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I’m delighted to announce that I have just signed a contract with Severn House for the publication of the fifth DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery crime novel, BLOOD ON THE SAND, which will be published on 26 February 2010 at the same time as the paperback version of DEAD MAN’S WHARF.

For those of you who would like a taste of what is to come for Andy Horton look no further…

Blood On The Sand by Pauline Rowson
The fifth Inspector Horton Marine Mystery Crime novel
Inspector Andy Horton’s holiday peace is shattered when stepping out across an abandoned golf course on the Isle of Wight on a cold, grey January, he finds himself facing a distraught young woman with a gun in her hand leaning over a corpse in one of the discarded bunkers.   When she professes to be the dead man’s sister and psychic, Horton’s old adversary, DCI Birch, is convinced she is mentally disturbed and the killer, but Horton is not so sure.  He feels a strange affinity towards the woman, and a sense of recognition even though he’s convinced they’ve never met.  When it’s revealed that the dead man was working on a top-level environmental project on behalf of the European Commission, Horton is urged by Superintendent Uckfield to go undercover. His mission is to trap a clever killer. Then another death changes everything.  With no clear suspects, and a confusion of possible motives, a frustrating, complex case is complicated still further by Horton’s growing feelings and concern for the woman.  As he goes in search of the truth, aided by Sergeant Cantelli, Horton uncovers a web of intrigue that ripples down the years, and which someone is determined should never be revealed.
And just to recap the DI Horton series in order:


I’m also hard at work on the next one! For details of all my books you can visit my official web site at
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Published on October 06, 2009 04:37 • 78 views • Tags: british, crime, detective, fiction, horton, inspector, marine, murder, mystery, novel, police, procedural, uk
I received the large print edition of The Suffocating Sea, the third in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime novels last week, and it looks good. This will now be on sale on line or to order through bookshops, and also available on loan through libraries. In addition, The Suffocating Sea is available as a talking book, which can be bought as a download or in cassette and CD format, or on loan through the library service. Of course, it is also available in paperback and hardback.

The reviews are back on along with the ratings, (they disappeared for a while because of a technical glitch). Not all reviews are good, that is to be expected, what one person thinks a killer read another considers 'tripe'. My murder mystery novels have been classed as police procedurals, although I like to think of them as detective novels. They are not for the lovers of hard boiled crime fiction, the gruesome kind but more of a light entertaining read, although having said that some readers have described them as 'complex' and 'gripping'. Anyway, whatever, I am glad that Amazon has sorted out their technical glitch.

It’s the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, and this year I won’t be going, although my novels are on the Frankfurt Book Fair web site with details of the rights available. It looks as though it might be a lively book fair in terms of protests. At least five groups, including Tibetan activists, have registered with the city to carry out protests. Let’s hope everything goes off peacefully!

I am looking forward to the London Book Fair though in April 2010, which I will be attending. I know it seems a long way off, but the time flies past. By then I’ll have a new Andy Horton published called Blood on the Sand. Can’t wait to see the cover design.

Back to this week though, and on Thursday I’m giving a talk and book signing at the 60+ festival being held in Portsmouth. I will be at Portsmouth Central Library on 15 October at 2.30pm.

Apart from that it’s on with the writing. Andy Horton number six is coming along nicely.
The Suffocating Sea
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Published on October 12, 2009 01:49 • 80 views • Tags: book, crime, detective, fair, fiction, frankfurt, horton, inspector, killer, london, marine, murder, mystery, novel, police, procedural, read
Some titles can come instantly, almost the moment the novel hits the page (or rather the computer screen) Dead Man's Wharf was one such case. Others are like pregnancy, taking months to develop and even then when the novel is finished I might still have no idea for a suitable title. A bit like the Horton novel I'm currently working on.

It doesn’t matter when the title comes to me though, what does is that it must suit the novel, and if possible be memorable, although in my experience people rarely remember the title of a novel unless it's been made into a film or a television series. Occasionally the Publisher will help with the title, or can suggest changing it to one they think more appealing or suitable. And titles are often changed in translation to suit the country, and sometimes even when it is an English speaking country but with different spellings of a word. For example, Deadly Waters started out as Deadly Harbour but was changed because of publication in America where 'harbour' is spelt 'harbor.'

There are many different types of crime novel so equally there are many different types of crime novel titles. The title needs to reflect the mood of the book, as well as its structure and tone.

The Suffocating Sea conjures up the body on the burning boat in a marina on a foggy November night and how Horton feels as the novel progresses and he begins to discover some uncomfortable things about his mother's past.

Tide of Death represents the body washed up on the tide and how one death triggers a series as the killer gets more and more desperate to cover his tracks. And Blood on the Sand, reflects the bloody body found in the sand of a bunker on an abandoned golf course on the Isle of Wight. With the Horton marine mystery crime novels I try to add a ‘sea’ element to the title. The stand alone thrillers are slightly different.

Even though these too are set against the backdrop of the sea it wasn't so essential to reflect this in the title. In For The Kill was a title that sprang instantly to mind as Alex Albury will fight to the bitter end to expose the man who stole his identity, framed him and destroyed his comfortable life and reputation. He is out to kill or be killed.

In Cold Daylight started out as The Cold Light of Day. The title represents the fact that Adam Greene, the reluctant hero, emerges from the story a different man than when he started. His journey forces him to relive past traumas and face up to the shame of his mental breakdown on a quest that was forced upon him to discover the truth behind the death of his friend, fire-fighter Jack Bartholomew and several of his colleagues of cancer.

Titles do matter because people can choose a book because of its title, and the look of the cover, especially if it is a new author for them, and one that hasn't necessarily been recommended by someone. And if the book becomes a treasured one then the title will stick, even if the name of the author has been forgotten.

In Cold Daylight (Marine Mysteries) by Pauline RowsonIn Cold Daylight The Suffocating Sea (Detective Inspector Andy Horton) by Pauline Rowson
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Published on February 08, 2010 02:04 • 98 views • Tags: crime, detective, fiction, inspector-horton, marine-mystery, mysteries, novels, titles
In this new short clip I'm in discussion with Rob Richardson talking about how I research my police procedural marine mystery crime novels, featuring my rugged and flawed detective, Inspector Andy Horton. You can listen to more of my video clips here or on my official web site

Blood on the Sand
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Published on August 09, 2010 03:01 • 103 views • Tags: crime-novels, detective, marine-mystery, pauline-rowson, police-procedural
Author Isabel Ashdown has launched an innovative new website called the Chichester Book Club, dedicated to introducing readers to books and authors in their region and she very kindly asked me to be one of the featured authors.

Chichester is in West Sussex in the south of England and features in my thriller In For The Kill. The beautiful Chichester Harbour is also the location for many of the Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery police procedural crime novels.

The Chichester Book Club Autumn selection, as featured on the web site, has a wide selection of books including my own crime novel The Suffocating Sea, the third in the Andy Horton series, Skeleton Hill by fellow crime writer Peter Lovesey and Isabel's own powerful novel, Glasshopper, set in Portsmouth in 1984 and with a photograph on the cover of Old Portsmouth, Andy Horton's CID patch.

Other writers joining us are Jane Borodale, Gabrielle Kimm, Alison MacLeod, Bethan Roberts, Jane Rusbridge and Tim Stretton, all authors with a connection to the Chichester region.

You can follow the Chichester Book Club at: Also on Facebook and Twitter.

In for the Kill (Marine Mystery) by Pauline Rowson

In for the Kill

The Suffocating Sea An Andy Horton Mystery by Pauline RowsonThe Suffocating Sea: An Andy Horton Mystery
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Published on August 23, 2010 06:32 • 181 views • Tags: andy-horton, chichester-book-club, cid, crime-novels, detective, inspector, portsmouth
A new video has been uploaded to my official web site, my You Tube Channel and here. In this latest video, I'm talking to Rob Richardson about the creation of my detective, Inspector Andy Horton who features in my marine mystery police procedural crime novels set in the Solent area on the South Coast of England. Rob is doing his hardest to make me laugh, and succeeding during the interview which was recorded for the radio and internet station Express FM.

You can listen to the video here, or on my web site or on You Tube along with many other of my videos where I discuss developing characters, research, my crime novels and how I write. There are also two interviews with Raychel Harvey Jones. Hope you enjoy watching and listening to them.

Hailed in the US as 'exemplary procedurals,' there are five novels in the Andy Horton series with the sixth, Footsteps on the Shore to be published early 2011. I'm currently working on the seventh in the series.
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Published on September 21, 2010 06:12 • 118 views • Tags: crime-novels, crime-writer, detective, england, marine-mysteries, pauline-rowson, police-procedural
Footsteps on the Shore the sixth in the Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery series of crime novels set in the Solent area on the South Coast of England is being published in hardcover on 27 January 2011. I have been promising to post details about this latest crime fiction police procedural featuring my hunky DI, Andy Horton so here it is.

Friday the thirteenth begins badly for DI Andy Horton when he wakes to find his Harley has been vandalized and his boss, DCI Lorraine Bliss, has returned early from her secondment to HQ.

Then, convicted murderer, Luke Felton, released on licence, is reported missing and a decomposed corpse is washed up in Portsmouth harbour. But before Horton can get a grip on either case, he’s called to a house where a woman he’d only met the day before has been brutally murdered. Is missing Luke Felton the prime suspect, or is it his body in the mud of the harbour? Horton is under pressure to get results, but things are about to get much worse for the beleaguered detective …

Footsteps on the Shore is available to pre-order through The Book Depository web site for a fantastic discounted price I see. It's also available on Amazon, Waterstones and other on line bookshops and can be ordered through any high street or independent bookseller.

More information about this and others in the Andy Horton series can be found on my official web site.

Footsteps on the Shore (Detective Inspector Andy Horton) by Pauline Rowson

Footsteps on the Shore
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Published on November 15, 2010 08:59 • 91 views • Tags: crime-novel, detective, footsteps-on-the-shore, inspector-andy-horton, marine-mystery, police-procedural, series
I've uploaded a new video interview. In this short video I am in conversation with Tony Smith talking about my marine mystery police procedural crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged Detective Inspector Andy Horton, and my thrillers.

I discuss how I research them and I'm also talking about the importance of their location which is Portsmouth UK and the surrounding Solent area on the South Coast of England and how location provides inspiration and creates atmosphere. There are some photographs of the location.

I hope you enjoy listening to it. You can find more video interviews and details of all my books on my website.

Footsteps on the Shore

Footsteps on the Shore (Detective Inspector Andy Horton) by Pauline Rowson
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January kicks off with an appearance on Portsmouth Live TV on 6 January with Live at Five with Sally Cronin at 5pm. I’ll be chatting to Sally about my crime novels including the publication of the sixth in the Inspector Andy Horton Marine Mystery crime series, Footsteps on the Shore on 27 January. I'll also be talking about the forthcoming launch of the Crime Writers’ Association Young Crime Writers Competition 2011 on 10 January. Once again I will be the southern area judge for the competition and looking forward to reading the entries from budding young crime writers.

On 21 January I will be on the Julian Clegg Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Solent at the crack of dawn, well it is to many people at 6.45 am.

Then on 27 January the NEW Inspector Andy Horton crime novel is published. Footsteps On The Shore is the sixth in the Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery series and will be published in hardback by Severn House.

The 24 February sees the publication in Large Print of Dead Man's Wharf (the fourth in the Inspector Andy Horton series. It will also be published as an unabridged audio book and download early in the year, although I’m not sure exactly when.

In March Blood on the Sand is to be published in mass market paperback. This will please some readers who have e mailed me to say they can’t get hold of Blood on the Sand in hardcover or trade paperback; sorry these sold out but you’ll certainly be able to buy the new edition.

In April I’ll be appearing at some venues on the Isle of Wight where two of my crime novels are set. More details on this to follow.

Also in April, Dead Man's Wharf will be published in mass market paperback. The hardcover and trade paperback versions sold out so it will be great to have the new paperback version available.

April also sees the arrival of the London Book Fair, hopefully without the volcanic ash cloud which prevented all my overseas agents from attending in 2010. I will be at the London Book Fair on the 11th and 12th

On 30 April I will announce the South Coast winner of the Young Crime Writers’ Competition 2011 at an Awards Ceremony at Portsmouth Central Library.

Then in May I will be appearing at Crimefest, at the Royal Marriott Hotel, Bristol. CRIMEFEST is a convention for people who like to read an occasional crime novel as well as for die-hard fanatics. It is now one of the most popular dates in the crime fiction calendar.

From the 13- 19 June it is National Crime Writing Week. The Crime Writers' Association of Great Britain (CWA), of which I am a member, is organising a celebration of crime writing during the week. Members of the CWA will take part in readings, discussions, readers' group events and workshops all over the country.

I will be speaking at many other events during the year including the second Crime and the City, CSI Portsmouth event, probably to be held at the beginning of November. This was an extremely popular event in 2010 and I’m looking forward to taking part in it again with some of my fellow crime writers, forensic experts and Hampshire Police.

Meanwhile I am writing the seventh in the DI Andy Horton series, as yet untitled and hope to see publication of that during 2011.

For more news about my books and events keep your eyes peeled here or on my official web site

Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year and a peaceful, healthy and successful 2011.

Footsteps on the Shore Footsteps on the Shore (Detective Inspector Andy Horton) by Pauline Rowson
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I have spent most of the week working on revisions of the DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel number seven in the series and today I will continue with it. I'm currently working on the last three chapters. Once this is done it will be back to the beginning again to ensure that the novel flows and all the clues are there, and they are if you look for them; it may be just a hint, a throw away line in a conversation, or something tucked in the middle of a list or in a dialogue, but clues and red herrings abound.

I'll also be re-examining the characters, perhaps adding a little more colour to them, now that I know their motivations so well, and then ensuring that the novel has pace and the sequence of events is accurate taking into account the quirks of the characters and Andy Horton's constant desire to go off on his own and solve crimes his way and not his boss's way.

There is a certain pleasure in going back over the novel, questioning each word and passage, checking that each chapter finishes on a hook compelling the reader to read a little bit more... and more... I'm enjoying the revisions. Then it will be off to my editor with fingers crossed that he likes it, while I start on DI Andy Horton crime novel number eight.

And do I have a title for this current Andy Horton crime novel number seven? Ah, you'll have to wait and see...

Dead Man's Wharf
Dead Man's Wharf by Pauline Rowson
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