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The Simpsons, season 6 episode 14, entitled "Bart's Comet," showed a side of human nature that has already begun to appear in the world. We have a long history of killing the messenger who brings bad news. After briefly listening to Al Gore's warnings about climate change, the world turned away from Science. It was telling us something we didn't want to hear.

We expected this from 2000-2008 in the USA because ignoring science is the official position of the party in power during those years. But now the other party has been in power for 4 years, the evidence for climate change is stronger than ever, and still it is not even a topic in the presidential race.

In the Simpsons cartoon, several funny things happen as people try to stop the comet, or hide from it. We like to laugh at funny things. But at the end of the story, the people decide to burn down the observatory to prevent a similar thing from ever happening again. This gives me, and I hope you, a very sick feeling.

The observatory represents Science, and anyone else trying to honestly understand reality. Science doesn't create the things it looks at. It is usually not even the first to see them. It just tries hard to understand them.

Killing the messenger does not eliminate the bad news. Ignoring or denying Science does not change reality. But ignoring it WILL take away much of our knowledge of reality.

As the news about climate change, peak oil, economic stagnation, and other predicaments, gets worse and more obvious, people will find more and more ways to ignore, then deny, and finally "burn" the "observatory." You may want to avoid the wrong appearance at those times, even if you continue to carefully, privately listen to Science so you know as much as possible about what's going on.

Thanks to Tom Murphy for an excellent article that inspired this essay.
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