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Book Review: tar Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years, Vol. 2

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years, Vol. 2 Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years, Vol. 2 by Mary Jo Duffy

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This second volume of Marvel's original Star Wars comics collects Issues 24-38 and Annual #1 and continues the great track record of providing the sort of space opera adventures that I'd imagine happening in between films. They capture the full flavor and Spirit of a New Hope.

There are some really great things about these issues. We get to see our heroes split up which allows them more time to shine. Leia gets an adventure to herself which shows that while she can do the action stuff with the guys but there's an entirely different dimension to her character. Luke earns a rival in a Baron who's trying to displace Vader in the Emperor's pleasure, while Vader himself moves in the background to find out who blew up the Death Star and lay a trap for him. A little Vader in this book goes a long way. We also get to see a beautiful conclusion to the plot arc for Valance the Bounty Hunter which began in the previous volume and ends with a confrontation with Vader.

Some of the best parts of this collection are the reprints from Star Wars Weekly that constitute six additional stories which couldn't be published as U.S. Comics so were serialized overseas. The first three stories included learning how Hans ended up indeted to Jabba the Hut and the story of how Leia learned how to use a blaster so well in coming from a planet without weapons. Among those three was the best story in the book, "The Day After the Death Star" in which a cocky Luke goes on a victory joyride after destroying the Death Star only to have the fact that he's in the middle of war brought to him in an all-too real way.

The only issues that were a it off was Issue 24 (which features a clumsy frame to set up a story about Obi-Wan) and Issue #38, a story that reads as pure filler. It features a guest artist who doesn't do a great job drawing the Star Wars characters and the story itself isn't bad but feels a bit generic for Star Wars.

Beyond that most of the book is pretty darn good Space Opera set right before the Empire Strikes Back

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