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Utilizing the American military experience, a one of a kind exciting new book Totally American inspires readers to take charge of their lives. By tapping into the uniquely American traits of optimism, perseverance, and resilience, the book offers a compelling approach to move forward in a mission-driven plan to success and fulfillment in life.
Totally American is a roadmap to success rooted in the American Constitution’s tenant of the right to the “pursuit of happiness”. The book offers a “can-do” template drawn from army field manuals and first- hand experience of the wisdom gained from protecting our democratic way of life. Woven into a tapestry of ideas from philosophy, psychology, theology, and literature, Totally American takes the reader on a journey of discovery. The book identifies the core values that helps define our goals, identify obstacles, recognize capabilities, and the steps to achieve goals.
There are compelling lessons to be learned from reading Totally American that breed hope and optimism. Highlighting the value of honesty and integrity, the book teaches the ability to overcome hard knocks and exhorts the reader to never give up or fold under stress.
Authors Dan and Shoba utilize bold chapter headlines and ‘take-away points’ at the end of each chapter to reinforce their philosophy.
Totally American
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Published on September 15, 2010 15:02 • 158 views • Tags: american, freedom, liberty, optimism, patriotic, resilience, warrior-ethos
Totally American: Harnessing the Dynamic Duo of Optimism and Resilience isn't just a book. Totally American is a rallying call to the American Spirit: to declare that self-sufficiency, citizenship in a can-do, rather than can't do culture, are the core of who we are! Now when pride in being an American is scorned, we need to everything we can to protect this great spirit of "Yes" to opportunity "Yes" to self-reliance and "Yes" to individualism that what the pursuit of happiness represents, what our flag represents. Go buy our book and strengthen the spirit! It's Totally American!

“TOTALLY AMERICAN” personifies the dreams, inspiration, and ambition of the American people at a time we need it most. Reach deep in tribute to our founding Fathers, our Constitution, and our brave military forces. This is the fabric of America!

Stu Taylor
Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host
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Published on December 11, 2010 11:54 • 151 views • Tags: american, can-do, constitution, freedom, inspirational, liberty, motivational, optimism, patriotic, resilience, totally-american, warrior-ethos
Americans don’t settle for second best; you are part of this country’s forefathers’ grand concept of freedom, individualism, and liberty that has the rest of the world in awe!
Totally American is a how-to book. It gives the reader the way to develop the mindset of success. It blasts out obstacles that hold one back. This unique approach is a creative and exciting melding of psychology and the mission-oriented templates found in Army Field manuals. The military operates on the principle of accomplishing the mission. Not to give up. Not to fold under stress. This powerful philosophy is harnessed and the reader provided with practical step-by-methods of conducting a self-analysis and a roadmap to get what you want out of life.
Ask for “Totally American” wherever books are sold or online.
Totally American by Dan Smee
Totally American is a reaffirmation of the fighting spirit inherent within all Americans. Using their deep and appreciative knowledge of Army field manuals enhancing a "Get it done" mindset, authors Dan Smee and Shoba Sreenivasan provide the mental, moral and philosophical tools necessary for personal success. Totally American is an uplifting must read for everyone in this most challenging of all times.

Ann "Babe" Huggett
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