships, romances, and others—are always nuanced and on point, especially as Aelin's growing maturity offers her new perspectives on old acquaintances. The ending leaves readers poised for the next installment. Impossible to put down.
And from Booklist:
[Aelin’s] return to the city is a flurry of vengeance, score settling, and surprising alliances, and Maas delivers the action in her characteristic cinematic style. …Packed with brooding glances, simmering sexual tension, twisty plot turns, lush world building, and snarky banter. Even better, Aelin’s tale is far from over: the final chapters of this installment promise more epic adventures and badder bad guys to defeat in forthcoming volumes.



So, apparently, someone created a fake account using my preferred handle (sjmaas), and was pretending to be me. Which is…not cool. So, I got my own account (therealsjmaas) last Saturday night, and….I am now addicted. Warning: my account will likely be full of photos of food, my dog, and random writing/life adventures! Follow me here.


All right, folks.

Without further ado… Here are my U.S. tour stops for QUEEN OF SHADOWS!

Tickets for the NYC 92nd St. Y event can be reserved here (and definitely check with the other stores for signing rules before you attend)!

To answer some questions before they pop up: Yes, these are ALL of my U.S. tour stops for September (so if your city isn't there, hopefully I'll visit on my ACOTAR2 tour next May!). And alas, I’m not headed to the UK on tour this fall, thanks to my Australia/New Zealand tour in November (I need time to write these books, after all!). I’ll be announcing even more events for my ANZ tour soon, though there are already some stops listed on my website! (I think most of these events are sold out already, but we’re seeing what we can do about possibly getting bigger venues to accommodate the demand.)

Hope to see you guys on the road this September!!! Woohoo!
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April 28, 2015

Well, ACOTAR is a week (!!!!) away from releasing, andddd I have about 20000 deadlines breathing down my neck before I head off on my back-to-back US and UK tours (fun fact: I’ll be gone for the entire month of May!).

SO, I thought I’d do a little bit of housekeeping (the only housekeeping I’m doing these days, har har har):

First, (IMPORTANT) updated US/UK Tour graphics, because some venues have changed!

Specific US tour stop locations can be found here:

PSA: You can pre-order ACOTAR from any of these fine retailers AND get an awesome, limited-edition ACOTAR keepsake:

And THIS WEDNESDAY (April 29th), the lovely Hafsah/Icey Books ( is hosting yours truly at a Twitter party!

The chat begins at 9 PM EST, and feel free to ask any/all questions about ACOTAR, TOG, writing, what TV I’m obsessed with, etc. Use #ACOTARParty to join—hope to see you there!

Thirdly…ACOTAR received a starred review from Booklist! You can check it out on their site, but they said…

...The ensemble is exquisitely developed, as is the sultry romance between Feyre and Tamlin (really, keep out of reach of children). The end result is a story that...simply dazzles. Refreshingly, there are no cliff-hangers here, but enough open-endings ensure that the clamor for a sequel will be deafening. Maas’ Throne of Glass series has been a smash hit, and...this new series is primed to follow in its footsteps.

True story: I got the news as I walked off a plane in Austin (to attend TLA, which is the freaking best) and had to awkwardly hide my tears behind my sunglasses as I walked through the airport.

(Also, “Keep out of reach of children” is the quote I hope they put on the back of all my books from now on.)

Annnnd that’s it. I’d ramble some more, but these deadlines, guys. So. Many. Deadlines.

ONE WEEK UNTIL ACOTARRRRRRR! (Until Feyre and Tamlin and Lucien and Rhys and a land of eternally shirtless dudesssss.)

(Kidding. Kinda.)
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March 23, 2015

So, I'm currently in the middle of drafting the fifth (!!!) Throne of Glass book, which is turning out to be a LOT of fun--anddddd I can't really say anything about the book yet since Queen of Shadows is still months away from publication. :P

BUT I have some awesome updates regarding A Court of Thorns and Roses!

If you've pre-ordered the book and/or plan to pre-order it, then click here for some truly amazing prizes/goodies from my publisher! (Open to several international territories, but not all.)

I'm going to be on tour for prettyyyy much the entire month of May, and I am so, so, SO excited to meet you guys (and see some of you again!) If you live in the US, here are my tour dates for ACOTAR:

And if you live in the UK, I'm just gonna post the tour dates again (so it's all in one place):

UK Tour
ACOTAR also received some truly stellar reviews in the past week, and I'm pretty giddy over them (it's also SO weird to realize that this is now a REAL BOOK!). The reviews are all on the longer side thanks to the synopses, so I'm just going to post snippets (click on the links for the full reviews).

From Kirkus (okay, I cried when I got this one):

"A wild new take on 'Beauty and the Beast'... [the] romantic courtship sizzles with sexual tension before reaching a consensual consummation... The sexual tension and deadly action are well-supported by Maas' expertly drawn, multidimensional characters and their nuanced interpersonal dynamics. A satisfying conclusion to the storyline leaves the door open for future books. Sexy and romantic."

From Publishers Weekly:

"Maas (the Throne of Glass series) draws themes and plot points from several fairy tales, fueling a well-developed world and complex relationships. The gruesome politics and magical might of the Fae may seem to leave Feyre hopelessly outmatched, but her grit and boundless loyalty demand that her foes—and readers—sit up and pay attention."

And from RT Book Reviews (confession: totally danced around my kitchen this morning when I read this one. "Vicious and intoxicating" might be my new favorite review sentence ever):

Excuse me while I go cry happy tears in the corner.


Some of you *might* have seen some tweets on Friday with pictures of the absolutely gorgeous final copies of ACOTAR, but those pictures honestly do NOT do the US hardcover justice. The US cover is printed on this shimmery, pearlescent paper, and I've had it sitting on my desk for the past few days JUST so I can pet it whenever I want.

TBH, one of my favorite things about this cover is the back--which features the rest of the illustration (aka the rest of Feyre's face). And the most baller crown in the history of mankind. (Seriously, I would wear that in the street.) AND the amazing, lovely blurb from New York Times bestselling author and all-around BAMF, Alexandra Bracken.

Sooo, I thought I'd share the full US jacket with you guys, along with the full UK jacket, too (click for full-size)!


UK/Australia/New Zealand/India:

Annnnd that's it for now! I'll be back soon with *more* exciting news/info!
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March 10, 2015

Okay, so this post is going to be chock full of exciting updates (cover reveal! Tour dates! Pre-order goodies!), BUT I’m going to jump right to (perhaps) the most exciting one…


Behold, in all its murderous/vengeful/badass glory, the US & UK/Australia/NZ covers (click for full-size/HD):

US Final

UK Final
So, I’m preeeetty much obsessed with this cover and it conveys so much of the tone/feel/atmosphere of the book (the UK tagline isn’t wrong about the vengeance thing). I can’t wait to share this book with you guys on September 1st (worldwide pub date! You can find where to pre-order here)—it’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book (despite the 100000s of tears shed).

And in the few hours that it’s been online, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about it, which I’ll just answer below (if you want some sneak peeks at what will be inside the book, check out this interview with yours truly!).

Does the sword have any significance?
Yes, and no. The sword on the cover doesn’t actually appear on the book. Just like how Aelin doesn’t have silver hair and gray skin (lol), the sword, along with the outfit, is an artistic interpretation. We considered using exact renderings of one of the two swords Aelin wields in Queen of Shadows (Goldryn and Damaris), but upon studying the comp images I dug up (and comparing them to some others I had on my Pinterest page), neither had that Murder Princess vibe that we were going for. So—yes: Aelin wields a badass sword in the book—it just doesn’t look like that one on the cover. (Which is totally fine by me, because LOOK AT THAT SWORDDDD!)

Does Aelin wear that armor/outfit in the book?
Sort of. Like the sword, this is an interpretation of what she wears. If you’ve read The Assassin’s Blade, you might remember Aelin/Celaena receiving a pretty badass/nifty/useful suit from Arobynn. And that suit may or may not make an appearance in QOS. ;)

Did she get a haircut?
Yep. At the end of HOF (spoiler alert! Avert your eyes!), Aelin’s hair gets cut short during her battle with the Valg princes. So much of this cover is just a gorgeous/fierce interpretation of the book, but the hair length is the only thing that’s 100% accurate!

Is that Manon’s cloak?
Haha, no. Smart guess, but no. We tried a few different cloak colors, but none of them really fit that gorgeous, bloody background as well as the maroon. (What I find eternally funny is that—aside from the gray skin—the Celaena/Aelin depicted on these covers is kinda how I picture Manon: silver hair, red cloak, otherworldly fierceness.)

When will we see the dress on the back?
Soon, hopefully! I haven’t even seen it yet, so I’m just as eager as you are! Aelin’s "big" dress in QOS is perhaps my favorite of all of them so far, and I’m dying to see how the illustrator interprets it!

You keep calling her Aelin. Does that mean…?
Yep. The last line of HOF solidified the switch from Celaena to Aelin. You guys might have noticed that when I pin images on the TOG Pinterest board, I’ll still label some images with Celaena and some with Aelin—and that usually is because those images will represent the various parts of her history and who she is. And looking at the QOS cover, I feel like that shift in her character is subtly reflected, too.

Annnnd I’m going to share the first few tracks from my QOS playlist with you, BUT I have a little bit of housekeeping to do first.

If you’ve pre-ordered A Court of Thorns and Roses, or plan to pre-order it, then check out how to receive these amazing international prizes from Bloomsbury! (Limited edition/special metal bookmark, tattoos!) Click on the pic for more info.

Preorder Campaign
And, I’ll have dates for my May US ACOTAR tour (and fall tour for QOS) soon-ish, but I have TWO exciting tours coming up:

This May, I’m headed back to the UK as part of my ACOTAR tour! Dates/details below (but to answer a question I've been asked frequently, YES—you will be able to get copies signed at every event. Hooray!); click on the pic for a larger image:

UK Tour
And this November, I’m going on tour in Australia & New Zealand! Click here for the announcement I made the other month, revealing a few of my tour stops at Supanova (yes, I’ll have events in Sydney/elsewhere, too)! More stops/dates to come soon, but YAYYYY! (Also, holy crap. Someone pinch me, please!)

Annnnd okay:

So my QOS playlist is long as hell. (I’ve been waiting for a rainy day/week/month to share all the TOG playlists w/ explanations.) But to kick it off, this is the first track:

I was debating whether or not to mention who this pertains to, but… Okay, it’s Dorian. QOS opens with a chapter from his POV, and I listened to this piece on repeat while working on it. (And maybe cried 20000 tears.)

So, the next few tracks are semi-hard to explain. Mostly because #s 2 & 3 were pieces I listened to get into Aelin’s head before the actual events of her first chapter (aka Chapter 2) began:

Okay, so right before I began drafting this book, I was on an hour-long plane ride, and spent that entire hour listening to only the 2:30- 4:45 part of this piece. Literally just those 2 minutes of one long song for an hour on repeat.

Something about it hit a creative nerve—letting me tap right into Aelin’s head/attitude/wrath/cunning & wicked plans as she at last returns to Adarlan. (Confession: I got off the plane and worried that listening to 2 minutes of music on repeat for an hour meant I was going to become a serial killer.)

And then when it came time to finally write QOS, I sat down at my desk and listened to this piece with my eyes closed (literally meditating to Kanye) for a good, long time, freefalling into Aelin’s character. (Sorry, neighbors!) When I opened my eyes, I was in her head—and the first scene with her just poured out of me.

Annnd I’m pretty sure my neighbors all thought I was insane when I switched from blasting that song to this one (which is what I listened to while actually writing the first Aelin scene in Chapter 2):

I’ll leave you to imagine what might be happening (Tern, you might recall, had a very brief mention in The Assassin’s Blade), but… Here’s a snippet from that (sassy) first Aelin scene:

Chapter 2 excerpt
You'll have to wait until September to learn how well Aelin reacts to that. ;)

Annnnd this post has gone on long enough, but here's one final Aelin/QOS piece (which might be tied with the Kanye song for “What song best embodies Aelin’s murderous rage/icy cunning/mega-swagger in QOS”)

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January 22, 2015

Confession: I did NOT realize it's been TWO MONTHS since I updated this blog. Ooooops.

BUT I spent all of December drafting the sequel to ACOTAR (writing 145k words in less than a month is NOT something I advise doing) and then working on edits for the fourth Throne of Glass book (WHICH NOW HAS A TITLE--which I will get to soon!), then I ran away to the beach for 2 weeks with my soul-twin, Susan Dennard (where we rekindled our obsessive love for all things Legolas by watching the extended editions of LOTR back to back).


Because of my shamefully long absence, I've got a little bit of housekeeping to do before we get to today's EXCITING NEWS (basically an explanation of the title for TOG4).

Bloomsbury--aka my amazing publisher in the US, UK, Australia/NZ, and India--recently launched an absolutely gorgeous tumblr for all things Throne of Glass & A Court of Thorns and Roses! Head on over to to check it out!US ACOTARSpeaking of A Court of Thorns and Roses (the first book in my new (kinda steamy) fantasy series)... It will be out on May 5th in the US (May 7th in the UK)! You can preorder it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Books-A-Million, Kobo, and Book Depository!
Also, if you're interested in a sneak peek of the first four chapters of ACOTAR, then download the FREE e-sampler via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!
I'm not doing many events until May (details on ACOTAR events will arrive soon-ish), BUT here's where you can find me this February (and where you can also order signed copies of my books):

February 9th, 2015, 7 PM:
Chester County Book Company

967 Paoli Pike
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380
Event info Here

I'm joining New York Times & internationally bestselling author (and all-around super-chill, clever, and AWESOME person), Samantha Shannon to kick off her US tour for The Mime Order! I absolutely LOOOOVED her debut, The Bone Season, and I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel! Samantha and I will be discussing all things writing/reading/random, and signing our books afterward!


February 28th, 2015, 11 AM-11 PM (tickets required--NOTE, all sales end February 1st):
ApollyCon (with Jennifer Armentrout, and many, MANY more amazing authors)

Embassy Suites Philadelphia Int Airport
Event info here

If you can't attend ApollyCon but want a signed copy of one of my books, then you can order one here! Note, orders MUST be placed by February 1st!

Andddd onto the main event!

So, if you're here, you've probably already seen the title reveal for the fourth TOG book. It's always such a relief to finally be able to reveal the title, if only because I often come SO CLOSE to accidentally spoiling it on twitter/tumblr when talking about the book. BUT, now it's out in the world, and I can finally, FINALLY call TOG 4 by its true name...

[Also, you can already pre-order Queen of Shadows on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, Books-A-Million, and Book Depository! Sweeeet.]

Honestly, I wish I had some super-cool or epic explanation for how we came up with the title, but... it came to me as I was drafting the novel & then just...stuck. Like, to the point where I couldn't imagine calling it anything else. So Queen of Shadows it was!

It's difficult to explain the full meaning of the title without spoiling the book, BUT let's just say that it (naturally) applies Aelin (AKA the assassin formerly known as Celaena) as she at last returns to Rifthold (capital city of Adarlan) to confront her past & fight for her future. Vengeance, violence, attitude problems & big egos, hot dudes, pretty clothes... You know, the usual.

AND the title also applies several other characters in the book. Like Manon, who is now down in Morath, which is a preeetty shady (har har har) place. Annnnd mentioning any of the other lovely ladies who show up feels kinda spoiler-y, but if you follow my TOG Pinterest board, you probs have a good idea of who might show up in this book (old faces, new ones...more pretty clothes & mayhem).

Right now, I'm in the middle of doing line edits for the book, and already counting down the days/months until you guys can finally read it (it will be on September 1st--worldwide)! I had such a blast writing this book (and miiiiight have cried 1000000 tears, but...I think that might be normal when working on this series), and it honestly might be my favorite yet, especially since so many of the moments in this book were ones I've been dying to write for YEARS!

Annnd just because, here's a track from my Queen of Shadows playlist:

If I had to pick ONE SONG that encompasses the entire book, and is weirdly, creepily accurate in both lyrics and tone, it'd be "Take A Bow" by Muse.

Like, I could not have written a more fitting song to accompany this book (especially the final two minutes). It's dark and sexy and brutal and wrathful and... pretty much encompasses the entirety of Queen of Shadows. And, yes, those are all words I'd use to describe Queen of Shadows, and is probably why I love this book so damn much.

Anyway! We'll have more TOG & ACOTAR news over the next few months, so keep checking back!
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November 5, 2014

So, I just turned in my second round of edits on Throne of Glass numero 4, which means I'm back to drafting the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses, and maaaaaybe drafting up some new Starkillers stuff with my best bud, Susan Dennard. (If you have no idea what Starkillers is, click here. It's basically a free serialized space opera that we've been writing/sharing for a while.) I've been crazy-busy juggling deadlines, so I apologize if I've been slow to respond to emails/asks/tweets! But despite the deadline craziness, one of the highlights of my week/month/year was hearing that Heir of Fire is a Goodreads Choice Awards nominee--YAYYYYYY!

Anyway! I thought I'd pop in to mention a few exciting upcoming events!

THIS SATURDAY (November 8th), I'll be at YALLFest in Charleston, SC! I'm so, so, SO ridiculously excited to attend, especially because I'm on some truly amazing panels (and will probably be fangirling all over the place over some of my fellow panelists).

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 1.24.29 PM
1PM: Outlandish! Panel: YA fantasy romance authors ken the powerful Outlander Effect.
Location: Charleston Music Hall
Panelists: Jennifer Armentrout, Leigh Bardugo, Kiera Cass, Susan Ee, Marie Lu, Sarah J. Maas, & Morgan Rhodes
Moderator: Melissa de la Cruz

3 PM: Incurable Romantics Panel: The New Romantics--we've come a long way, baby!
Location: Charleston Music Hall
Panelists: Lauren Billings & Christina Hobbs (Christina Lauren), Ann Brashares, Kiera Cass, Becca Fitzpatrick, Michelle Hodkin, & Sarah J. Maas.
Moderator: Lauren Oliver

4 PM: Signing
Location: Big Tent in BBB Parking Lot, 420 King Street

Hope to see you there!

And then on November 21st, I'll be at NCTE in Washington, D.C.! I'm on the "Capturing Our Hearts and Leaving Us Coming Back For More: Popular Authors of Series Novels For Middle Grade and Young Adult Readers" panel, from 12:30-1:45 PM with Stephanie Perkins, Adam Rex, and Graham Salisbury (with a signing afterward). Yay!

Anddd I think that's it for the rest of my events for 2014! (I'll hopefully have info about my 2015 schedule soon!)

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October 24, 2014

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that any intro I write will be skipped over (let’s be honest, you’re not even reading this, are you?), so I’ll put my commentary/excitement below (including some TOG4 info at the very bottom), BUT…We revealed the UK & US covers for my brand-new fantasy series, A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES, earlier today on USA Today & Sugarscape, and the former includes an interview with yours truly (along with some glimpses into what to expect in upcoming TOG books!).

And just because we've had some requests, here are the hi-res US & UK covers (click for the full image)! The differences between them are pretty small (mostly background & name placement), but I adore them both so, so, SOOOO much.

UK Acotar
So, to be honest, this might be my favorite cover of all my books so far. It’s gorgeous, detailed, lush, deadly… It’s like the illustrator reached right into the pages of the book and plucked out Feyre. (Including some spoiler-y elements regarding that tattoo!) In case you have ZERO idea what I’m talking about, here’s a nifty little synopsis (again, click for full-size):

And here are some fun, exciting facts about the series:

-A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES (aka Book 1) will be out on May 5th, 2015.

-Because A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES is a wee bit of a mouthful, we (AKA: my CPs, agent, publisher, hubby, dog, neighbors, people with common sense, etc.) usually just call it ACOTAR. :P

-I began writing ACOTAR in spring of 2009 and wrote the first draft in about 5 weeks (in an absolute FRENZY OF INSPIRATIONNN, I might add). Then I let it sit on my computer for 4 years, until we sold it in spring of 2013. During those years, I’d occasionally open up the manuscript to revise or tweak it or just reread it because I loved the characters and world of Prythian so much. So it’s super, SUPER surreal to have it actually be a BOOK with a REAL COVER.

-It’s a trilogy, and I’m currently drafting the sequel.

-It’s definitely intended for an older YA audience, so…there ARE some sexytimes. (AKA no fade to black.)

-There are several delicious dudes in this book, and if you want a glimpse of them, you can check out my Pinterest board for the series . There are also images of, you know, other characters and the world of Prythian. :P


Because I’ve been getting these questions pretty often, I thought I’d clarify two things about the THRONE OF GLASS series:

1) It is NOT a trilogy. I know some retail sites mislabeled HEIR OF FIRE as the final book, but I can assure you it is NOT. I'm currently signed on for a six-book series, AND…

2) I’m working on Book 4 right now. If all goes according to plan (so, no official date yet), Book 4 should be out in Fall 2015.

And that’s it for now! Thanks, as always, for all of your incredible support and enthusiasm. You guys are the absolute BEST, and I can’t wait to share ACOTAR with you this May!!!
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September 19, 2014

So, this will be a super-quick update, since I’m finally back from tour….and juggling two intense deadlines PLUS all the drama/excitement of buying a house (...which is one of the most traumatic/miserable processes ever. UGHHGHGHG.). Just a heads up: I’ll probably be MIA online for the next several weeks, BUT I wanted to mention a few things before I vanish into the wilds of Deadline Land…

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came to one of my events in the UK & US!

I had an absolute blast meeting all of you—and, to be honest, I was totally NOT prepared for SO MANY of you to be at these events! Seriously, it blew my mind—and it meant so, so much to me that you guys were willing to wait in line for HOURS, that you brought me hand-written letters, and gave me the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts. I’ve only got one cup of tea in me at this point (side story: being in the UK for several weeks both cured my coffee addiction AND got me hooked on tea.), so I’m failing at articulating just how deeply it moved me to have you guys come to my events, but… Thank you. I had the best time, and I’ll never forget a moment of it. <3

And while I’m feeling slightly weepy… I don’t really have the words to express just how grateful I am, but getting the news that Heir of Fire / The Throne of Glass series debuted on The New York Times children’s series bestseller list at #4 was…overwhelming. To say the least.

True story: I started sobbing so uncontrollably that when I called my husband, he had no idea if I was crying happy or sad tears (since I was totally incapable of forming words or making any sound beyond weepy hu-hu-hu’s). And it was such a wonderful surprise to wake up the following morning to the news that Heir of Fire was also a USA Today Bestseller. I’ve pretty much spent the past week just staring & sighing at this little graphic Bloomsbury made me:

photo (73)
So, thank you guys so, so much for all that you’ve done for this series, for your support, enthusiasm, and overall awesomeness. Learning that HOF/TOG has remained on the NYT series bestseller list for a second week (at #8!) was BEYOND anything I’d hoped for, and just… Thank you. I’m honored to have you guys as readers, and getting to meet some of you while on tour this past month has been such a privilege and delight.

Annnnd before I go, since I got asked this a bunch at my various events, here are two pieces off my Heir of Fire playlist (with enough commentary to explain WHY posting the 500+ song playlist would take SO long)… I've mentioned them before on my blog, but now that the book is finally (finally!) out, I thought I'd share them again. I suggest listening to both as loudly as your speakers will allow. ;)

Both of these inspired Chapter 55, which is *probably* my favorite chapter/part of the book (though there are a few other close contenders), so…. SPOILERS AHEAD (though I’ll try to avoid specifics).

So, this track lines up with the Rowan scene on pages 470-473 (in both the UK & US editions). And even though it's called "What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?" I've unofficially retitled it for my HOF playlist to: "Rattle the Stars."

You can probably tell where/how this piece lines up with the text, and the build-up is pretty much note-for-note perfect with that scene ("A rumbling shook the earth..." on pg 471 = the 2:19 mark), but at the 2:37 mark, I imagine the music aligning with the sentence that begins: “As if in answer…”

And then that killer drum-beat moment at the 2:47ish range is 10000% when a certain someone puts their hands over the mouths of certain Big Bads & obliterates them.

And then there’s this piece. Officially, it's called "Shenzou" from the absolutely stunning Gravity soundtrack (by Steven Price). Unofficially, I totally call it "Do Not Let That Light Go Out."

This was one of the pieces that wound up forming the emotional backbone of this book. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it’s still really rare for me to go a day or two without listening to this piece. Last year, when I got home after seeing Gravity (which was a film that profoundly moved me & I saw at a time when I desperately needed to hear/internalize its message), I immediately bought the soundtrack and sat at my desk, listening to this piece on repeat for HOURS.

And as I listened, the scene on page 473-475 began to form. I think the music speaks for itself (the 1:55-ish mark is totally “To whatever end?” and the 2:43-ish mark is the “I claim you, too” line, and the rest lines up perfectly with the remainder of the scene), but the swell of the music at the 3:25 mark will always remind me of this line (emphasis mine, obvs):

"Yet this was not the end—this was not her end. She had survived loss and pain and torture; she had survived slavery and hatred and despair; she would survive this, too. Because hers was not a story of darkness. So she was not afraid of that crushing black, not with the warrior holding her, not with the courage that having one true friend offered—a friend who made living not so awful after all, not if she were with him."

That was a paragraph that poured out of me, tapped from some emotional vein I’d never really dared open up, and is pretty much word-for-word identical to how it was written in the first draft.

I think it’s fairly obvious who inspired some of it, especially if you look at the dedication of the book, but… I wrote that scene in tears, completely overwhelmed with gratitude to have a friend like my soul-twin, Susan Dennard, in my life. Truth be told, there have been hard days and moments that I was only able to get through because I knew that Sooz was out there, because I knew she’d have my back no matter what, and that regardless of what happened, I could call her when it was over.

At it's heart, I honestly think Heir of Fire is a story about the power of friendship—about how it can change us, how it can heal parts of us we didn’t know were broken, and alter the course of our lives forever. How friendship can change the world. And when I hear this piece of music, I’m again transported to that moment when Aelin herself realizes that—when she embraces it, and chooses who she wishes to be and what her future will be like, knowing that every part of her, good and bad, is loved.

Annnnd now that I'm well and truly weepy, I'm going to catch up on Outlander (JAMIE!!! MY LOVE.) before Deadlines drag me back to work.

But just to reiterate: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ALL for everything. You guys are incredible.
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