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Defenders Masterworks Vol. 1 (Defenders (1972-1986))Defenders Masterworks Vol. 1 (Defenders by Steve Englehart

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This book collects Issues 34 and 35 of Sub-mariner, Marvel Feature 1-3 1-3, and Defenders 1-6 and introduces Marvel’s novel non-team of Superheroes. The Sub-mariner story is kind of a backdoor pilot that sees Namor recuring the Silver Surfer and the Hulk to save humanity from an ill-advised experiment. Then the Marvel Feature stories are more full-blown that has Doctor Strange calling for aide fro m Sub-mariner and the Hulk. Those three issues ended on a note that could have wrapped up the Defenders, but instead we got the full series which stars Strange, Namor, and the Incredile Hulk, but also an occasional from the Silver Surfer. The most important issue in this book may be Issue 4 which introduced Valkyrie who joined the Defenders as much as anyone can.

Of course, the Defenders is a non-team, and I didn’t fully grasp what that actually meant until reading the book. They have no secret headquarters and communicators. If one of them runs into a crisis they can’t handle, they call on as many of the others as they can. The book features a combustive mixture of personalities that makes the 1977 Yankees look tame by comparison with Namor being the second most level-headed member of the group. The Defenders are so entertaining and fun to read together that it makes the book worth reading. The art is well-done and manages to give the team a lot to do. You get to see some of the most combustible characters in the Marvel Universe let loose in glorious four colors.

Probably the worst thing to say about the book is that the villains are obscure, and I think that’s almost inherent with the format. Though one villain they face twice almost destroys the world, so it’s not the villains are weak, so much as they are little known.

Overall, I enjoyed this and will definitely check out Volume 2.

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