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Book Review: Marvel Masterworks: The Champions, Volume 1

Marvel Masterworks: The Champions, Vol. 1 Marvel Masterworks: The Champions, Vol. 1 by Tony Isabella

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In an era full of superhero teams, the Champions were yet another one.

The Champions were made up two former Avengers (Black Widow and Hercules), two former X-Men (Iceman and Angel) and Ghost Rider. The best part of these books were the fight scenes as you got to see so many contrasting styles. Set on the West Coast, they were a pre-cursor to the West Coast Avengers.

However, with more than a dozen issues to do so, they never really came together as a team. They made Black Widow the leader and never let her actually lead and she never really called them on it. The stories were dull until the fight scenes started and the original villains contributed by the book were quite lame.

Add to that, the fact that the book ended without a proper ending, and thus had to be concluded in Spectacular Spider-man. Overall, unimpressive, and easily skippable.

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Published on February 26, 2020 23:17 Tags: bronze-age, superhero-teams

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